Chapter 42: Leave.

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"Who helped me bandage my injuries? Is it the same person who rescued me last night?"

Zhou Ting felt relieved after seeing the box intact.

But then she suddenly just realized that the wounds on her body had obviously been treated and bandaged.


Zhou Ting's heart suddenly tightened, and she quickly raised her head to look at the balcony.


Zhou Ting wanted to see if there was any clothes drying on the balcony, but the balcony was empty. Naturally, there was none since Yin Xiu's clothes can be changed arbitrarily without actually changing them. Naturally, there won't be any clothes that need to be washed and dried...

Zhou Ting frowned and surveyed the room again. And soon her face turned pale.

The one who lives here was definitely not a girl!

Zhou Ting herself is a woman, so she is almost 100% sure of this. If a woman really lived here, she would certainly have some girl things, but Zhou Ting didn't see any in the room just now.

Moreover, the room will definitely not look like this; plain and boring. 

"The figure who rescued me last night should be over 1.8 meters. Although I didn't see what the figure looked like, he was obviously a man." Zhou Ting's face turned ugly.

Even though she knows that the other party was just trying to save her, and she understands the principle of urgency; but she is still a woman, after all.

Since it was likely that in order to be treated, her body had to be stripped naked by that man, it would not be weird if Zhou Ting's face was bright red at this moment.

Of course, Zhou Ting was not planning on taking revenge or something. It's just that, as a woman's nature, she still finds it difficult to accept that such a thing happened to herself.

Zhou Ting took a deep breath and stretched her hand to touch her aching back, ribs, thighs and other wounds, and her expression soon became a little complicated.

As she was touching, she felt that her clothes were obviously washed before they were put on her again. This made Zhou Ting even more convinced that she was indeed stripped...

‘No matter who he was, at least he saved me. And he was treating my injuries last night, he can't be blamed for this...' However, it is one thing to understand this rationally, and it is another matter to accept it emotionally.

At this time, Zhou Ting felt that her trousers were being pulled, and crisp squeaks sounded in her ears.

Somewhat puzzledly, she turned around and looked down at Xiaoman standing next to her. It was pointing somewhere and as if it was talking to her.

Having had previous experience, Zhou Ting no longer doubted Xiaoman's 'IQ'. After seeing Xiaoman's behavior, she looked at the direction where it was pointing at. 

Zhou Ting discovered a note on the short table.

Slightly startled, Zhou Ting stood up and moved slowly towards the table. Indeed, it was a slip of paper that had words written on it, a note. 

"There is some food in the kitchen. If you don't mind, you can eat some after you wake up."

There was only such a short and plain sentence on the note. The handwriting also verified Zhou Ting's previous thoughts. The person who wrote these words is definitely a man.

It is impossible for a woman's writing to have such a strong force behind it.

But having said that, she really has no idea whether this guy has good intentions or not. 

Zhou Ting thought secretly while holding the note.

After putting back the note, Zhou Ting lowered her head and looked at Xiaoman.

‘What kind of animal is this little thing? It looks like a squirrel, but at the same time not quite like it. The most incredible thing is how it can be so 'smart', it even knows how to 'tell' me that there was a note on the table...'

Zhou Ting's opinion on Xiaoman was no longer annoyed like that in the beginning, and was now a little more curious.

Unfortunately, no matter how she looked at it; left or right, she couldn't tell what Xiaoman animal was. All she could think was that he really looked like a squirrel.

But if you look at it carefully, it also doesn't look like one.

‘Maybe, this is a variant of a certain type of squirrel?’ Zhou Ting couldn't help thinking.

But her contemplation ended soon. Originally, she didn't feel anything before, but after reading the note left by Yin Xiu, she now felt very hungry.

She lost so much blood last night, and her body was very weak. Much more, it was already past ten o'clock in the morning. It would be strange if she was not hungry.

"Ah forget it, let's just look at what the guy left me to eat." Zhou Ting thought to herself, and then walked slowly towards the kitchen.

On the clean counter in the kitchen, there was a bowl of pork liver porridge, dumplings and boiled eggs.

Although everything has cooled down now, it really doesn't matter since the weather was hot. Plus, the main point is that Zhou Ting was really hungry. When she saw the food, her stomach groaned.

At this moment, Zhou Ting was not wary anymore. She walked over, grabbed a dumpling with her hands and stuffed it into her mouth. After swallowing the dumpling like a jujube, she immediately picked up the bowl of pork liver porridge and drank it...

Zhou Ting was indeed very hungry. A bowl of pork liver porridge, dumplings, and two hard-boiled eggs were all eaten up by her.

Zhou Ting couldn't help but burp slightly after eating all of the food, showing a somewhat satisfied expression.

After filling herself up, Zhou Ting felt that her body was not so weak anymore, and the wounds on her body no longer seemed so dull and painful. At least when walking around, it wouldn't hurt as much just because of some little movement. 

Walking out of the kitchen, Zhou Ting looked at the box next to the TV cabinet and her sword. After a moment of thought, she gritted her teeth and walked over to the sword and the box.

She had a gunshot wound on her left arm and had to carry the box with her right hand. Although it still feels a little strenuous, she can endure it.


Xiaoman looked at Zhou Ting's actions and squeaked curiously.

Zhou Ting turned her head and glanced, she said, "I'm leaving."

Zhou Ting didn't even know why she had to say such to an animal.

Perhaps it was Xiaoman's performance that made her feel that she was not facing a small animal, but a person. So when she's about to leave, she has to talk to the 'master' of the house first. 


Xiaoman answered, though to Zhou Ting, it was completely indistinguishable.

Because of Yin Xiu's reminder, Xiaoman didn't stop Zhou Ting from leaving with the box and sword. He was just a little confused.

After Zhou Ting took her things and opened the door, Xiaoman 'sent' her to the door... 

The reason why Zhou Ting was leaving is because she wanted to take the box back as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the contents, and she also didn't really want to face Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu was her savior, but he also looked at her completely naked body... But before she left, she still wrote the word 'thank you' on Yin Xiu's note with a pen. And express her gratitude for Yin Xiu's rescue.

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