Chapter 53: Make Your Own Product. 

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Ji Xueqing was not too surprised by Yin Xiu's proposal. She had already guessed some of the meanings of Yin Xiu's words before he actually said it.

"It's not easy to create a brand by yourself. The Research & Development cost of the product alone is a huge investment.”

“What's more, if you want to produce it yourself, you have to build your own product production line... This will be a huge amount of money. There's also digital investment to think about. With the little money I have right now, let alone research and development, even buying a production line is not possible..." Ji Xueqing smiled bitterly at Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu was still indifferent. He just looked at Ji Xueqing and said: "I don't care about the other things. I just want to ask you, if you want to create your own brand. And if you have the confidence and determination to make this brand big?"

Seeing that Yin Xiu was very serious, although Ji Xueqing didn’t understand why he asked such a question, after a little bit of hesitation, she replied firmly and affirmatively: “Of course!”

“The whole reason why I started this company at the beginning and worked hard by myself was because I hoped that one day, I can accumulate enough capital to make a bigger company that will not only make money, but also have power and influence!"

After speaking, Ji Xueqing stared at Yin Xiu with piercing eyes.

Although she only knew Yin Xiu for a month, Ji Xueqing seemed to have blind trust in Yin Xiu. She believed that Yin Xiu would never say this to her for no reason. Therefore, Ji Xueqing was also looking forward to what Yin Xiu will say next. It can be said that it was a kind of expectation in her heart.

"Okay, since you have this determination, then I will help you." Yin Xiu continued, "The product development can be handed over to me. I actually have some ancient beauty formula on my hands. As for the effect, it is at least eight to ten times more effective than the products currently on the market."

"Eight to ten times?! Really?" Ji Xueqing exclaimed.

As a woman, especially the boss of a cosmetics agency company, she knows very well the different levels of effectiveness of the cosmetics that's on the market today.

If the ancient formula that Yin Xiu mastered could really have eight to ten times the effect compared to the market, then that would just be against the sky. Once such a product goes on the market, it may be enough to completely change the pattern of the entire cosmetics market.

"Well, if all the ingredients are made according to the original formula, that is true. However, as you know, many ingredients used in ancient formulas are not so easy to find in this era. Even if there are found, some of them will be more expensive. And if it's expensive, we can’t support mass production.”

“So in order to make things work, we have to make some changes to the ancient formula and find some alternatives among the ingredients in this era to replace those that are no longer available or are expensive.”

“Hence the effectiveness of the actual product may drop a lot. However, it will still be three to five times more effective than the products that are currently on the market. That much would be no problem." Yin Xiu explained.

In fact, for Yin Xiu, this kind of beauty formula is really simple. Although he didn't cultivate the alchemy in depth, and was only at the Master Level, there were countless different kinds of pills in his hands. The beauty aspect was the most basic and most 'useless' effect amongst the many medicines as well.

For cultivators, the so-called 'beauty' aspect was really 'useless'. That was because as long as your cultivation reaches a certain level, there is no need for deliberate beauty care.

Based on Yin Xiu's understanding of alchemy and pharmacology, it couldn't be any easier to streamline and come up with a few formulas that are only aimed at ordinary people.

All he needs to do is just take a look at the current supply of ingredients on the market, finding those that aren't expensive, and then make the proper adjustments in the formula. 

As for the effect, Yin Xiu knows that there was no need for a 'good' effect. As long as it can be a few grades better than those currently on the market, it was more than enough. 

In the short term, these things were simple for Yin Xiu.

"Three to five times? Three or five times is enough, very much enough!"

Ji Xueqing took a deep breath and said firmly: "If you can really produce such a 'good-effect' beauty product, I have full confidence to make the company grow big!"

Yin Xiu said, "Alright, I will study within the next two days and choose the most common and cheap ingredients for the formula. Once that's done, I'll show it to you."

"Okay!" Ji Xueqing's confidence soared and her previous pessimism was wiped out. She trusts Yin Xiu very much. Since Yin Xiu dared to tell her that, then she must have full confidence.

"Thank you, Yin Xiu!" Ji Xueqing was very grateful.

Yin Xiu smiled. Helping Ji Xueqing wouldn't be too much work for him. Besides, it was just a few formulas, and wouldn't take much effort.

However, at this time, Ji Xueqing suddenly lowered her face and said bitterly: "But we still can't do it after all. Because even if you already have the formula, we don't have the money to produce the product. The capital that's needed to be invested is very large."

"And even if we do manage to open a production line, we must continue to invest money to purchase raw materials for production. And this is another large amount of money. Our product is completely a new brand and a new product, so getting accepted by the market is not easy. It takes a lot of money to promote and publicize, it also takes some time to open up the market.”

“At least in a short period of time, we can't expect enough profit to supply our funds..."

"This is indeed a problem." Yin Xiu nodded in thoughtfully, and then asked: "How much money can you use?" 

Ji Xueqing's face was not looking too good, and said: "The fund I can get is only more than three million yuan, less than four million yuan. Even if you add the more than three hundred thousand yuan of compensation for breach of contract by Lanxiang Daily, it is just a little over four million yuan. And if I borrow some money from my friends, I can borrow three or four million at most. I can only borrow from a small number of people, as I don't want too many people to know about it. And although my home (family) is rich, they usually spend a lot of money, and there is not much money they can lend to me..."

"Okay." Yin Xiu nodded and said. "So after this calculation, you can probably raise more than 7 million in total, which is close to 8 million or so, right?"


"Then you roughly calculate, in these two days, how much money is needed to set up a production factory. Including the money needed to maintain the company's operation until it is expected that our products can open up the market and return profits. As for the insufficient fund, I will find a solution!" Yin Xiu said.

Ji Xueqing looked at Yin Xiu in surprise, "Yin Xiu, you, you..."

Yin Xiu simply smiled, and said, "Don't worry, I can get the money by my own means."

Ji Xueqing was moved to tears, and her eyes started to redden. As she looked at Yin Xiu, her eyes slowly got wet and fuzzy. She knew that Yin Xiu did this to help her.

"Yin Xiu, I... I really don't know what to say. Thank you! Really, why are you so good to me..."

Ji Xueqing's heart was stirred, she couldn't help but get up and hug Yin Xiu tightly.

Yin Xiu never expected that Ji Xueqing would hug himself so suddenly and he was slightly stiff. He didn't know whether to put his hands on her back to comfort (pat in the back) her or not...

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