Chapter 60: The Brothers' Reunion.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

After hanging up the phone, Yin Xiu couldn't help taking a long breath. After more than eighty years of being away, the brothers are about to meet again. Yin Xiu still found it hard to calm down.

"Xiao Man, you stay at home by yourself. I have some things to do while I am out, I will come back later." Yin Xiu patted Xiao Man's head and said.


Xiao Man suddenly came onto Yin Xiu's shoulder, squeaking at him and making gestures.

Yin Xiu was a little bit helpless, "Okay, okay, since you are bored at home, then you can go out with me."


Xiao Man exclaimed excitedly, and jumped onto Yin Xiu's head. It's pair of small paws were holding onto Yin Xiu's locks of hair.

Probably, only Yin Xiu could understand what Xiao Man's squeaks meant.

During this period of time, Xiao Man basically stayed at home and watched TV all the time. He didn't go out much, so it's no surprise that he started to get bored.

After leaving the house, Yin Xiu walked directly to 'Huadu Restaurant' at the main entrance of Yinhai University. At about 4:30, Yin Xiu arrived there.

Yin Zhaowu sent a text message to Yin Zhaowu, telling him the room number. Yin Xiu asked the waiter for the room. 

He was sitting alone in the room. Yin Xiu just asked the waiter to boil a pot of water and let him leave. Xiao Man jumped out of Yin Xiu's pocket and ran around the room.

Yin Xiu took out spiritual tea he brought back from the cultivation world from his storage ring, and put two pieces of tea leaves into the teapot. After a while, he poured half a cup of fragrant tea into the teacup.

The aroma of the spiritual tea was naturally far from comparable to that of ordinary tea. Not only is the fragrance more pleasant, it also has a keen 'breath' (smoke).

The smoke of the tea seemed to be condensed in a cloud of mist. And with a light inhalation of it, the refreshing fragrance would come charging at your nose...

Whilst tasting the spirit tea, Yin Xiu's eyes faintly revealed reminiscence. In his mind, the scene when he was with his younger brother a few decades ago played out.

His younger brother was nearly twenty years younger than him, and  often asked a lot of naive questions. Later, after his father died prematurely due to the war, he took on more responsibilities, and he was the one who taught his younger brother martial arts.

It can be said that to some extent, Yin Xiu is both a Brother and Father to his younger brother. In those days, Yin Xiu made a lot of effort to break through the limit in pursuit of the "Road of Immortality" and left Earth.

If his younger brother wasn't fifteen years old and wasn't already considered an adult at the time, Yin Xiu might not have been so willing to leave.

Now that he was back on Earth, and was about to reunite with his younger brother, Yin Xiu felt that he indeed has a heart knot. His inner state is not perfect, and that's why he has not been able to break through the bottleneck.


Xiao Man's cry awakened Yin Xiu from his memories. He had already drunk the entire cup of tea without knowing it. At this time, there was the sound of footsteps coming from outside the room, someone was coming.

"Is Younger Brother here?" In an instant, Yin Xiu spread out his spiritual sense and peeked out of the room. And at the same time, there was knocking on the door... Yin Xiu's spiritual sense 'looked', and found five people standing outside the door, one of whom was Yin Zhaowu.

However, Yin Xiu's attention was obviously not on him, and he quickly noticed the oldest man with white hair.

For almost an instant, Yin Xiu's eyes were slightly glazed over.

Even though more than eighty years have passed, even if the green youth has become a crane-faced old man, Yin Xiu still immediately recognized that this was his younger brother!

"Please come in!"

Yin Xiu took a deep breath and tried to act calm.

Xiao Man probably noticed the fluctuation of Yin Xiu's emotions, so he didn't run around naughtily and just jumped directly onto Yin Xiu's shoulders. He just sat there quietly, with his huge plush tail wiggling slightly from side to side. His eyes were doubtful and he was looking at the door curiously.


The door of the room was gently pushed open.

It was Yin Chongwen himself who pushed the door. Originally Yin Zhaowu was going to step forward and push open the door, but Yin Chongwen waved his hand to stop him, and opened it himself.

Yin Chongwen wanted to open the door with his own hands. Although he was not 100% sure that the person sitting in the room at the moment was his eldest brother,  there was an intuition in his heart, telling him that the person inside was indeed his Elder Brother. There can be no mistake!

The door opened and Yin Xiu stood, with a faint smile on his face, quietly watching Yin Chongwen who opened the door... After Yin Chongwen opened the door, he looked at Yin Xiu. The moment his eyes landed on Yin Xiu, tears rolled down from his eyes.

"Brother... It's really, really you!" Yin Chongwen's voice trembled. 

Even if he's already over ninety years old, at this moment, he couldn't restrain the surging emotion in his heart. Tears were streaming down from his face and he fixedly looked at Yin Xiu.

Hearing this both unfamiliar and familiar name, and looking at the familiar appearance that's now aged by the flow of time, Yin Xiu's eyes also moistened.

"Brother, it's me, I'm back..."

Yin Xiu took a deep breath and tried to calm his voice. Tears gleamed faintly in his eyes, but the smile on his face was even brighter and warmer.

Standing behind Yin Chongwen was Yin Houde, Yin Huzhao, and Yin Tianlei. They already had a vague idea of Yin Xiu's identity, but after hearing the dialogue between Yin Chongwen and Yin Xiu, which thoroughly confirmed the identity of Yin Xiu; they glanced at each other and secretly sighed.

But Yin Zhaowu, who didn't have a hint of Yin Xiu's identity at all, was completely stunned. His mouth was wide open, as if he had seen something unbelievable. As if he had seen the sun rising from the West. He looked at Yin Xiu with a dull expression...

The same waiter, who also led the Yin family over the room, was dumbfounded at Yin Xiu and Yin Chongwen. He wore a look of astonishment!

Yin Xiu was just in an emotional mood and couldn't control himself, so he ignored the presence of other people.

But at this moment, after calming down a little bit, Yin Xiu glanced at the waiter standing outside the door, and casted a spell secretly. After a faintly visible light penetrated from the waiter's forehead, Yin Xiu turned to Yin Chongwen and the rest, then said: "Come in first, let's talk later."


Yin Chongwen also calmed down a bit and understood what Yin Xiu meant. He glanced at the waiter next to him, suppressed the excitement in his heart, and agreed. He then walked into the room.

Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao also hurriedly followed into the room. Yin Tianlei, who was walking behind, saw his son was still stunned, so he had to hurriedly pull him into the room.

"Alright, you can go first. We'll call you when we’re ready to order." Yin Xiu said to the waiter outside.

The waiter was a little dazed. "Oh, oh." He replied blankly. But it seemed to be done subconsciously. He then closed the door and left. 

After taking a few steps, the waiter suddenly frowned and scratched his head. He asked himself: "What's the matter? Why did I not remember what happened just now?"

He tried hard to remember, but his memory seems to become more and more vague. Soon there was only a tiny bit of memory left of something strange happening...

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