Chapter 58: 'Wind'.

Edited by: Mochiusagi


Yin Xiu picked up the phone, walked to the bathroom, and then connected the call.

Yin Zhaowu's voice sounded, "Is this Yin Xiu? This is Yin Zhaowu."

"This is." Yin Xiu replied, "You should have already called your home, right?"

"En, that's why I called you. It's like this, my great grandpa told me that Yin Chongwen is his name. Yin Xiu, how do you know my great grandpa's name? Are you really my brother or uncle?"

Obviously Yin Houde didn't tell Yin Xiu's identity to Yin Zhaowu, so Yin Zhaowu didn't know at this moment that the 'Brother' or 'Uncle' he was talking with was actually his great grandfather's elder brother.

According to seniority, he must be called Great Great Grandpa instead!


Yin Xiu felt it was funny, he smiled faintly, and relaxed slightly in his heart. This Yin Zhaowu was indeed a descendant of his younger brother, but he doesn't know if his younger brother is still alive.

"As for the things about me, you can ask your grandfather again in the future. But there is something I want to ask you. Is your great grandfather still alive?" Yin Xiu asked.

Right now Yin Xiu was not sure whether Yin Zhaowu's grandfather knew his identity. After all, when he left, his younger brother, Yin Chongwen, was only fifteen years old. As for whether Yin Chongwen had told Yin Zhaowu's grandfather (Yin Chongwen's son) about him... it was unclear.

Yin Zhaowu didn't think much about it. After hearing Yin Xiu's question, he quickly replied: "En, my great grandfather is still alive. But I haven't seen him for a long time, and he has spent most of the years in seclusion. I can only see him every Chinese New Year..."

Yin Xiu was surprised when he heard Zhaowu's words.

'That kid is really alive!' 

This is undoubtedly good news for Yin Xiu.

"Really? Where is your great grandfather now?" Yin Xiu asked impatiently.

Yin Zhaowu was a little surprised at Yin Xiu's agitated tone. Although he didn't understand why Yin Xiu was like this, he still replied, "My great grandfather has always been in the old house in the countryside of Jiangyuan City."

"However, my grandfather just called me and asked me to contact you to see if you have free time. My great grandfather will come to Yinhai tomorrow and wants to meet you..."

Yin Xiu was originally thinking about whether to leave for a trip to Jiangyuan City, but when he heard what Yin Zhaowu said, Yin Xiu quickly dismissed the idea, "Okay! Tomorrow, I'll wait for your great grandfather. Call me when your great grandfather arrives in Yinhai."

"En, OK!" After hanging up the phone, Yin Xiu found it hard to hide the joy and excitement in his eyes. After more than eighty years, he was finally able to meet his younger brother again.

Yin Xiu originally thought that since he had cultivated to his current state, his heart was as calm as water. And unless he had obtained some immortal treasure, he would have never easily become so excited.

But unexpectedly, just learning that his younger brother was still alive made him so overwhelmingly surprised and excited.

It's no wonder that his cultivation level was stuck in a bottleneck. It seems that he indeed has a heart knot and was lacking something. 

This made Yin Xiu become more and more self aware.

He took a deep breath, calming his excitement, and walked back to his desk.

Wang Mei, who was sitting next to him, probably saw the faint joy in Yin Xiu's expression, and couldn't help but ask: "Yin Xiu, did something good happen to you? Look at you filled with joy."

Yin Xiu sat down and said to her, "You think too much."

"Hey, you're not fooling anyone here! Look at your eyes, something good must have happened. My idol, how about sharing what it may be!!"

Wang Mei leaned over with a smile.

Yin Xiu rolled his eyes and said, "There really isn't..." But he suddenly stopped midway. 

Yin Xiu suddenly changed his words, "In fact, there is a 'good thing', if you really want me to say it."

Wang Mei was about to bicker when she heard Yin Xiu about to deny it but she immediately became interested when Yin Xiu changed his sentence, she asked: "Then tell me, what is the good thing?"

"Actually, you will probably know this in a day or two. But Manager Ji told me that she plans to create our company's own brand, and we will not continue representing Lanxiang Daily Chemical products in the future..."

Yin Xiu whispered it deliberately, as if he was afraid of being heard by others.

When he discussed things over with Ji Xueqing before, she told him that she planned to announce these things in a day or two, but Yin Xiu just now thought that it's better to have a 'wind' carry the news earlier.

After all, it's good to make the others mentally prepared.

In order to prevent the people in the company from losing confidence because of Lanxiang Daily Chemical breaching the contract, Yin Xiu cleverly twisted the reality.

What he said meant that Ji Xueqing wanted to create her own brand and make her own products, so she took the initiative to break the contract with Lanxiang Daily Chemical when it's actually the opposite.

In this way, at least it can stabilize people's hearts to a large extent.

The news that Yin Xiu revealed surprised Wang Mei, she couldn’t help asking: “My idol, is this really true? Does Manager Ji really intend to make her own brand and no longer represent Lanxiang Daily Chemical’s products?"

Yin Xiu confirmed her doubts and said: "Of course it's true, why would I lie to you? Anyway, in the next two days, she will officially announce this."


Wang Mei took a deep breath, she said: "It is not so easy to make your own brand. The most important thing is product development. Has Manager Ji already solved this problem?"

"Well, that is natural. Otherwise, how could Manager Ji make her own brand so suddenly? Ms. Ji said that she already has two new product formulas with very good effects. She's just waiting for the factory and production line to be set up, and the relevant procedures to be completed. After that, production will start immediately..."

Wang Mei didn’t doubt Yin Xiu’s words at all and exclaimed: “It seems that Manager Ji always had this idea and was preparing for it long ago! Maybe Manager Ji signed a contract with Lanxiang for the purpose of making an excellent marketing team and preparing for the production of her own brand products."

"But I just don’t know where Ms. Ji got the product formulas. I never heard Ms. Ji mention it before. However, since Ms. Ji gave up being an agent and decided to make her own products. I think the formulas in Ms. Ji's hands are not too bad!"

"I also don’t know where Ms. Ji’s formula came from, but I’ve seen the finished product, and the effect is absolutely killing other similar products currently on the market. I believe that as long as our new product is launched, it will surely sweep the entire market!"

Yin Xiu continued to babble.

One has to say, Yin Xiu's words were really well presented. At least Wang Mei was fooled by him, and she was even looking forward to it...

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