Chapter 51: The Furious Yin Houde. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"He's from Yinhai, who lives near Yinhai University, left Yinhai and just came back recently...could it be that..."

Yin Houde muttered in dismay after hearing Gu Shuyao's words.

"But that's not right. If it's him, how could he be in his twenties? Could it be..." Yin Houde suddenly thought of something, and his heart was shocked again.

Yin Tianlei stood by and watched his father mutter to himself absent-mindedly, not daring to interrupt. But it's hard to hide the curiosity in his eyes.

"If that person is really him...no! No matter even if there was only the slightest possibility, I have to go back right away and tell Father!"

Yin Houde muttered to himself, his eyes gradually firming up.

At this time, Yin Zhaowu asked Gu Shuyao for the phone, and said, "Grandpa, I have something else to tell you."

"Huh? What else?" Yin Houde asked.

Yin Zhaowu said, "Grandpa, I was beaten today!"

"You were beaten?"

Yin Houde was startled at first and then frowning, he reprimanded with a tone of dissatisfaction: "You were beaten, don’t you know how to fight back? Did you really just tell me that you are worthless?! If your skills are not as good as other people, then you should honestly practice and train more, then go and wash away that humiliation yourself in the future. Don't just complain, our Yin family doesn't have a useless coward!" 

Yin Zhaowu looked helpless when he heard his grandfather's reprimand. He knew that if this matter was not cleared, he would not break free from this scold train. 

Who made the Yin family's style like this anyways? You lost because of your inadequateness so you deserve it! 

Of course, the above situation was at least relatively fair. But it's another thing if someone dares to bully the Yin family's children. In that case, the Yin family will hardly stand by idly.

Plus, if Shen Ao didn't act shamelessly this time, Yin Zhaowu would not have asked for help.

Yin Zhaowu hurriedly explained, "Grandpa, first listen to me and I will make it clear, OK. If I am really inferior to others, then I will recognize it, and I will find wash away the humiliation myself. As a descendant of the Yin family, I follow this. But this time, my opponent asked a person who is about forty years old and has reached Qi Gathering to beat me because he can't accept being mopped by me..."

"What? You better tell me what is going on from beginning to end. A person in his forties and is at the Qi Gathering stage actually bullied a twenty-year-old? Shameless! How dare he?!" Yin Houde was furious.

The Yin family aren't arrogant nor do they act flamboyant when they are outside, but if someone dares to bully them, they are not soft persimmons that can be kneaded at will. Try and you will pay the price. 

Yin Zhaowu breathed a sigh of relief when he heard his Grandpa's words. He knew that the Shen family and that Shen Ao would definitely get what they deserve.

Although Yin Zhaowu was not too clear about Jianghu, he still knows a little bit.

In particular, since the Shen family is a family of martial artists, they can settle their grudges in the arena. The Yin family can directly use force to crush the Shen family!

Even if the Shen family wanted to involve state power, it was impossible.

Regarding the grievances in the arena, as long as ordinary people are not involved, the state departments will hardly get involved.

Because although there are not many martial artists, there are still definitely quite a few around the country, and it will be difficult for the state departments to manage them all.

Even if they were policemen with firearms, most of the time, those policemen wouldn't even have the opportunity to shoot.

Moreover, many things were not so serious that they required the police to shoot and enforce the law. But if you don't shoot, it will be even more difficult for the police to catch a martial artist, no matter how many they are.

As for the Special Forces in the National Security, they are mainly used to target foreign forces. They don't have the time and number to take care of such things.

As for the inclusion of National martial artists, that was even more nonsense. Most of them are unwilling to be restrained and managed by the government.

Freedom is the pursuit of most martial artists after all.

Only a small number of martial artists will choose to accept the country's recruitment and join the National Department.

Therefore, unless ordinary people are involved, National Forces will not intervene. Most situations will just follow the unspoken rule of 'turning a blind eye'.

"Grandpa, it's like this..."

Yin Zhaowu immediately told Yin Houde all the causes and consequences of the incident, even including that he and Lin Kexin had an 'affinity' for each other, and he didn't dare to hide their developing relationship.

Of course, he also told Yin Houde that Yin Xiu came forward to save him.

Lin Kexin, who was supporting Yin Zhaowu up, and hearing that Yin Zhaowu and his grandfather was talking about herself, couldn't help but be slightly flushed. She was a bit shy. But she didn't have any dissatisfaction, and basically acquiesced her relationship with Yin Zhaowu.

When Yin Houde heard Yin Zhaowu talk about his relationship with Lin Kexin, although he was stunned a little bit, he was not surprised. He is not a staid and pedantic person, and was open to his grandson's college relationship.

However, when Yin Zhaowu said that Shen Ao actually administered a drug and almost ruined his future granddaughter-in-law, Yin Houde couldn't help but get angry even more!

His anger kept rising to new heights. 

Whether it was Shen Ao who made Shen Canghai, who was over forty years old and at Qi Gathering, bully and injure Yin Zhaowu, or Shen Ao's humiliation and smearing both the Yin family and Lin Kexin, Yin Houde was angry at all of them.

The Yin family can accept defeat, but the dignity of the Yin family does not allow themselves to get bullied!

"Zhaowu, you don't have to worry about this matter. Grandpa will take care of it. The other party claims to be the Yinhai Shen family, right? Very good. Our Yin family has been silent for so many years. It's time to show some of our hand, since it seems that those minions have already forgotten about us. No one dares step on our Yin family's head!"

Yin Houde said coldly, chill was evident in his voice. It was as if a dormant beast suddenly revealed its murderous intent. Although the fight hasn't begun yet, there's the smell of blood in the air...

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