Chapter 54: 'Bargaining'

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After a while, Ji Xueqing finally calmed down. She released Yin Xiu and wiped her tears. She looked at Yin Xiu embarrassedly.

"Yin Xiu, I was very excited just now, and I couldn't control myself. I'm sorry."

Yin Xiu smiled, "It's okay, it's human nature."

Seeing that Yin Xiu didn't mind, Ji Xueqing relaxed a little. Then she said: "Yin Xiu, I will calculate the approximate budget clearly in these two days. I'll also try to prepare as much money as possible.”

“As for the company's shares, as long as you provide the formula, you get half of the shares. We will then divide the remaining half of the shares according to the capital we each invested. What do you think?" After Ji Xueqing finished speaking, her face was a little red, she still felt embarrassed. 

After all, the formula was provided by Yin Xiu, and Yin Xiu will also provide a large part of the funds. Thus, if Yin Xiu wants to, he can get that many shares.

The most important thing in this matter is undoubtedly the formula. As for money, as long as Yin Xiu was willing, there were naturally countless other people willing to invest in him for the formula.

Yin Xiu can even do it all by himself. 

It's just that Yin Xiu doesn't care about these things at all.

For a cultivator whose cultivation has reached the peak of the Body Tempering Stage and whose lifelong pursuit is to become immortal, worldly money is of little importance.

If he wants to, he could make countless money at his fingertips without any effort.

To put it even more bluntly, the value of money, in Yin Xiu's mind, was not as high as the spiritual fruit he feeds Xiao Man every day.

At least money can be earned with just a little effort. But the spiritual fruits that Xiao Man eats every day are things that are nowhere to be found on the entire planet Earth.

Those spiritual fruits are not just for spirit beasts. If an ordinary person ate one, it can improve their physical fitness to a certain extent, remove many dirt and impurities in their body, and have a certain effect of prolonging life.

It can be said to be a priceless treasure!

This time he proposed to give Ji Xueqing a beauty formula to help her create her own branded products, because she is his friend and he wants to help her.

So in regards to the company's shares and money, Yin Xiu doesn't need it. He won't be short of money anyway.

For him, even if money is not completely meaningless, it is not much different.

Therefore, after hearing what Ji Xueqing said, Yin Xiu just smiled and shook his head: "No, those ancient formulas are useless in my hands. So it's considered as making the best use of it if I give it to you. The company is yours. The same with the formula, which I'll give to you. As for the company's shares, we will calculate it based on the ratio of the two parties' capital contributions."

Yin Xiu knew that if he also rejected the company's shares, Ji Xueqing would definitely not agree. That's why he just put it as the ratio of how much each of their investments are.

'How could this be?' 

Ji Xueqing would not accept such a precious ancient formula for free. She's already taking advantage of this deal, her conscience won't allow it. So how can it be like this!

Ji Xueqing said: "No. Yin Xiu, I am already very grateful that you can help me this time. I can't just get the formula in exchange for nothing, that's why I included it in the shares.”

“Otherwise, I can't really accept such terms. Even if you don't care about this, I do! I know that I took advantage of you, but I have to pretend to accept it without knowing it?"

"Alright, we'll do as you say Xueqing. This formula will not be given for free and I will hold the shares in your arrangements. But won't I have more shares than you? In that case, wouldn't the company be mostly mine instead of yours?!" Yin Xiu tried dissuading her once more.

It's a pity that Ji Xueqing was also persistent in this matter. Although she is usually a little weak, she is a very principled person, and sometimes even a little stubborn.

As for Ji Xueqing herself, she felt that the only reason Yin Xiu was helping her at this moment  was because he regarded her as a friend. So how can she make her friend suffer such a big loss? Would she still be human at that point?

"No, Yin Xiu, there's no need to dissuade my decision. Otherwise, I would rather close the company than accept your terms. I treat you as a friend and I am really grateful for you helping me. But what we have in public is public, and private is private. No matter what happens in the future, we have to follow the rules in starting a company so I don't care if you would have more shares." Ji Xueqing looked at Yin Xiu very seriously. She left no room for refusal. 

If people saw them at this moment, they would not think that they were negotiating about a company. Ugh... not right, the two of them were indeed engaged in negotiations; it was just that both of them were thinking of ways to force the better interest to each other instead of trying to get it themselves. This kind of "negotiation" was really strange... 

Seeing that Ji Xueqing's eyes were firm, Yin Xiu pondered for a moment, and knowing that if he didn't agree to her, Ji Xueqing might really close the company just as she said. Therefore, Yin Xiu had no choice but to say: "Let's take a step back. How about 20% of the shares for the formula, and the remaining shares (80%) will be divided according to the proportion of the investment between the two of us. This works too, right?"

"40%! The formula counts as 40%!" Ji Xueqing continued to 'bargain'.

Yin Xiu was helpless, he never thought that giving shares to others can be so hard. He had never expected that Ji Xueqing would be so stubborn once she got serious.

He really doesn't care about this share or anything else. These things in this world were just "clouds" to him!

A pile of clouds floating in front of him, that no matter how many, they were meaningless...

And even if he wanted to leave it for his future generations, he had no direct descendants to pass it on to.

And if one day in the future, he really breaks through his bottleneck, and succeeds in passing the tribulation; these things will either be donated, or he will leave it to his younger brother's descendants.

"Okay, okay, we're becoming vegetable sellers at this point. Let's not fight anymore, and make it 30%! Okay? If you still don't accept 30%, then I would destroy the formula!"

Seeing that Yin Xiu started threatening, Ji Xueqing suddenly smiled brightly, carrying a sweet feeling.

"Okay! 30% it is!" Ji Xueqing then stretched out her pinky towards Yin Xiu.

"What are you doing?" Yin Xiu couldn't react, and asked subconsciously.

Ji Xueqing squinted her eyes, smiling brightly and said: "Promise! You can't take back what you said."

Helpless, Yin Xiu smiled bitterly,  stretching out his pinky and hooked it with Ji Xueqing’s...

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