Chapter 57: Discussion. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Bandung Building.

Yin Xiu was in Ji Xueqing's office.

He held two papers in his hand and handed them to Ji Xueqing. He said, "These are the formulas I made yesterday. One of them is to remove scars while the other is a beautifying product."

"Done so soon?!"

Ji Xueqing was pleasantly surprised. Yesterday, Yin Xiu said that because of the ingredients, the formulas needed some adjustments. She thought that Yin Xiu would have to take at least a few days to get the revamped formula. But unexpectedly, it only took him one day.

After accepting the two formulas, still in surprise, Ji Xueqing glanced at them quickly.

Although she was not familiar with pharmacology, she was still familiar with most of the ingredients needed in the formulas, and she has heard of them before. They're certainly not something too rare.

"I have checked all the ingredients on the market. Except for a few which are slightly more expensive, more than 70% of them are cheap." Yin Xiu said. 

After a slight pause, he continued: "The formula for removing scars will be produced in a thick liquid state, and the usage is to apply evenly on the scars. The other formula, the beautifying product, is to be produced in a pill which is taken orally. The dosage is one pill per day. That much should be enough."

Yin Xiu has also been familiar with the cosmetics market after being in the company for nearly a month. So he knows that the two formulas he took out would sell well.

As for the effect, it will not be bad. Compared with similar products on the market today, it can be said that it's several levels higher! 

"Can you get some finished products so that we can try it out? Also, if a product is going to be launched, you need to register and file it. So we need to get some finished products first, so that we can go through the relevant procedures." Ji Xueqing said.

"No problem, I will buy some materials tomorrow and make some." Yin Xiu responded. This was just a trivial matter, and he personally made the formula so it's naturally not a problem.

"Okay! I'll leave this to you," Ji Xueqing said with joy. As long as Yin Xiu's formulas were okay, and the effect is as good as what he said, then things are already half done!

"By the way, besides these two, do you have other types of ancient beauty formulas?" Ji Xueqing asked.

If you really want to make a big brand, two products are too few. It is better to have some other products, such as: facial cleanser, facial mask, whitening and moisturizing... and other cosmetic products.

Yin Xiu understood what Ji Xueqing meant, and replied: "There is. But I think we shouldn't have too many varying products in the beginning. We should focus on small products first, and then gradually increase them as the brand gains reputation.”

“In this way, first, we can focus on these two products. Second, we can reduce the initial capital investment."

Ji Xueqing nodded in agreement, "Indeed, we should focus on these two products first. If there are too many products in the beginning, there would be too much to do. It would also be more troublesome to promote, and the energy and funds invested will be doubled."

"That's the truth." Yin Xiu suddenly asked, "By the way, have you estimated the budget required for investment?"

Ji Xueqing said: "From my calculations, from the investment in the production plant, production line and workers, to setting aside a large amount of expenses for promotion and opening up stores/agents; it is estimated that it is better to have no less than 15 million yuan available." 

After a pause, Ji Xueqing continued: "Since we don’t have the funds to open many stores right now, we can start in Yinhai first. By the time our foothold in Yinhai firms, I believe that our financial situation would've already improved a lot by then.”

“At that time, we can start expanding and radiate to cities around Yinhai. And if we have the ability, we can even open up stores in a few first-tier cities..."

Ji Xueqing slowly told Yin Xiu about her general thoughts.

Yin Xiu nodded in agreement, he asked, "What about brand positioning and price strategy? How did you plan it?"

After working in the company for a month, Yin Xiu has developed a good understanding of various modern business plans. It is clear that if a brand wants to succeed, it must have its own clear brand positioning and promotion marketing strategy.

Ji Xueqing obviously had some thoughts in her heart and immediately replied: "Since our products can 'one-up' other similar products on the market today, then I don't think we need to set it too low. We can completely follow the international standards, and use first-line brand standards to formulate our corresponding strategies.”

“Especially in terms of price, it must not be low. The beauty and cosmetics market does not necessarily sell well if the price is cheap. Pricing is also a brand, it's part of a product's quality checker. If we want to be big, then the price must also be 'high'.”

“Of course, this is just the general outline. As for the specific pricing, we still have to wait for you to get the finished product first; let's test the effect, and then calculate the production cost before making specific decisions."   

Yin Xiu has no objection to this. In terms of brand positioning and marketing strategy, he can't compare with the 'professional' Ji Xueqing. Moreover, he also agrees with what Ji Xueqing says.   

"Okay. Let's do as you say, you will be the one who will have to deal with these things when the time comes anyways, since I'm not familiar with it. As for funding... Since you can procure about 8 million, I will prepare the remaining 7 million as soon as possible." Yin Xiu said.

The two then continued chatting in the office for about ten minutes. Basically, Ji Xueqing made up the plan for the company’s future, while Yin Xiu added a few words and thoughts.


As for the matter of Xianglan Daily Chemical, Ji Xueqing has not announced the termination of the contract to the rest of the company yet.   

She plans to prepare the company's future plan first; such as a product planning book and so on in these next two days, and at the same time try to raise the funds, then announce the news.   

The employees in the company were basically veterans in the marketing of beauty and cosmetics, and Ji Xueqing naturally hoped that they all could stay.   

However, it was obvious that there was  some time needed for the new products to be produced in batches. So in that time frame, the people in the company will inevitably have nothing to do for a while. 

So if Ji Xueqing wants to persuade everyone to stay, she must show everyone that the company has a very bright prospect, and she needs to draw a large enough picture to persuade them...  


After discussing a little bit more with Ji Xueqing, Yin Xiu walked out of the office. Just a few minutes after he returned to his desk outside, he suddenly received a call from Yin Zhaowu...

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