Chapter 49: Why Did You Hit Me? 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Yin Xiu didn't rush back to the company and just walked at his own pace.

"If nothing happened, then Yin Zhaowu should be a descendant of my younger brother. But I don't know if my younger brother is still alive..."

"If I remember correctly, he was 15 years old when I left. 80 years have passed, so even if he's still alive, he is already more than ninety years old."

"An average person can live up to more than ninety in their 'old age'. However, let's not forget that Brother's martial arts talent is not bad. If he didn't get into an accident, he should be able to break through to Huayuan Stage. After all, I've left him the technique on how to condense true essence and break through to Huayuan Stage. So as long as Brother broke through to Huayuan Stage, it's very possible that he's still alive..." Yin Xiu thought secretly in his heart.

Today's harvest was not small, because even if his younger brother was no longer in this world (dead), at least it is very likely that Yin Xiu has found the descendants of his younger brother.

Taking a breath, Yin Xiu relaxed. All he needed to do now was wait for Yin Zhaowu's reply.

In fact, Yin Xiu has a more direct way to determine whether Yin Zhaowu is really a descendant of his younger brother or not. He only needs to get some of Yin Zhaowu's blood and his own blood to verify whether their blood is related. And although the two of them were probably separated by blood for two or three generations, it can still be easily verified by blood. It's just that Yin Xiu didn't want to use this secret technique that was beyond common sense in front of other people.

In addition, this was not necessary. Yin Zhaowu will be able to find out the details as long as he asks his Elders.


At the same time Yin Xiu strolled back to the company, in the gym, Yin Zhaowu took out his phone and asked his father.

Gu Shuyao and Lin Kexin both stood by and listened quietly.

After a while, the call was connected, Yin Zhaowu said, "Hey, Dad, are you at home or out? I want to ask you something important."

About 300 kilometers away from Yinhai City, in 'Jiangyuan City', in a large backer compound, a middle-aged man in his forties was talking on his phone. 

He is Yin Zhaowu's father, Yin Tianlei.

Hearing what his son said on the phone, Yin Tianlei couldn't help but ask: "I'm at home, what's the matter? What is the important thing you want to ask me?"

Yin Zhaowu immediately said: "Dad, it's like this, I want to ask if you know Grandpa or Great Grandfather's name?"

"Why are you asking this?"

Yin Tianlei felt it was a little strange, why would his son suddenly ask this.

Yin Zhaowu said: "I'll tell you the specifics later. Just tell me, among my great grandfathers, or Grandfather himself, is there anyone called Yin Chongwen?"


Yin Tianlei was startled and said, "Wait a minute. Yin Chongwen, Yin Chongwen..."

Yin Tianlei mumbled it in a low voice twice, frowned and pondered for a moment. He suddenly said, "Where did you hear this name? Wait a minute, I'll ask your grandfather first."

"En, okay!"

Yin Zhaowu hurriedly responded. Hearing his Dad's reaction, he felt more and more that Yin Xiu might really be from his family.

While walking, Yin Tianlei repeated the name 'Yin Chongwen' in a low voice. The more he pronounced it, the more familiar it became, as if he had already heard the name before.

After a while, Yin Tianlei arrived in the backyard where his father lived.

"Dad, Zhaowu just called me and asked me something. I am not too clear about it, so I came to ask you..."

Yin Tianlei hurriedly said after seeing his father.

Yin Tianlei's father was nearly seventy years old, but his bones are still very healthy and he doesn't have too many gray hairs. His face is red, and he looks like an ordinary person in his 50s and 60s, not someone old in his 70s.

Hearing Yin Tianlei's words, the 'old' man who was watering the flowers couldn't help but look and ask, "What is it?"

Yin Tianlei hurriedly said: "It's like this. Zhaowu just said a name to me and asked me if there is such a person in our family. I also think that the name is very familiar, but I can't exactly remember, so I thought I would come over and ask you."

"Oh? What's the name, please tell me." The old man was interested and asked.

"En." Yin Tianlei responded and said, "Zhaowu said that the person's name was 'Yin Chongwen', but Zhaowu didn't say which word it was specifically (he's talking about which Chinese letter/character), but the sound is familiar..."

"Yin Chongwen? Are you sure Zhaowu said this name?" The old man suddenly put down the watering can and looked at Yin Tianlei strangely.

Yin Tianlei didn't know why his dad suddenly showed such an expression, but he still replied, "En, and if you don't believe me, you can call Zhaowu and ask him directly." 

The old man nodded and looked at Yin Tianlei seriously. Suddenly, he raised his hand and slapped Yin Tianlei on the head.

Not to mention that Yin Tianlei was completely defenseless, he never expected that his father would suddenly hit him. And even if he can defend/dodge, can he really do that to his father?

"Ouch! Dad, what are you hitting me for?" Yin Tianlei cried, while covering his head.

"Hit you? I guess I've still hit you lightly eh!"

The old man glared at Yin Tianlei and said angrily: "You want to know who Yin Chongwen is? It's your grandfather's name! How dare you call out his name directly! You unfilial son, if he were here, he would have used a whip instead of just a hand."

"Eh, Grandpa?!" Yin Tianlei was stunned, he's a little dumbfounded.

No wonder he felt that the name was familiar, as if he had heard it some time ago. He never thought it would be his grandfather's name!

"That... that... Dad, are you sure this is my grandfather's name and Zhaowu's great grandfather's name?" Yin Tianlei asked cautiously. 

The old man widened his eyes and asked: "Why would I lie to you, huh? Alright, so why did Zhaowu suddenly ask your grandpa's name? Where did he know?"

Yin Tianlei was frightened by his father's eyes and his neck shrank back into his body quickly. He hastily replied, "I don't know about this. I haven't asked him about it yet. How about I just call back and ask him what's going on?"

"Do it then, why sissy around so much!" The old man had quite the temper. 

Yin Tianlei quickly called back his son Yin Zhaowu.

"Hey, Dad, how is it, have you asked clearly? Is there a person called Yin Chongwen in our family?" Yin Zhaowu answered the phone and asked immediately. 

Yin Tianlei, who had been just scolded by his father, was looking for a way to vent his frustration and Yin Zhaowu was the perfect target.

"Yes, there is! You little bastard, you're deliberately fooling your father, right? Even your grandfather doesn't dare to speak that name directly, if you are here, see if I won't kill you! Say, where did you little bastard hear your great grandpa's name?" Yin Tianlei scolded Yin Zhaowu.

After hearing Yin Tianlei's words, Yin Zhaowu was shocked; he didn't even care and didn’t pay any attention to his dad's cursing, he cried out in surprise: "Yin Chongwen is really my great grandfather?!"

"You little bastard, that's right! Who else could it be if it wasn't your great grandfather? I personally verified it with your grandfather, and because of you, I just got scolded..." Yin Tianlei threw another curse.

The old man next to him couldn't stand Yin Tianlei's chirping anymore. So he just grabbed the phone from Yin Tianlei's hand and said impatiently: "Okay, less time talking nonsense here, just let me ask him myself." 

If Yin Tianlei was a tiger in front of his son, then he's a kitten if he's in front of his dad. He could only stay on the side honestly and keep silent. 

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