Chapter 43: Forget.

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Downstairs, Zhou Ting couldn't help but look back at the building behind her. She looked around again, and silently remembered everything.

The scenes of last night replayed in her mind from time to time, and Zhou Ting still felt that it was unbelievable. 

If it weren't for the pain of the wounds reminding her that everything can't be fake, I'm afraid she would've thought that she was dreaming or was hallucinating.

"That terrifying strength is beyond imagination! If he was with us when we're getting the box last night, those Ninjas would definitely not have a chance even if their numbers were doubled. In that case, the Dragon Team and Xiaowen would not have to sacrifice themselves..." Zhou Ting murmured.

Thinking of her comrade-in-arms who sacrificed themselves just for her to escape with the box, Zhou Ting couldn't stop the tears in her eyes.

After taking a deep breath, Zhou Ting calmed down quickly. She looked up at the floor where Yin Xiu lived, and muttered to herself: "I will find out who you are."

After that, Zhou Ting turned around and walked away with difficulty.

With the injuries on her body, if she was an ordinary person, I am afraid that she would've been lying on the bed right now without even attempting to move. But Zhou Ting was still able to grit her teeth, endure the pain and leave by herself. One has to say that her will and tenacity are indeed, not something ordinary people can possess.



Wanlong Building, Xianzi Beauty Skin Co., Ltd.

Seeing that it was almost 12 p.m. noon, Yin Xiu looked through the tempered glass window and looked in the direction of where he lives. He used his spiritual sense and it instantly extended to cover the area where he lived.

Yin Xiu was not surprised when he found that Zhou Ting, who was sleeping in the room, had already disappeared.

Yin Xiu had already thought of this outcome when he saw her identity last night and knew that she was a member of a special department of the country.

That box is obviously a very important thing, otherwise Zhou Ting would not hold onto the box so tightly even after falling unconscious last night.

Hence after Zhou Ting wakes up, in order to ensure the safety of the box, she would definitely want to go back as soon as possible and put the box in an absolutely safe place.

Although Zhou Ting's injury was not light, with her martial artist's physique, if she really wants to leave, she can grit her teeth and leave.

Therefore, after discovering that Zhou Ting, along with the box and her long sword had disappeared, Yin Xiu just smiled faintly. But then his spiritual sense also discovered something else, the words 'thank you' written by Zhou Ting on the note he left on the table in the living room.

"I don't know what the contents of that box are." Yin Xiu thought secretly in his heart. He was still a little curious, and can't really understand the things in the box. 

"Since she already left, then I don't have to buy her food when I go back."

Yin Xiu originally planned that if Zhou Ting hadn't left, he would buy lunch for Zhou Ting after work at noon. But since she is gone, it was unnecessary.

"Yin Xiu, why are you in a daze?"

Ji Xueqing, who had just walked out of her office, saw Yin Xiu staring out of the window in a daze, so she called out and walked over here.

Yin Xiu was just thinking about things in his heart, but from an outsider’s perspective, he indeed looks like he was in a daze.

"Oh, nothing, just thinking about something." Yin Xiu turned around and said to Ji Xueqing who walked in front of him.

Ji Xueqing squinted her eyes and smiled, she asked: "What could you be possibly thinking that you are so engrossed? Is it a girl?"

Yin Xiu smiled and shook his head, "No. Apart from the people in the company, I don't know many other people. There are no girls that can make me think about them."

Ji Xueqing's eyes suddenly flashed a strange color: "There are so many beautiful girls in our company, and many are single. None of them are eye-catching?" Ji Xueqing asked in a joking tone. 

Yin Xiu pursed his lips and replied, "Let's just put it that the beauties in the company are like family. Haha."

Of course what Yin Xiu said was just a joke.

Ji Xueqing felt a little lost in her heart.

She suddenly said: "Then if you meet a girl someday, you have to tell us and don't hide it, and engage in some underground romance. Also, as a woman, I can also help you check her out!"

"Okay, haha!"

Yin Xiu answered casually.

He has no plans about romance whatsoever.

He came back from the Realm of Cultivation because he was in a bottleneck. He only hopes that he can break through and one day step into the Ascension Stage. By then, he will be able to overcome the Tribulation smoothly and become an Immortal. 

Of course, these things were still far away. Plus Yin Xiu right now is enjoying his time and is in no hurry. He is calm and doesn't want to deliberately rush things that may end up being detrimental for him. Things will naturally come. 

He believes that when that day comes, it will come naturally!


Dragon Soul Special Brigade Yinhai Branch.

After finally returning to the Dragon Soul Special Brigade Branch, Zhou Ting couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Looking down at the box in her hand, she immediately said to the person in charge of the Yinhai Branch: "Arrange a helicopter to send me back to base!"

The person in charge of the Dragon Soul Special Brigade Yinhai branch knew Zhou Ting’s identity and when he heard Zhou Ting’s words, he immediately replied: "Roger! Captain Zhou wait a minute, I'll make arrangements right away!" Only ten minutes later, Zhou Ting was already in an armed helicopter.

With the sound of the wings spinning, the helicopter slowly rose from the helipad.

'As long as the box is brought back to the base, then this mission is officially completed! The sacrifices of the Dragon Team and Xiaowen would not be in vain.'

Zhou Ting glanced at the box that she had always held in her hand, and said secretly.

Zhou Ting relaxed and closed her eyes slowly as she leaned back. With her injuries and blood loss, the only reason why she was still able to persist and get back to the Yinhai Branch was purely because of her strong will.

So when she relaxed, she felt the sense of fatigue gradually creeping on her...

But a few minutes later, Zhou Ting suddenly opened her eyes. There was a look of surprise, confusion, and some panic on her face!

What happened?

How come I could not remember anything that happened just right before I returned to Yinhai Branch!

How can this be!

I obviously still remember it 20 minutes ago, why can't I remember it now?

Zhou Ting frowned tightly, and the expression of struggle surfaced on her face. She kept trying to remember but she just couldn't.

It seems that that part of her memory has disappeared...

Zhou Ting held her forehead with her hand while frowning. She couldn't figure this out.

But what Zhou Ting didn't know was that since Yin Xiu had seen her identity, he deliberately casted a skill on her and locked her memories in order to avoid future trouble. 

Yin Xiu didn't want to hurt Zhou Ting, so he used a gentler method and just locked her memories rather than directly erasing her memory. That's because erasing can cause a certain degree of damage to Zhou Ting's mental and memory abilities.

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