Chapter 55: Father 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Jiangyuan City, Meishan Village, ten miles away in the Eastern suburbs.

A limousine worth at least one million was parked on an old Rice Farm (晒谷坪上) of the village. Yin Houde opened the door and got out of the limo. It was Yin Zhaowu's father, Yin Tianlei, who drove the limo.

(TL: Tried searching Shaigu Ping 晒谷坪上 but couldn't arrive at any answer. Google images show rice farm... So I used that) 

A few minutes later, the two came to a very ordinary looking farm yard. 

At the entrance, there was a fish pond covering over an acre of the area. There was also a single very old, large camphor tree. It is estimated to be at least a hundred years old, and it's leaves spread like a canopy.

There was a cool breeze under the tree, and it was a good place to enjoy the shade...

Yin Houde took Yin Tianlei straight to the farm yard. A peach tree and a pear tree were planted in the spacious yard. Several domestic young hens were walking in the yard and pecking around.

The red brick and blue tiled house was totally different from most of the farm houses in the village.

Today’s Meishan Village is very different from 20 or 30 years ago. Although located on the outskirts of the city, it was only ten miles away, so Meishan Village has been greatly developed in recent years. The economic situation was good, and almost every household has built at least a two or three floored building.

Nowadays, except for some of the old abandoned houses, I am afraid that only the building in front of them was the only old fashion house in the entire village that still had someone living in it. 

"Second Brother, Tianlei, you are back..." As soon as Yin Houde and Yin Tianlei walked into the courtyard, a burly man who looked about fifty years old came out of the house.

Yin Houde nodded to the other party and greeted : "Hello Fifth Brother, is Dad still in seclusion?"

 Yin Tianlei, who was following Yin Houde, also respectfully greeted: "Fifth Uncle."

That burly man is Yin Houde's brother and Yin Tianlei's uncle, Yin Houshao. His age is actually close to sixty, but he has been practicing martial arts since he was a child so his appearance is not that old.

Yin Houzhao nodded slightly to Yin Tianlei, and then he said to his Second brother Yin Houde, "Dad is still in seclusion. Second Brother, you suddenly called home yesterday. What happened to you that you want to get Dad out of seclusion at this time?"

Yesterday, Yin Houde called him only to say that there were very important things that needed to be reported to their father, but he didn't say anything specific.

Yin Houde didn't answer right away, and instead said: "Fifth Brother, let's go to the house first and talk there. Because if this matter is true, then it will be a big deal for our family!"

These words aroused Yin Huzhao's curiosity.

"Okay, let's go to the house!" Yin Houzhao quickly walked into the house with his Second Brother and nephew.

Yin Tianlei, who was the last one to enter, closed the door. Upon seeing that the space is covered and secure, Yin Houzhao asked again: "Second Brother, you can talk now. What on earth do you need to ask Dad and make him leave seclusion?"

Yin Houde took a deep breath as he looked at Yin Houzhao, he whispered: "Fifth Brother, I think, if nothing is out of place, our Uncle is likely to be alive! And, he is back..."

"What, what?!"

Yin Hou was shocked and immediately stunned!

Many secrets in the family were basically unknown to the younger generation, and only they, Brothers, knew.

"Second, Second Brother, are you, are you joking?"

Yin Houshao felt that his breathing was a little heavy, and his voice trembled slightly. Even if it was his Second Brother who was speaking, he still felt it was unbelievable.

Yin Houde said in a deep voice: "Will I joke about this kind of thing? I came home today just to verify this matter with Dad. If this matter is indeed true, then think about what it means to our family!" 


Yin Houzhao took a deep breath and recovered from his initial shock, he said: "Brother, if I remember correctly, isn't Uncle older than Dad by nearly twenty years?”

“And Dad also said there was no news after Uncle left. So how could he suddenly appear?"

Yin Houde shook his head: "Anyway, we still have to talk to Dad about this matter first, and see what Dad thinks. Regarding Uncle's matter, after all, we know only a little bit of it."

"En, then let's call Dad. Let's go!" Yin Houzhao said. 

He also understood that what his Second Brother said was really important, and they had to go to their father.

They then walked from the hall to the backyard.

Except for a few small vegetable plots, the backyard was practically a bamboo forest. The three passed through the bamboo forest and stopped in front of a small bamboo hut at the foot of the mountain.

Yin Houzhao walked to a bamboo and pulled a string tied to it. Immediately afterwards; a soft, crisp and sweet ringing came from the hut.

After that, Yin Houzhao walked back to Yin Houde and waited quietly.

About five or six minutes later, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from the hut. 

"Houzhao? Is your brother back? What did he say?" 

Yin Houzhao hurriedly replied: "Dad, Brother says that there are very important things he has to tell you."

At this time, Yin Houde also said: "Dad, I do have something very important to tell you."

"Then come in and talk!" The old voice in the hut replied.

The pair of brothers hurriedly walked over, while Yin Tianlei followed behind.


Yin Houde, who was walking in front, opened the door of the hut and walked in. There was only one bamboo bed, two bamboo chairs and one table in the hut. The layout was very simple but unique.



Yin Houde, Yin Houzhao and Yin Tianlei stood in front of the bamboo bed.

An old man with silver hair sat cross-legged on the bamboo bed. His old face was covered with wrinkles, but redness/pinkness that faintly penetrated under his skin makes a ruddy complexion. He clearly isn't an ordinary old man who was weak and brittle.

"En." The old man replied lightly. He then looked at Yin Houde with calm eyes, and said: "Houde, what is this important thing that you needed to come back and tell me in person?"

The old man, who was nearly a hundred years old, has long stopped paying attention to the world, and now his son suddenly ran back home to disturb his seclusion. This made the old man curious about what was so important for this to occur. 

Yin Houde took a deep breath and said, "Dad, Zhaowu called yesterday and said that someone mentioned your name and asked him (Zhaowu) what his relation was to you. Zhaowu said, that person said that his surname is Yin and his name is Yin Xiu. And he also has another name, Yin Shicheng.”

“Dad, I remember... Didn't you seem to say that Uncle is called Yin Shicheng?" When Yin Houde finished, he looked at his father sitting on the bed inquiringly.

The old man was very calm when Yin Houde first spoke, but when Yin Houde said the name 'Yin Xiu', his eyes suddenly widened,  he raised his head and looked at Yin Houde with shining eyes.

When Yin Houde continued on to say the name 'Yin Shicheng', the old man was not only shocked, but was also filled with unspeakable excitement. A faint flush appeared on the old man's wrinkled face...

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