Chapter 62: Yin Zhaowu's Dilema. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

As Yin Xiu talked with Yin Chongwen, Yin Zhaowu was unable to calm his inner shock. He looked at Yin Xiu, and his eyes were very complicated.

A person who seems to be just a few years older than him, was actually the elder brother of his great grandfather!

This is simply ridiculous!

The unbelievable things that Yin Xiu said also gave Yin Zhaowu the illusion that 'this world is not real'.

Although he had studied martial arts since he was a child and was born in a family of martial artists, he never thought that there would be such a mysterious existence as Immortals...

Moreover, a practitioner of the Immortality was right in front of him, and it's his Elder!

Everything seems to subvert Yin Zhaowu's cognition. He felt the world become gloomy, and his worldview collapsed...

Well in fact, it is because there was no psychological preparation at all. So when he suddenly came to know so many incredible things so suddenly, the flood of information was too large, and hard to process 

However, after a while, despite still feeling a bit weird that Yin Xiu suddenly became his great uncle; Yin Zhaowu was full of curiosity and yearning for the things Yin Xiu mentioned.

He even unconsciously imagined what the Realm of Cultivation was like, and imagined how mysterious those Immortal figures were...

The brothers finally stopped after more than ten minutes of reminiscing. Yin Houzhao, who was sitting near the door of the room, also called the waiter.

After the waiter left, Yin Chongwen said to Yin Xiu: "Brother, these two are my sons. Here is the Second child, and the other is the Fifth child, while the Third child is not here. The Eldest and the Fourth Eldest are daughters..."

At this moment, Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao stood up and bowed to Yin Xiu, they said in unison, "Houde and Houzhao greets Uncle.

"En, Brother, it's good that you branched out the family." Yin Xiu looked at Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao, and said to Yin Chongwen.

Yin Chongwen smiled: "Back then, the National Policy called for more children, more blessings. I also intended to branch out the family so I had a few more children. My wife is also healthy and gave birth to three boys. Now these three boys are all in their own careers. Our Yin family is becoming prosperous..."

After that, Yin Chongwen pointed to Yin Tianlei who was sitting on the other side. "Brother, that's the Eldest son of the Second son, he's called Tianlei. And as probably know already, Tianlei is Zhaowu's father."

Yin Tianlei immediately got up and said to Yin Xiu when he saw his grandfather mention him. "Grand Uncle."

"En." Yin Xiu nodded gently.

Yin Tianlei saw that his son did not respond, so he pinched him.

Yin Zhaowu finally came back to his senses. He looked up at his father standing next to him, and then at Yin Xiu, his expression was complex. However, since he's in the presence of so many Elders, he had no choice but to endure the weird feeling in his heart, stood up and bit the bullet and said: "Zhaowu greets Great Uncle!"

Yin Xiu naturally saw Yin Zhaowu's unnaturalness and he also knew that it was because of his appearance. But he didn't care much about Yin Zhaowu's awkward expression and just said: "Zhaowu, you can call my name directly as before..."

Yin Zhaowu hadn't even answered yet, when Yin Chongwen already took the lead, "Brother, how can this work! How can Zhaowu call your name directly?"

Yin Houde also agreed: "Yes, Uncle, Zhaowu is your great-great-grandnephew, wouldn't it be a mess of generations if he calls your name directly?!"

Yin Xiu just smiled faintly and waved his hand: "It's just a name. Besides, look at me. Wouldn't it feel awkward if Zhaowu called me Great Uncle. If he suddenly started calling that way in front of others, what would other people think? Hence, Zhaowu should call me the same as before, just call me by name."

Yin Xiu said that because, in addition to it being inconvenient in front of others just as he said, it would also take care of Yin Zhaowu's awkwardness.


Yin Xiu's words made Yin Chongwen hesitate. Indeed, just as Yin Xiu said, in front of others, it is really not appropriate for Yin Zhaowu to call Yin Xiu, Great Uncle.

I'm afraid that if Yin Zhaowu really called like this, the others would regard him as 'crazy.' 

"Well, if there is an outsider, then he can call by name. But if there is none, Zhaowu has to use proper language. You can't mess up the Elders and children!" Yin Chongwen said.

"Yes, Grandpa!" Yin Zhaowu responded hurriedly. He also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. This was the best way. Before, he was really worried about how he would call Yin Xiu if he was in front of outsiders.

This arrangement is fine, although he still has to call him "Great Uncle" in private, but at least he doesn't need to worry about being regarded as 'crazy'. 

Yin Xiu didn't say anything further.

After a while, the waiter began to serve the dishes.

"Brother, where do you live right now? How about coming back to Jiangyuan City with me?" While eating, Yin Chongwen continued to chat with Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu shook his head slightly. If he had just returned, he would definitely agree to live with Yin Chongwen in Jiangyuan City. But now, he can't just leave Yinhai since he already discussed plans with Ji Xueqing.

"No, I still have some things to do. But I will go to Jiangyuan City when I am free."

Yin Chongwen also didn't force it and just said: " Brother, you must go to Jiangyuan City when you are free. You can just call Tianlei or the others, they'll come and pick you up."

"En." Yin Xiu smiled and then suddenly asked: "By the way, Brother, why did you leave Yinhai and go to Jiangyuan City?"

Yin Chongwen sighed, "Brother you also understand the situation back then. Since the war broke out, there was no other way. I had to leave the house and flee to Jiangyuan. Later I settled down in a mountain village."

"When the war ended, I came back to Yinhai. But the house had been destroyed by the war. And I already settled down in that mountain village along with my wife. Later, when I came back again,  this university had been built..."

"So that's it." Yin Xiu nodded.

The whole meal lasted for nearly two hours. Of course, Yin Xiu and Yin Chongwen were chatting most of the time.

After leaving the restaurant, they found a tea house nearby for tea and chatted some more. Yin Tianlei went to find a hotel to book a room, while Yin Zhaowu went back to school, only the two brothers Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao accompanied them.

Because too many years have passed, both Yin Xiu and Yin Chongwen seem to have endless words. The two talked until late before separating.

Before leaving, Yin Xiu not only taught Yin Chongwen an exquisite cultivation technique, but also gave him hundreds of Spiritual Stones.

The Cultivation Technique includes the initial foundation building stage to the Nascent Soul Stage. As for a mental technique, there was no need to teach Yin Chongwen that for the time being.

After all, Yin Chongwen was still far away from reaching that point. Telling him that in advance would not benefit him and may even disrupt his focus. 

"Brother, you can teach Houde the techniques I have taught you. You can also give them a few of these Spirit Stones to help them with their cultivation. If the Spirit Stones are not enough, just tell me, I still have many..."

"En, I will." Yin Chongwen replied, "Brother, I must stress again, you have to go to Jiangyuan when you have time. I will call the Boss (could be referring to the eldest or his wife, I tled it as Boss) and the Third child back to see you.   

"En. You should also practice hard during this period, and tell me when you feel that your true essence has been refined to the limit. I'll come and protect you at that time, and help you break through."

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