Chapter 61: Transcendence Realm (2).

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"Brother, sit down first." Yin Xiu smiled.

Yin Chongwen restrained his inner excitement: "Okay." After sitting down, he said to Yin Houde, "Sit down, too."

"Yes, Dad!"

Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao responded hurriedly, and also sat down. Yin Tianlei also pulled Yin Zhaowu and sat down with him.

Yin Zhaowu, who was shocked after hearing Yin Chongwen’s exchange with Yin Xiu just now, finally exclaimed: "Great Grandpa, what is going on?"

(TL: I was wrong about Yin Xiu being called Great Great Grandfather, it is actually Great Uncle.) 

Yin Chongwen glanced at him and said. "Zhaowu, this is your great grandfather's elder brother, he is your great uncle..."

"How can this be!" Yin Zhaowu felt it unacceptable.

Just think about it. Yin Xiu seems to be just in his twenties, so why has he suddenly become the elder brother of his great grandfather?

Yin Chongwen did not continue to explain to Yin Zhaowu. He knows that such a thing is indeed a bit weird for ordinary people, and it takes a while to accept it.

More importantly, Yin Chongwen now wants to bond with his Older Brother who has been away for more than 80 years.

"Big Brother, where have you been... all these years? Why haven't I heard from you even once?" Yin Chongwen looked at Yin Xiu. 

Yin Xiu waved his hand and placed a soundproof barrier in the room. He sighed slightly: "Didn't I tell you when I left that year? I found the 'Road to Immortality'. That 'Road to Immortality' is a holy land for cultivation. It's basically a teleportation array. I have been practicing in the Cultivation World all these years, and I just returned a while ago.” 

Yin Chongwen was shocked when he heard this.

Yin Houde and the others who were listening on the side, also had their eyes wide open as they looked at Yin Xiu in shock. These things were too shocking and incredible for them.

Yin Houde and others looked at each other, wanting to ask questions, but they stopped themselves. After all, they were the Juniors, it was not suitable for them to interrupt.

Nonetheless, they were full of curiosity about the holy place of cultivation that Yin Xiu just mentioned.

Yin Chongwen breathed deeply and calmed the shock in his heart. He asked: "Brother, you have maintained the appearance of your youth, so you must have already broken the limit of martial arts, right?"

Yin Xiu nodded, "Yes... Soon after I went to that holy land, I successfully broke through the shackles of martial arts and stepped into the ranks of the 'Immortal Dao'. It was also at that time that my appearance did not age anymore."

"And, as my cultivation base deepened, my face gradually returned to the appearance of a young man in his twenties..."

Yin Chongwen took a long breath and said, "Big Brother, you had reached the extreme of martial arts before you left. At that time, I knew that if you couldn't break through, then I am afraid that no one in this world will be able to do it." 

"But I didn't expect that Elder Brother is already more than 80 years old!"

Yin Xiu nodded, feeling a little bit emotional.

Although for a cultivator of his level, eighty years is nothing and it is normal to live for more than 800 years or even thousands of years. It's just that this was not just eighty years. It was 80 precious years away from home and family!

"Anyway, aren't I back now?" Yin Xiu sighed.

"En!" Yin Chongwen nodded and also sighed: "I thought I would never see Elder Brother again in this life, but now, I have no regrets."

Yin Xiu understood the implications of Yin Chongwen's words. Yin Chongwen is now ninety years old. Even though his cultivation is good and he has reached the extreme of martial arts, in the end, he is no match for the natural laws of life and death.

No matter how he maintains his health and prolongs his life, if he can't break through the limits of martial arts, I'm afraid he will only have another ten or twenty years of life at most.

This is already the best expectation.

However, since Yin Xiu is back, all this is naturally no longer a problem.

"Brother, have you forgotten what I just said? Immortal Dao is above martial arts. As long as you can step into the Immortal Dao, you can cultivate your golden core. Even if you are already nearly a hundred years old, you would have at least one hundred to two hundred years more."

Yin Xiu said with a smile, "Big Brother's more than 80 years of cultivation in the cultivation world was not wasted. I will help you break through and step into the path of immortality easily.”

Yin Xiu is a high-level figure and helping his younger brother Yin Chongwen break through to the Golden Core Stage is naturally very easy for him.

Yin Chongwen had never thought that his Elder Brother had already reached such a point, that even helping others break through the limits of martial arts is a breeze. He looked so relaxed and calm, as if it were as simple as eating and drinking in his eyes.

"Brother, you, can you really help me break through?" Yin Chongwen became excited.

There are two things he longed for most in his life; one was the hope to see his Elder Brother again in his lifetime, and the second was the hope that he could break through the limits of martial arts and step into the legendary Transcendence Realm!

He had never thought that these two wishes in his life could be realized together.

The person who was excited was not only Yin Chongwen, but also Yin Houde, Yin Houzhao, and even Yin Tianlei... all were extremely excited and surprised.

They all know clearly what it means if their father (grandfather) can really break through the limits of martial arts.

More importantly, Yin Xiu's words not only opened a window for them to see a whole new world, but also made them understand that from now on, the Yin family will go even higher, and not just by a floor, but two floors, three floors and many more floors!

It can be said that as long as (Great/Grand) Uncle in front of them is still here, then the Yin family does not need to worry about the future at all.

Maybe in the future, they will all be able to break through the limits of martial arts and also step into the ranks of 'Transcendents'!

Just thinking about it, Yin Houde and the others couldn't help feeling excited.

"The Earth's Spiritual Energy is currently thin. So even if most people have a way to enter the Immortal Dao, it is extremely difficult to break through the limits of martial arts and actually step into it. However, for me, this is just a breeze."

Yin Xiu continued, "This time, I came back with countless Spirit Stones. Although the Earth's Spiritual Energy is thin, as long as there are enough Spirit Stones, it will naturally support you in breaking through your cultivation base and providing the spiritual energy needed to form your Golden Core."

"As for the technique in forming the Golden Core and the subsequent cultivation techniques, your Elder Brother naturally doesn't lack them. These are just trivial things. On the contrary, your current true essence, Brother, is a little mixed and not pure enough. So if you want to break through to the Golden Core, you have to carefully refine your true essence."

"Later, I will teach you a mental technique and give you some Spirit Stones. You should spend some effort to refine your true essence…"

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