Chapter 50: He's called Yin Shicheng. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Zhaowu, this is your grandpa. Tell me, why did you suddenly ask your great grandfather's name?" 

Let's all remember that he was very angry with his son Yin Tianlei just now. But when he talked to his grandson, Yin Zhaowu, he was extraordinarily kind! 

In Yinhai University, Yin Zhaowu heard his grandfather's words and quickly replied: "Grandpa, is my great grandfather really called Yin Chongwen?"

"You kid, would Grandpa ever lie to you? Tell me first. Where did you hear this name, why did you suddenly ask your dad?" After hearing his grandfather's reconfirmation, Yin Zhaowu finally no longer had any doubt, and he was completely sure that the person named Yin Xiu was indeed part of his family. It’s even possible that he's his brother or even an uncle!

Yin Zhaowu naturally confessed to his grandfather honestly.

"Grandpa, it's like this. Today someone asked me if my surname was Yin. After I told him it was, he said that he was also surnamed Yin and then asked me if there's someone called 'Yin Chongwen' in our family..."

Yin Houde was surprised and asked: "Zhaowu, did that person really say his surname is Yin? And he called out your great grandfather's name directly?"

"En, that's right! Yaoyao is here too. Yaoyao knew that person before, and he is indeed surnamed Yin. And indeed, he asked me that question." Yin Zhaowu said.

Yin Houde was lost in thought. There are only a handful of people in the world who can call his father's name directly, especially if this person is surnamed Yin. This...

"Zhaowu, how old is that person? What does he look like?" Yin Houde asked.

Yin Zhaowu replied: "He is probably a few years older than me, about twenty-five years old. Although he isn't as handsome as I am, he still is handsome in his own right and is about 1.8 meters tall..."

"Smelly boy! I asked you what he looks like, I didn't tell you to brag about your looks!" Yin Houde could not help cursing.

"Uh..." Yin Zhaowu involuntarily shrank his neck. 'Fortunately, Grandpa is not here. Otherwise, he would've hit me.' 

Although Yin Houde loves him, he won't hesitate to hit him.

"Hehe, Grandpa, I was just talking about it casually, just casually, hehe..." Yin Zhaowu quickly chuckled.

"You little bastard!" Yin Houde didn't have the time to care about Yin Zhaowu's excuses. After cursing, he got straight to business. "Other than asking about your great grandfather's relationship with you, did he say anything else?"

Yin Zhaowu sighed in relief as he didn't get scolded further and quickly replied: "He didn't say much else. He just asked me to ask for my great grandfather's name, whether it is called Yin Chongwen or not. But did say that if one of you is called Yin Chongwen, I should tell you his name..."

"Then what is his name?" Yin Houde asked immediately after hearing this. In his heart, he was already thinking about Yin Xiu's identity and intentions.

Yin Zhaowu said: "His name is Yin Xiu."

"Yin Xiu?" Yin Houde frowned slightly.

"Yeah. But he also said that he has another name called Yin... Yin Shicheng? It should be that name!"

"Wh... what?! Are you sure you this is correct? Is he really called Yin Shicheng?"

Yin Houde couldn't help being stunned when Yin Zhaowu said the name 'Yin Shicheng'. He was as rattled as a stormy sea!

He was not familiar with the name "Yin Xiu" that Yin Zhaowu said at the beginning. However, he has heard the name 'Yin Shicheng' more than once! Moreover, every time he heard it, it was from his father Yin Chongwen.


Yin Houde couldn't believe that his grandson said that the young man calling himself 'Yin Shicheng' was the same person he heard from his father many times! Because that was simply impossible.

He would rather believe that tomorrow will be the end of the world than believe that they are the same "Yin Shicheng"! 

Yin Zhaowu didn't know why his grandpa reacted so strongly after hearing this name, and his tone was full of shock.

However, he still answered truthfully, "Grandpa, I don't know the exact (Chinese letters) characters of his name, as he didn't say it but the pronunciation is correct. He personally said that he has another name called 'Yin Shicheng'. Yaoyao can testify, she also heard it at that time..."

'This...' Yin Houde took a deep breath, still unable to cover the turbulent waves in his heart, his eyes were full of indescribable shock.

Even Yin Tianlei, who was next to him, was a bit surprised when he saw his father's appearance. In his impression, his father hadn't reacted like this in so many years. Very, very few things can surprise him.

What kind of thing shocked his father so much, that he made such an expression? What kind of 'magical power' is hidden in the name 'Yin Shicheng'?! 

Yin Tianlei was surprised and also full of curiosity. He's very curious about the name 'Yin Shicheng'!

Yin Houde obviously has no time to care about his expression. And after calming the turmoil in his heart a little bit, he quickly said to Yin Zhaowu: "Zhaowu, is Yaoyao still next to you? If she is, get Yaoyao on the phone, I have something to ask her."

"Okay, Grandpa, wait a minute, I'll give Yaoyao the phone..."

Yin Zhaowu was puzzled by Grandpa's huge reaction, and he was full of curiosity about Yin Xiu... Just who is he to make his Grandpa this shocked?!

"Hello, Grandpa Yin! This is Yaoyao..."

Gu Shuyao took the phone from Yin Zhaowu and said.

Yin Houde tried his best to calm his inner waves, and said, "En. Yaoyao, Grandpa Yin wants to ask you. Just now Zhaowu said that you know the person named Yin Xiu. Can you tell Grandpa some of his background? He also said that he has another name called Yin Shicheng? Are you sure the pronunciation of the name is correct?"

Gu Shuyao could hear the strong undulations that Yin Xiu's name had on the Grandfather Yin.

At this moment, she was extremely curious, curious about the relationship between Yin Xiu and the Yin family; that even Grandpa Yin would be so surprised after hearing his name.

"Grandpa Yin, yes, the pronunciation is indeed like this. Zhaowu was right. I was there at the time, and I heard it very clearly. As for his background... I also just met him about a month ago. It was early in the morning while I was practicing on a wooden stake at school, when he stood nearby and watched me. Then I chatted a few words with him..."

After a slight pause, Gu Shuyao continued: "He is also very strong, and he has also taught me how to practice. Just now, I saw him use Innate Qi.”

“In terms of his personality, I feel that he's very easy to get along with. In addition, he also has a very unique temperament. If you use one word to describe it, um... yes, natural! He has a very natural feeling. You can hardly feel pressure when by his side, and you won't notice it but you feel yourself relax completely. As for other details, I don't know much.”

“By the way, he also said he was from Yinhai, and he said that his previous home was around Yinhai University's area. Listening to what he said. It seems that he had left Yinhai for a while, and he has just returned recently, and now he lives near Yinhai University."

"That's all I know."

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