Chapter 48: Cause. 

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In response to Yin Zhaowu’s answer, Yin Xiu just nodded slightly and said, “If you can, find a time to ask the Elders in your family. If Yin Chongwen is really one of your Elders, then you can tell my name to them.”

Yin Zhaowu nodded lightly, but he couldn't help but asked: "This... From your words, you seem to have something to do with my family?"

Yin Xiu said calmly, "If Yin Chongwen is really an Elder in your family, then you will naturally know. If not, then I have some things to really clear!"

Yin Xiu's eyes suddenly became a lot sharper. Because the 'Dragon Tiger Twin Fists' and the 'Swimming Dragon's 8 Step' used by Yin Zhaowu before are martial arts techniques created by him back then.

Before he left Earth, he only taught these skills to two people. One of them was his brother Yin Chongwen.

Therefore, when Yin Xiu learned that Zhaowu was surnamed Yin, he was 70-80% sure that he was probably a descendant of his younger brother.

This was also the reason why he did not show mercy to Shen Canghai just now and directly destroyed his Dantian.

No one can insult and step on the Yin family!

Yin Zhaowu's performance was not too bad. Even though he was injured by Shen Canghai and stepped on, he still didn't back down nor did he let down the Yin family's reputation.

This made Yin Xiu feel satisfied.

When Gu Shuyao and Lin Kexin next to them heard the conversation between Yin Xiu and Yin Zhaowu, they were surprised.

Especially Gu Shuyao, she had never thought that Yin Xiu was actually related to Yin Zhaowu's family. And listening to Yin Xiu's tone, this possibility was very high...

Gu Shuyao's beautiful eyes looked at Yin Xiu with surprise.

At this time, Yin Zhaowu said: "Okay. I'll ask about this later."

Yin Xiu nodded slightly, then looked at Yin Zhaowu and Gu Shuyao. His spiritual sense detected their injuries in an instant.

Gu Shuyao’s arm was just bruised, so she wouldn't have any serious problems as long as she rested for a while.

But as for Yin Zhaowu... his injuries were much more heavy. To the point that he sustained some internal injuries, fortunately it wasn't very serious nor life-threatening. If treated properly, he will recover in about a month.

But Yin Xiu didn't plan to help him heal.

Although Yin Xiu's storage ring contains countless and various elixirs, and said elixirs are very effective, he has no low-quality ones. Even the pills in his storage ring can't be taken out, otherwise it would heal all of Yin Zhaowu's injuries in the blink of an eye.

Though it was good, a big problem would occur when it comes to explaining something out of this world. And since Yin Zhaowu's life wasn't in danger, Yin Xiu didn't take action.

"Alright, now let's talk about what happened today. Why did you fight with those two? What happened?" Yin Xiu asked.

Yin Zhaowu glanced at Lin Kexin, who was supporting him by his side, with an angry expression on his face, and said to Yin Xiu: "Shen Ao, the younger one among the two, made Kexin intake some drugs (aphrodisiac) with KTV as a cover. If it wasn't for Kexin hiding in the toilet and calling me immediately after feeling something was wrong, that scum would've succeeded."

"By the time I arrived at the KTV, that bastard was kicking open the toilet door and was starting to get blinded by lust..." When it came to this point of his narration, Yin Zhaowu couldn't help gritting his teeth.

You can imagine how angry he was when he saw the unconscious Lin Kexin being pulled out of the toilet by Shen Ao last night.

"If it weren't for Kexin's condition at that time, I would have killed that scum right at that moment and wouldn't wait till now! What's even more maddening was that scum acted righteous and wouldn't admit it. So I challenged him in the gym now!"

"But who knew that bastard was so shameless that when he lost to me, he asked a Senior to take action."

"Hmph, this matter is definitely not over! I want to see just how capable the Shen family is. Just wait, I will definitely repay this grudge..." Yin Zhaowu said furiously.

"So that's the case! No wonder you hate him so much."

Yin Xiu nodded when he heard this. Who would've thought that the situation was almost 'r@pe'. There's no doubt that Shen Ao is a lowly scum.

At this time, Gu Shuyao suddenly interrupted: "Also the people with them (classmates) were clearly in on it. Otherwise, when they clearly saw that shameless bastard wanted to do something to Kexin, they would've stopped him or called the police."

Yin Zhaowu snorted coldly: "Those idiots were probably threatened by Shen Ao, that's why they dare not make a fuss."

Yin Zhaowu also agreed and said to Lin Kexin: "Yes. Kexin, you should stop interacting with them in the future. Those people are not worthy of trust."

"I won't, don't worry. I already saw their true nature last night. Even if you didn't mention it, I will not talk to them." Lin Kexin curled her lips in disdain. Obviously, she was also very disappointed with her classmates.

"Both of you should go and deal with your injuries first. Especially Zhaowu, your injury is not minor, and you should pay attention to recuperating during this period. I think your family should have taught you some prescriptions for internal injuries, right?" Yin Xiu said.

Yin Zhaowu nodded, "Yeah. Don't worry. This injury is nothing. I'll write down the prescription later, and let Kexin help me get the medicine."

Yin Zhaowu then looked at Gu Shuyao again and asked, "Yaoyao, your injury should also be no problem, right?"

Gu Shuyao shook her head and replied: "En, it's nothing serious, at most it should just be some minor fractures. I'll go to the hospital later and have an X-ray."

For them, who have been practicing martial arts since childhood, this kind of minor injury was nothing. They already had suffered numerous bruises and other injuries during training, and have long been used to it.

Although Yin Xiu had used spiritual sense to investigate Gu Shuyao's arm and knew that it did not have fractures and it was just some contusion, he didn't say much and just kept silent. He'll just let Gu Shuyao go to the hospital for an examination.

"Okay, in that case, if there is nothing else, I will leave first." Yin Xiu said. 

Gu Shuyao hurriedly thanked him: "Yes. Yin Xiu, thank you very much for rushing over today. Since Zhaowu and I both are injured right now, we will find another time to invite you to a meal. Thank you so much."

Yin Zhaowu also added: "Yes, if you didn't arrive today, that bastard Shen Ao would have never let me go easily. Thank you for coming to help."

Yin Xiu smiled, "You are welcome. Well, each of you, take care of your injuries, I will go now. If you want to contact me, Shuyao has my number..." Yin Xiu's last sentence was specifically for Yin Zhaowu. Likewise, Yin Zhaowu knew what Yin Xiu meant, and immediately responded, "Okay, I will call later."


After saying goodbye to Yin Zhaowu and Gu Shuyao, Yin Xiu turned and left the gym. It's still morning so there's no people around the gym. 

After Yin Xiu left, Gu Shuyao couldn't but ask Yin Zhaowu: "Zhaowu, is it possible that he really is someone from your family?"

Yin Zhaowu smiled bitterly: "I really don't know about this. Listening to what he said, probably my grandfather, or even a member of the grandfather's generation would only know. I still have to ask and confirm this, if 'Yin Chongwen' is really the name of an Elder in my family..."


Gu Shuyao sighed, "If he really belongs to your family, then isn't he just terrifying? Judging from his appearance, he only looks between sixteen to twenty-five years old... He clearly used 'Innate Qi' that only Masters in the Innate Realm can do! If at such an age, he is already a figure in the Innate Realm, he is simply a monster. I am afraid that you can't find a second one like him in Yinhai."

Yin Zhaowu nodded, "He is indeed too strong. My strength is already considered very good, even my grandpa told me that my talent is enough to rank within the first three among cousins ​​of the same generation. But compared to him... it’s better to describe it as heaven and earth."

"Breaking through to the Qi Gathering stage at twenty-four or five is already hard enough. And if I want to step into the Innate Realm...That's just too difficult!"

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