Chapter 45: Help 

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A ringtone suddenly rang accompanied by a slight vibration on the desktop.

Yin Xiu glanced at the phone that was placed on the table and saw that it was from Gu Shuyao.

He picked up the phone and answered the call. Immediately after, Gu Shuyao's anxious voice suddenly sounded in Yin Xiu's ear...

"Yin Xiu, where are you right now? Can you come to our school right away?"

Gu Shuyao's voice really seemed very anxious.

Yin Xiu didn’t know what was going on, so he asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something urgent going on?”

Gu Shuyao said, “We're somewhat in trouble. My friend, the one you met last time, is currently facing a Master in the Qi Gathering Stage. I’m afraid he won’t last long. If you can, please come over right away..."

Although Gu Shuyao didn’t know exactly how strong was Yin Xiu, she experienced him fight first hand during their 'sparring'. She guesses that Yin Xiu's strength must be above the Qi Gathering Stage.

She believed that if Yin Xiu came, it would be no problem for him to deal with the middle-aged man.

The other reason why she asked Yin Xiu for help was because Gu Shuyao didn't know any other masters who were near Yinhai University except Yin Xiu.

The only one who could rush over as soon as possible was Yin Xiu.

"In which part of Yinhai University are you in ? I'll come."

Yin Xiu replied. Although he was still at work, it should be okay to ask for a temporary leave.

Gu Shuyao quickly replied: "We are currently at the gym where you sparred with me last time. Please come here as soon as possible."

"Okay!" Yin Xiu answered. 

He immediately released his spiritual sense, and expanded it towards Yinhai University, and immediately locked on to the gym.

Everything happening in the gym was immediately presented to him.

However, when Yin Xiu 'watched' the fist and footwork displayed by Zhaowu, he was startled. There was a slight hesitation on his face, and his brows frowned.

"This is... Dragon Tiger Twin Fists? And Swimming Dragon's 8 Steps?" Yin Xiu was startled and a little surprised.

Could it be...

Yin Xiu stood up and walked into Ji Xueqing's office.

"Manager Ji, something a little urgent suddenly came up and I want to ask for a leave..."

In the company, Yin Xiu calls Ji Xueqing 'Manager Ji' just like everyone else. Of course, when in private, they call each other by their names.

Ji Xueqing raised her head in surprise, and asked, "Yin Xiu, do you need my help?"

Ji Xueqing did not reply on whether she approves his request for a leave or not, and instead directly asked Yin Xiu if he needed help. It can be seen that in her heart, she doesn't care whether Yin Xiu takes a temporary leave and was solely concerned for him. 

Yin Xiu replied, "No, it's just a small matter. It will be resolved soon."

"I will go first."

Yin Xiu's spiritual sense was always monitoring the situation in the gym. And it was clear that Zhaowu will not last long, so he has no time to waste.

Ji Xueqing didn't talk too much nonsense either, just immediately nodded and said: "Well, go ahead. If you need my help, just call me."

"Thank you, bye!"

Yin Xiu left the company immediately.

Walking out of the building, Yin Xiu quickly found a corner where there were no people. After using Spiritual Sense and confirming that there was indeed no one around, he immediately used a stealth skill, and then rushed to Yinhai University like a gust of wind...

Bandung Building is not far from Yinhai University and it only takes ten to twenty minutes to and from these places if you walk normally.

Hence at the speed of Yin Xiu’s at the moment, he arrived at Yinhai University in just less than half a minute. Although this was very fast already, he could've gone faster. But Yin Xiu didn't use faster movement techniques and so on, because Gu Shuyao just called him and it's not good to arrive too quickly. It would make him stick out like a sore thumb. 

After arriving at Yinhai University, he found an unmanned corner near the gym and removed the stealth skill. He then walked over to the gym.

Along the way, Yin Xiu's spiritual consciousness was 'watching' the situation inside the gym. 

Although Zhaowu's "Swimming Dragon's 8 Steps" and "Dragon Tiger Twin Fists" are both very sophisticated martial arts, still, the cultivation base of the opponent was much higher than his.

After holding on for a while, the opponent finally caught some of his flaw, and his chest was hit by a fist. 

Zhaowu felt a terrifying force surge into him. His body shook and fell heavily to the ground.

The punch made his face flushed. His chest was heaving up and down heavily, his throat constantly moved, as if something was about to spill out, but he forcibly held it back and swallowed it.

Lin Kexin on the side saw this scene and couldn't help covering her mouth while exclaiming. There were tears in her eyes, she really wanted to run to help Zhaowu up. However, Shen Ao looked at her with a sneer in his eyes. 

"Boy, your strength is not bad. However, in front of me, it is still not worth mentioning!" The middle-aged man smiled coldly at Zhaowu who was struggling to get up from the ground.

At this time, Shen Ao's voice also sounded.

"Uncle Hai, as long as you don't kill him, continue to beat him. Only when he kneels down and beg for mercy, will you stop." Shen Ao said indifferently. He didn't even look at Zhaowu but was rather staring playfully at Lin Kexin. 

"Yes." The middle-aged man responded. Then he walked towards Zhaowu step by step. Cold light flashed in his eyes. Seeing that Zhaowu was about to get up, he kicked him.


Zhaowu, who had just staggered to get up, was immediately kicked to the ground again.

The middle-aged man did not show mercy. Although his kick was not fatal, it still made the mouthful of blood that Zhaowu had just forcibly swallowed down before, spurt out again. And this time he couldn't hold it back anymore and it spewed out from his mouth...


Lin Kexin saw Zhaowu suffering. She screamed in anguish, and tears rolled down from her eyes.

"Damn it!"

Gu Shuyao clenched her teeth secretly, clutching her phone tightly and supporting her right arm. She looked anxiously at the outside of the gym.

Now that she was injured, she is unable to help Zhaowu anymore. The only thing she could do was to hope that Yin Xiu would arrive soon! 

"Please let Zhaowu go. This happened because of me. I beg you to let him go. Please..."

Seeing that Zhaowu was being beaten till he was vomiting blood and was being trampled on the ground, Lin Kexin finally couldn't help crying, and pleaded to Shen Ao.

Zhaowu shouted at Lin Kexin despite the situation he's in: "Don't beg him! He won't dare to actually do anything to me. No matter what he will do to me today, I will definitely make the Shen family think twice!" He said harshly.

Although Zhaowu was on the ground, he straightened his upper body and stared at Shen Ao.    

"What a persistent cockroach! Hmph, do you think you can contend with our Shen family? Dream on!" The middle-aged man stomped his foot on Zhaowu's chest, causing Zhaowu to spit out blood again. 

Neither the middle-aged man nor Shen Ao took Zhaowu's words seriously. The Shen family's strength has made them accustomed to be domineering and arrogant, and they have completely forgotten the saying, 'There is always someone stronger'.


Seeing Zhaowu vomiting blood again, Lin Kexin's teary eyes started to get hazy, and she was sobbing painfully. 

"Does it hurt Zhaowu? Hah, b*tch! How about this, you kneel and beg for him. Undress in front of me and beg this boss to f*ck you. Then I'll let him go..."

Shen Ao looked at Kexin with a lascivious grin.

"Shameless!" Gu Shuyao cursed. 

Zhaowu's eyes were spitting fire. He stared at Shen Ao angrily, and warned: "If you dare lay a finger on her, I will kill you!"

"A dead dog still dares to threaten this boss?!"

Shen Ao rushed over furiously and kicked Zhaowu's face.

Zhaowu tried to raise his hand to block it, but since he was already getting beaten up, he was too slow and was kicked in the nose. Blood started flowing out of his nostrils...

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