Chapter 56: Transcendence Realm. 

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"Houde, tell me this matter carefully." Although Yin Chongwen calmed down, his eyes still showed a touch of excitement.

"Dad, it's like this..."

Yin Houde immediately repeated what Yin Zhaowu told him yesterday. However, he did not mention to Yin Chongwen that Yin Zhaowu was injured.

Yin Chongwen doesn't need to worry about such trivial matters.

"I also asked Gu Yanfeng's youngest granddaughter about this matter. She said that the person told her that his home was originally near Yinhai University and he had only recently returned." 

After Yin Houde finished, Yin Chongwen mumbled, "Yinhai University… If I remember correctly, I was from there more than 30 years ago. That university was built after the former "Lion Head Alley." Back then, that university was my childhood courtyard. And there's also a cedar tree planted there."

Yin Houde said: "Yes, Dad even told us Brothers to go there and see it together."

Yin Chongwen's eyes were full of reminisce, he looked up: "Houde, please make arrangements. I will go to Yinhai tomorrow." 

After a pause, he took a deep breath and continued, "Also, let Zhaowu contact that person and say I want to see him."

"Yes. I'll call Zhaowu." Yin Houde answered immediately.

"En." Yin Chongwen nodded slightly, "You two brothers, and Tianlei, will also go to Yinhai with me. If nothing is wrong, I'm afraid that the person Zhaowu told us is probably really your Uncle!"

Yin Chongwen is nearly a hundred years old after all, and after the initial excitement, he has quickly calmed back down.

However, thinking that he would soon reunite with his Elder Brother who has been away for more than eighty years, there seemed to be an unspeakable excitement in his calm heart, a kind of long-lost heart felt emotion surged. 

Seeing his father and grandfather finished talking, Yin Tianlei, who had been silent the entire time, finally couldn't help but ask: "Grandpa, isn't Zhaowu saying that the man is in his twenties? How could he be my Grand Uncle?"

"What do you know!"

Before Yin Chongwen could speak, Yin Houde had already turned around and scolded Yin Tianlei.

At this time, Yin Chongwen said: "Tianlei, there are some things that are too high/advanced that's why you don't understand. Although Zhaowu said that the man looks only in his twenties, I am 90% sure that he is your Grand Uncle."

"How is this possible!"

Yin Tianlei felt a little confused and could not understand what his grandfather Yin Chongwen was saying. How could a person in his twenties be his Grand Uncle?

But he knew that his grandfather wouldn't just say this without reason, so there must be something he didn't understand.

"Grandpa, what the hell is going on? Grand Uncle's age should be a lot older than you, right? So is that person a reincarnated soul of Grand Uncle?" Yin Tianlei was trying to make sense of the situation.

In response to his grandson's doubts, Yin Chongwen smiled slightly, and slowly said, "Do you know why your grandpa has been in seclusion at such an age?"

Yin Tianlei shook his head, wondering what his grandfather was suddenly saying. 

Yin Chongwen continued: "It's because Grandpa's cultivation has reached the extreme of martial arts. As long as I can go one step further and overcome this shackle, then Grandpa will be able to enter the 'Transcendence Realm'!" 

"Transcendence Realm?" Yin Tianlei was surprised.

His cultivation was still far from the level that he can take a look at such a realm, so he doesn't understand this. This is the first time he has heard of it.


Yin Chongwen nodded and said: "Being transcendent is transcending the mundane. It is a transformation of life. If you cross this boundary, you will truly step into a martial art that is completely different from the martial art that you've always known, it is an entirely new level.”

“Your grandfather right now is nearly a hundred years old, but if I'm able to cross this boundary, I'll be able to live tens of years more with no problem."

"How is it possible!?" Yin Tianlei was taken aback!

Yin Houde couldn't help but scold: "What’s impossible? At your grandfather's level, as long as he can break through the limit, why is it impossible to increase your lifespan?"

Yin Tianlei suddenly fell silent. After a while, he suddenly raised his head and said, "Could it be that Grand Uncle has broken through the limit of martial arts and his lifespan increased, and he became younger?"

"Yes, it should be around eight to ten times younger."

Yin Chongwen paused slightly and continued: "Your Grand Uncle’s martial arts talent, although not unparalleled in the past, at least it is hard to find in a hundred years. When I was still about ten years old, your Grand Uncle had already reached my current level of cultivation, and he was only in his early thirties, by that time.”

“Later, your Grand Uncle said that he had found a 'Road to Immortality' that could break through the limits of martial arts, so he left all his martial arts secrets to me and left, and never returned.”

“So as long as your Grand Uncle is still alive, then he may have really broken through the limit and became a transcendent."

This is the first time Yin Tianlei heard such a secret. It was very shocking to say the least. 

"Grandpa, what is the 'Road to Immortality' you just mentioned?" Yin Tianlei couldn't help asking.

Even the brothers Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao looked at their father and were equally curious. It was also the first time that they heard their father mention the so-called "Road to Immortality".

However, Yin Chongwen's answer disappointed the three of them.

Yin Chongwen shook his head and said, "I also don't know what this 'Road to Immortality' is. My Eldest Brother didn't tell me much about it. At that time, I was still young and did not ask too much."

In fact, the so-called 'Road to Immortality' was the interstellar teleportation array that Yin Xiu used when he left and returned to Earth. 

"Alright, you go first. Houde, arrange the things, we will set off to Yinhai early tomorrow morning." Yin Chongwen said.

"Yes, Dad!" Yin Houde answered.

After Yin Houde and the other two left the hut, Yin Chongwen couldn't help but gaze at the bamboo forest outside the window. His eyes were filled with sighs and reminisce, he whispered: "Brother, are you really back? It's been more than 80 years, time really flies..."

Meanwhile, outside the hut.

Yin Houde suddenly said: "Fifth Brother, can you do something with me when we arrive in Yinhai tomorrow."

"What is it Brother?" Yin Houzhao asked.

"The Yin Family hasn't really been in Yinhai for a long while and people there are getting a little out of hand riding their horses." Yin Houde's voice was plain but it was filled with cold arrogance.

Yin Houzhao was startled, "Second Brother, what is going on? Who dare mess with our Yin Family?"

"It's that kid, Zhaowu. When he called yesterday, besides the matter about Grand Uncle, there were also other things. Let me elaborate on it, it's like..." Yin Houde told the whole story of Yin Zhaowu's injury.

As soon as Yin Houzhao heard it, his face became cold, and he said grimly: "It seems that our Yin family has indeed been away from Yinhai for a long time. It seems that our Yin family has already been forgotten. Now even a cat dares to bite us. If we don't show our hand, they might think we are rats that can be chased around."

"En, let's 'visit' the Shen family tomorrow after we arrive in Yinhai and 'discuss' some things..." Yin Houde said lightly.

"Okay, Second Brother, I will go with you when that happens. I also have to move and exercise my muscles and bones." Yin Houzhao sneered. He squeezed his fists, and made a crisp 'cracking' sound...

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