Chapter 63: Did He See It?

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It was already past twelve o'clock in the evening when Yin Xiu returned home. When he arrived, he tried to knock on the door of Ji Xueqing’s house to see if she was asleep.

After all, it was not polite to use his spiritual sense to investigate. She might be taking a shower or changing clothes, that would be bad.

'See no evil.' 

Yin Xiu has discipline.

The reason why he knocked on Ji Xueqing's door was because he had received a call from Ji Xueqing while they were still eating.

Ji Xueqing asked about the progress of the two products. Yin Xiu didn't say much because he was chatting with his younger brother, Yin Chongwen. He just told Ji Xueqing that the finished product has already been made, but he still has something to do at the moment and that he’ll talk about it after he comes home, and then hang up the phone.

Yin Xiu himself had never expected that he would come back so late, past twelve. He didn't know if Ji Xueqing was still awake.

"Yin Xiu, is that you? Wait a minute..."

After Yin Xiu knocked on the door, about a few seconds later, Ji Xueqing's voice sounded from the other side. It looks like she hasn't gone to sleep yet.

"En, it's me." Yin Xiu answered quickly.

Soon, Ji Xueqing opened the door. She was wearing a loose nightdress with a suspender.

"Yin Xiu, come in quickly." Ji Xueqing said.

It seems that it has not been that long since she took a shower. Ji Xueqing's body was still exuding a faint fragrance of shower gel, and her long black hair was still wrapped in a towel around her head.

The floral-colored suspender nightdress showed off her exquisite collarbone and a large part of her white skin were exposed. It looks very sexy, yet cute at the same time.

Ji Xueqing didn't seem to wear anything else other than her nightdress. Because of his taller height, Yin Xiu caught a glimpse of Ji Xueqing's large snowy white breasts.

The thin nightdress even makes Ji Xueqing's two proud cherries stand out from the fabric...

Fortunately it was Yin Xiu, who has a peaceful mind and high concentration. Otherwise if it was another dude... He would've already transformed into a werewolf from seeing two full moons.

Yin Xiu just quickly glanced at her chest and then withdrew his gaze immediately, he said, "I thought you were asleep. Can you wait for me for a bit, I'll go back and bring the products for you to look..."


Xiao Man, who was standing on Yin Xiu's shoulders, squeaked at Ji Xueqing and waved his small paw. He was greeting her.

Ji Xueqing chuckled, not realizing how sexy and alluring she was appearing at the moment. She simply stepped forward, and stretched out a finger and teased Xiao Man on Yin Xiu's shoulder. "Good boy! Sister also says hello back, hehe~" Ji Xueqing was now pressed very close, and wisps of faint shower gel fragrance penetrated Yin Xiu's nostrils. Witnessing the snow-white skin at such a close distance, Yin Xiu's heart slightly fluttered. 

Ji Xueqing looked up and said, "En, you go and bring the products..." 


Yin Xiu immediately calmed down the ripples that had just appeared, and replied lightly.

He turned around and walked back to his house, took out the key and opened the door...

Ji Xueqing stood at her door, quietly waiting for Yin Xiu to bring the products over. But at this time, she suddenly realized that the neckline of her nightdress was very exposing. Her face flushed, and she subconsciously raised her hand to cover it.

Only after it was fixed, did she put her hands back down. Though the red glow on her face still didn't fade away, and there was still a faint blush. Slight shame flashed in her eyes...

'He saw it just now?'

'At such a close distance, as long as he lowered his head, he would definitely be able to see...'

'But did he see it?'

Ji Xueqing suddenly felt a little tangled in her heart. The hand that had just been put down was unconsciously lifted again and was pressed on her chest. She couldn't help but start to feel a little annoyed that she wore such a suspender nightdress tonight!

However, Ji Xueqing suddenly felt that even if Yin Xiu saw her, she didn't seem to be so offended. On the contrary, when she thought that she might have been seen by Yin Xiu just now, the shame in her heart gradually became stronger.

'Regardless of whether he saw it or not, since he was indifferent the whole time, I should also pretend to be nonchalant...' Ji Xueqing secretly said in her heart.

After taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down quickly. At this time, Yin Xiu had already taken the products he made in the afternoon and came out of the house.

"It's these two bowls." Yin Xiu walked out and said when he saw Ji Xueqing waiting at the door.

"They're really finished?" Ji Xueqing was surprised while looking at the pills and the liquid medicine in the two bowls. 

"Of course. It's not difficult to make this stuff. I was already done in the afternoon." Yin Xiu continued, "Let's go to your house."


The two then immediately walked into Ji Xueqing's residence.

"Sit down." Ji Xueqing called Yin Xiu to sit down in the living room.

Yin Xiu put the two bowls on the short table in front of the sofa, and then removed the plastic wrap from the mouth of the bowl. He said: "Do you have any scars on your body? You can try this scar removal liquid. It doesn't matter how obvious the scars are,  with the effect of this scar removal liquid, the scars can be completely eliminated within half a month to a month and leave no trace."

Next, Yin Xiu introduced the other product: "As for this beauty pill, you can also try it. It will help the human body to get rid of various toxins and impurities, and at the same time it can improve the problems of enlarged pores, greasy sebum, and dull skin to a certain extent. As long as you insist on taking it for three to five days, you will see a more obvious effect..."

Yin Xiu’s introduction made Ji Xueqing look forward to the two products in front of her. Women basically don't have much resistance when it comes to these alluring benefits.

"Well, I will try!"Ji Xueqing said immediately. 

Although the two products Yin Xiu produced had not undergone clinical trials yet, Ji Xueqing didn't care. She completely trusted Yin Xiu.

After saying that, Ji Xueqing immediately used her fingers to get some of the scar removal liquid from the bowl and then slightly lifted the hem of her nightdress just above the knee, revealing half of her smooth and white calf. There is a small scar on the inner side of her left knee. Although it was not very obvious, if you look closely, you can still see it. Ji Xueqing was about to apply the scar removal liquid when she suddenly remembered something, she raised her head and asked, "By the way, do I need to clean the scar before applying it?" 

"It's better if you clean it, but it is not necessary." Yin Xiu said.

"Okay. "Ji Xueqing replied: "Then I won't clean it. I just took a shower anyway."

After speaking, Ji Xueqing began to apply the scar removal liquid on the scar. She applied it evenly and when the scar removal liquid was completely integrated into the skin, Ji Xueqing stopped and asked: "What do you have to do with the pill? Is it taken with plain water? Is there anything you need to pay attention to?"

"Just take it with plain water. But remember to take only one pill a day."


Ji Xueqing immediately got up and poured herself a glass of boiled water. Then she pinched a pill from the small bowl, and swallowed it with the water.

After swallowing the pill, Ji Xueqing put down the glass and said, "Although the pill is not coated with sugar, it doesn't taste bitter in the mouth. There is also no unpleasant medicinal smell, and it instead wafts a faint medicinal fragrance." Ji Xueqing was a little surprised.

Yin Xiu smiled, "It's nothing. It's just a clever way of neutralizing the medicinal properties and removing the bitterness of the medicinal materials."


"Tomorrow we will get some small bottles to store these. I will then send them to the relevant departments for testing and clinical trials."

"After that, we can prepare for the production plant while waiting for the relevant procedures to finish..." Ji Xueqing said.

"En, I'm not very familiar with these things, so I can only trouble you." Yin Xiu replied.

Ji Xueqing pursed her mouth and smiled, "Hehe, don't worry, I will find a 'connection' and have all the procedures finish as soon as possible. Though the clinical aspect cannot be shortened…"

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