Chapter 46: What Is Your Last Name? 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Although his nose was bleeding, Zhaowu didn't care. Instead, he stared at Shen Ao and laughed. "As I said before, I will pay back all the things you imposed on me today. The harder you beat me up, the better. That way you will suffer twice as much as me, hahaha..."

"Your arrogance has really blinded you, no? Do you think our Shen family is afraid of you? If you want to take revenge, you are more than welcome. But remember, in Yinhai, our Shen family is the uncrowned king! Even if you have a background, in Yinhai, you have to keep bowing down to our Shen family!"

Shen Ao condescendingly looked down at Zhaowu on the ground and said disdainfully.

Zhaowu still just laughed. He's looking at Shen Ao, even showing some pity. He said faintly: "I don't know how powerful your Shen family is in Yinhai. However, you seem to have forgotten that you are only a part of Jianghu!"

(TL: Remember that Jianghu is the martial arts circle.) 

"After all, your Shen family is just a martial arts family, and you can't break free from the rules of Jianghu. There are certain things that cannot be controlled by you, nor the forces of the Shen family."

"Also, even if your Shen family is really the uncrowned ‘King of Yinhai’ today; let me remind you that in the arena, the former 'King of Yinhai' belongs to my family!"

When he spoke of the last sentence, Zhaowu's eyes were full of confidence and arrogance.

'The former 'King of Yinhai' belongs to my family!'

With this background, Zhaowu indeed has the confidence and capital to be proud.

Even Shen Ao and Shen Canghai (the middle-aged man) were shocked by his words.

However, Shen Ao soon recovered and he showed even more contempt. He said, "Pfft, even if what you say is true, so what? We, the Shen family, have never been afraid of anyone!"

At this moment, Gu Shuyao on the side suddenly chimed in, "Perhaps your Shen family has never been afraid of anyone before. But today, since you bullied a junior and injured Zhaowu; rest assured that within ten days, the two of you, and possibly even the other people in your Shen family, will definitely be out of luck. You may not believe what I said right now, but... Just wait and see."

Gu Shuyao's words made Shen Ao slightly surprised, but he immediately retorted: "Who should I be scared of? And when have ever I, Shen Ao, got scared? Humph, just come if you have the ability!"

"However, before that, I will beat you to death today!"

Shen Ao stared at Zhaowu on the ground coldly, and said grimly.

Just as Shen Ao was about to raise his foot and step on Zhaowu's face again, a cold voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the gym.

"Are the children nowadays so violent?"

Interrupted by the sudden sound, Shen Ao stopped his movements. He turned around and looked at the entrance of the gym, seeing a slender figure who walked in unhurriedly. He squinted his eyes slightly, asking: "Who are you? Don't you dare meddle with my business!"

The newcomer shook his head faintly at Shen Ao. But before the newcomer could speak, Gu Shuyao already shouted with surprise: "Yin Xiu!"

"You finally came!"

Gu Shuyao was surprised and relieved. Yin Xiu had finally arrived. Although it was actually only four to five minutes since she called Yin Xiu, Gu Shuyao felt that it was so long and she was tormented by waiting.

Since Yin Xiu arrived, she can finally breathe a sigh of relief. With Yin Xiu here, she believed that the other party would never do anything to Zhaowu again.

"En, sorry I kept you waiting."

Yin Xiu nodded to Gu Shuyao, then glanced at Zhaowu who was trampled on by Shen Canghai.

"Dude, it's you..."

Zhaowu, with a mouth full of blood, struggled to raise his head. After seeing Yin Xiu, he recognized him, and couldn't help showing a tired smile.

At this time, Shen Ao who was staring at Yin Xiu suddenly smiled coldly, and said: "I don't care who you are. But I advise you, don't dip your toes in this muddy water if you don't want to die. Otherwise, humph..."

"Otherwise?" Yin Xiu asked lightly.

"Otherwise, you'll end up like him!" Shen Ao said coldly, pointing at Zhaowu who was trampled by Shen Canghai.

"Oh? Really?" Yin Xiu raised his brows slightly. He said emotionally: "Aiiii, not only children are violent and hostile these days, they are also arrogant and disrespectful in their speech and actions. And ah, yes, I have to add having 'no brain' there too..." 

Yin Xiu shook his head slightly while talking.

Shen Ao was furious, feeling greatly despised. Especially when Yin Xiu called him a "child". From Yin Xiu's tone, he really seemed to be talking to a kindergarten kid.

"Uncle Hai, dispose of him for me! Shut that stinky mouth of his!" Shen Ao said angrily.

Shen Canghai immediately rushed towards Yin Xiu without saying a word.

Although Gu Shuyao was confident in Yin Xiu's strength, she still couldn't help but subconsciously warn him, "Be careful!"

Yin Xiu glanced at her and smiled faintly. As for Shen Canghai who rushed towards him... Yin Xiu didn't even bother to look. Instead he asked Zhaowu on the ground, "What is your last name?"

Although Yin Xiu had heard Gu Shuyao call him "Zhaowu", Yin Xiu doesn't think his surname is "Zhao". It is possible that Zhaowu is just his first name.


Zhaowu froze, he didn't expect Yin Xiu to ask him such a strange question so suddenly. Especially when Shen Canghai had already rushed towards him. He was stunned and couldn't react for a while.

"I asked about your last name. Is it Yin or Xiao? Or was there a female elder in your family who has one of these two surnames?" Yin Xiu asked again.

While he was questioning, Shen Canghai already arrived in front of him. Shen Canghai spread his palm and grabbed Yin Xiu's shoulder fiercely.

If the average person was really caught by this palm, his shoulder will at least end up with a fracture. It can be seen how fierce the strike was. 

However, in front of Yin Xiu, it was no different than trying to smash a diamond with an egg. Yin Xiu didn't even need to move, he just let Shen Canghai grab his shoulder. The rebound force of Shen Canghai attacking him would be enough to shatter his own hand!

The clothes on Yin Xiu's body have the effect of doubling the rebound force. As long as the force received by the clothes does not exceed the limit, any physical attack on it will be countered and send it back twice as strong. 

Hence Yin Xiu just didn't move at all. He simply allowed Shen Canghai to grab his shoulder, and didn't even look at him from start to finish, as if he didn't exist at all.

Gu Shuyao, Lin Kexin and Zhaowu, who didn't know much about Yin Xiu, were all taken aback when they saw him simply standing while Shen Canghai grabbed his shoulder.

However, before they had any other reactions, they suddenly heard Shen Canghai screaming and staggering backwards. His right hand that had just grabbed Zhong Yinxiu's shoulder suddenly became twisted. The degree of bending almost reached a 90-degree right angle!


Gu Shuyao was shocked, even dumbfounded.

Shen Ao's eyes almost bulged out of its sockets. He simply looked at Shen Canghai's weirdly bent fingers. Shen Canghai was clutching his right hand, and screamed endlessly.

No matter how much he thought of it, Shen Ao just couldn't understand it. He obviously didn't see Yin Xiu make a move, so why did Uncle Hai hurt himself? 

This situation was beyond recognition!

After regaining his senses, Shen Ao's heart was filled with nothing but horror and terror...

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