Chapter 52: Bankrupt. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Meanwhile, Yin Xiu  didn't know of the happenings regarding Yin Zhaowu and the Yin family. 

After leaving Yinhai University, he wandered around for a while, and did not return to the company until it was almost the afternoon.

But as soon as he returned to the company, Yin Xiu saw the expression on Ji Xueqing's face.

"What's the matter, Xueqing?"

Yin Xiu was a little puzzled, did something happen? Otherwise, why would Ji Xueqing's face suddenly become gloomy when she was just fine earlier in the morning.

When Ji Xueqing saw Yin Xiu, she glanced at the other people in the company who were chatting in whispers in groups of twos and threes, and said, "Come to the office with me first."

There were still a few minutes before work started.

Hearing this, Yin Xiu nodded and replied, "Okay." It seemed that something really did happen and it was something private.

When the two entered the office, Ji Xueqing closed the door immediately.

"Xueqing, what's wrong, what's the matter? Weren't you all right in the morning?" Yin Xiu asked.

Ji Xueqing asked Yin Xiu to sit down first, then went to her own desk and sat down. She took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice: "In the morning, not long after you asked for leave, Lanxiang Daily Chemical Company called me. Saying that they will terminate our agency contract and ordered us to halt the sales of Lanxiang Beauty Skin products within five days. As for the products in stock, they will recover it at their original price..."

Yin Xiu was shocked.

The 'Lanxiang Daily Chemical Company' that Ji Xueqing mentioned, was the second-line cosmetic product manufacturer that was one of the company's clients, Yin Xue learned when she gave him an overview of the company.

And now the other party suddenly wants to terminate the agency contract. This was tantamount to bankrupting Ji Xueqing's company as she can't find other products to replace the withdrawn products in such a short amount of time. Her company won't be able to continue to operate.

"How long did you sign the agency contract with them back then? Do you know why they wanted to withdraw their agency rights so suddenly and terminate the contract?" Yin Xiu asked.

Ji Xueqing shook her head and replied: "The other party didn't say the specific reason, but just mentioned it in a vague way. It seems that we have offended someone, so Lanxiang Daily will terminate the contract early. The original contract period still has one and a half years left."

"Offended someone?" Yin Xiu frowned.

Ji Xueqing said: "I have some guesses that Li Mingwei did it. Even if I did have trouble with some people, it is not to the point of an offense. And they won't just aim at my small agency company. So other than him, there's basically no one that would have the motive to do this.”

“What's more, the ability to influence Lanxiang Daily Chemical and make them disregard the compensation for breaching the contract by terminating it early, cannot be done by ordinary people. The more I think about it, the most likely it is Li Mingwei."

 After a pause, Ji Xueqing continued: "First of all, I had a deep hatred for him. And with Li Mingwei's character, he definitely couldn't swallow such humiliation. Even if your threats that day made him dare not to target us directly, it is still very possible for him to use some commercial methods to target my company.”

“In addition, Li Mingwei’s family background can indeed do this. As far as I know, Li Mingwei’s father is the chairman of Dingli Group. Dingli Group’s assets are valued at more than 10 billion yuan, and it is a family-owned company with strong power and influence. Their network is vast. If Li Mingwei uses some of the Dingli Group's relationship, Lanxiang Daily Chemicals really has no reason not to give him face.”

“After all, for Lanxiang Daily Chemicals, we are just a small agent and insignificant. So even if they break the contract, they won’t pay much..." 

Yin Xiu nodded after hearing Ji Xueqing’s explanation. If Ji Xueqing really did not offend anyone else, then this was probably because of Li Mingwei.

Of course, Yin Xiu can just go straight to the other party to teach them a lesson. But this was of little significance to Ji Xueqing.

Since Lanxiang Daily Chemicals has decided to break and terminate the contract, based on Yin Xiu's understanding of Ji Xueqing, although Ji Xueqing looks a little weak on the surface, she is actually very proud and strong willed. And according to her personality, she will not accept Lanxiang Daily Chemicals again, even if he forcefully made them stop the contract termination.

"Then what are your plans now? How much is Lanxiang Daily's compensation for such breach of contract?" Yin Xiu asked after a moment of pondering.

Ji Xueqing sighed lightly, and replied: "In order to obtain Lanxiang Daily's agency rights, the penalty we set was not high. They only needed to pay about 300,000 yuan for the breach of contract. That amount for them is not worth mentioning.”

“As for future plans..."

Ji Xueqing was silent for a moment, and suddenly said quietly: "I originally started this company because I wanted to make a career on my own and prove myself. But now... it has become like this.”

“But I am very unwilling! I don't want to just accept failure like this, then... By then I can't even grasp my own destiny."

While mentioning this topic, Ji Xueqing's face was full of unwillingness, and then her face suddenly became resolute. She gritted her teeth and said: "No matter what, I will try my best to hold on. Since Lanxiang Daily Chemical wants to terminate the contract, I will just look for another company and sign a contract with them. With the market and sales channels developed by our company over the past year, I believe that as long as the quality of the products we represent passes the test, I can definitely do it!"

Yin Xiu could hear that there's something deeper in Ji Xueqing's earlier words. But he just stayed silent and didn't ask anything.

 By all accounts, Ji Xueqing should be his closest friend after returning to Earth. As for Gu Shuyao, it was all far inferior to Ji Xueqing. 

'Forget it, I'll just help her. It seems that she really is having a hard time. Moreover, she is a friend anyway.’ Yin Xiu secretly said in his heart. 

He said, "Xueqing, let me ask you a question."

Ji Xueqing saw Yin Xiu's solemn look, and seriously nodded, she said: "Please, ask."

"Do you plan to continue to do cosmetics business in the future?" "Yin Xiu asked.

Ji Xueqing seemed to perceive some of Yin Xiu's meaning, and smiled bitterly: "The only thing I am familiar with is makeup products. I don't know how to manage other types of products. For the time being, we can only do cosmetics."

After a pause, Ji Xueqing continued: "I also know that it is difficult to make a big development as an agent. But there is no other way. At present, my funds are limited, and there are no more channels and resources to use. I am only familiar with the cosmetics industry, so if I want to make other products, it will take another long time to get familiar with the industry."


Yin Xiu nodded lightly and said, "The cosmetic industry is good. I also have some understanding of the cosmetics industry. The profitability of this industry is very high. In the time where everyone’s consumption increases, the cosmetics industry can be said to be a lasting industry. The industry has a bright future.”

“However, as you said just now, it is difficult to make a big development just as an agent. Especially in the current situation and being a small company.”

“So, I mean...Have you ever thought about starting a brand by yourself and then producing a product that is entirely yours?"

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