Chapter 41: Zhou Ting and Xiao Man. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Why, how...

Zhou Ting looked at the little thing with a big fluffy tail at the door, an astonished look on her face. She looked up again at the door, and indeed no one else was there, there was just 'it'.

Zhou Ting took a deep breath, though she still had surprise in her eyes. She never thought that it was not someone who opened the door, and it was instead this little 'fellow'...

"Squeak, squeak!"

Xiaoman’s small black eyes stared at Zhou Ting. He squeaked at her softly, trying to express something. 

If it was Yin Xiu, he would be able to understand. But Zhou Ting obviously didn't.

Zhou Ting soon ignored Xiaoman. Although Xiaoman is very cute, she is obviously not a girl with a pink girlish heart.

After being surprised for a bit, Zhou Ting became vigilant. She looked outside the door and as if there was someone in the living room, she moved very carefully toward the door.

Of course, the injuries on her body also made her feel an extreme amount of pain. 

Even though her movements have been as careful and gentle as possible, it still agitated her wounds. Zhou Ting can't help but breathe in cold air under the pain.

Xiaoman on the other hand seemed to be very interested in Zhou Ting’s cautious and vigilant behavior. His small clear and bright eyes fixedly looked at her, and there was a spark of curiosity as he stood there motionless.

Xiaoman probably thought that Zhou Ting's actions were a bit funny. Or maybe Xiaoman thinks that Zhou Ting was playing some kind of game. Who knows.

When Zhou Ting finally arrived at the door after taking several strenuous steps, she carefully glanced at the living room to confirm whether someone was there or not. Xiaoman who was at her feet, suddenly opened his mouth and squeaked. He was laughing, his two big front teeth were showing, he was overjoyed and found it very funny.

Zhou Ting looked down at Xiaoman, a little bit irritated, she didn't expect that one day she would be laughed at by such a small thing!

Don't ask Zhou Ting why she knows that Xiaoman was laughing at her. It's purely a woman's sixth sense...

In short, the grinning expression of this little thing in front of her, and the 'sarcasm' in its pair of eyes, made Zhou Ting feel that this creature was laughing at her!

Damn it!

Ashamed, Zhou Ting stretched out one foot and kicked towards Xiaoman. Of course, she didn't kick very hard, it was just a light kick. 

If it were any other animal about the same size or a bit bigger than Xiaoman, it would certainly be kicked away. 

However, Xiaoman was not ordinary by any means. Even though on the surface he looks like 'Hello Kitty', even if Xiaoman is still in his growth stage, he's not someone that can be pushed over easily. 

Seeing Zhou Ting's kick, Xiaoman's figure suddenly whizzed. Zhou Ting only felt a gush of wind before seeing Xiaoman already on the short table in front of the sofa in the living room.

What made Zhou Ting feel crazy, was that the nasty little thing actually laughed at her triumphantly.

Zhou Ting found that it was actually very anthropomorphic. It was holding its swollen belly with one of its paws, while the other paw pointed at Zhou Ting. It's body was also leaned back slightly. It was heartily belly-laughing!

Xiaoman was laughing at Zhou Ting's attempt at kicking him. ‘This human wanted to kick me, the noble Xiaoman? Ha ha ha ha ha...'

Zhou Ting was angry, she had never been provoked and mocked by an animal in her life, not to mention being laughed at. Such a hateful, annoying little animal.

But if you really look at its actions, it's simply amazing!

If you put it in a human skin, you might think it is really a person!

"This stinky animal is driving me mad! Is this really an animal or a human? Is there such a "smart" animal? Also, its speed was too fast just now, even I could hardly react to it!"

Although Zhou Ting was deeply annoyed at Xiaoman, she was also very surprised at Xiaoman's highly anthropomorphic demeanor, as well as its astonishing speed. 

After taking a few deep breaths, Zhou Ting told herself that there was no need to get angry at an animal, she calmed down. 

She still has to find the box. It seems that there was no one in this room, meaning there was only herself and that nasty little animal here!

Zhou Ting just checked at the balcony and kitchen just now, and no one else was there. This made Zhou Ting slightly relieved.

Zhou Ting no longer paid any attention to Xiaoman, and hurriedly glanced around in the living room, looking for the box.

However, even after a while, she still never saw where the box was.

At this time, the annoying little animal suddenly squeaked at her again. It's squeaks made her feel upset.

Zhou Ting frowned irritably.

But wait, why does it's paw always keep pointing there?

Zhou Ting was a bit stunned, and subconsciously followed the direction Xiaoman's paw was pointing at and looked at the wall beside her. 

Box, the box?! 

After Zhou Ting was taken aback, she was overjoyed!

She never thought that the box would just be placed on the side of the TV cabinet near the door, less than two meters away from Zhou Ting!

This was simply seeing darkness despite being under the lights!

There was a decorative tree in front of the box, which just blocked her sight. If she didn't lower her head and look, it would not be so easy to see the box. 

After the surprise, Zhou Ting suddenly reacted and looked at Xiaoman on the table a little strangely.

This little animal knew that she was looking for a box, that's why it specifically pointed it out to herself?

If this was the case, then this little animal is not so hateful after all.

But she soon found the problem, and Zhou Ting felt a little absurd.

How can there be such a "smart" animal in this world? Even the animals with the highest intelligence in the world, such as chimpanzees and dolphins, can't act like this little one!

For a while, Zhou Ting's mind was a little messy...

But, no matter, she finally found the box! Zhou Ting didn't care about this 'mess' anymore and quickly walked over to check if the contents in the box were still there.

Unfortunately, her excitement made her forget her injuries and when she suddenly moved, she immediately felt pain. 

"Hiss... It hurts!" Zhou Ting just took a step, and couldn't help but breathe in cold air. 

She had to slow down again and walk carefully step by step.

When Zhou Ting saw that the code lock on the box was still intact, she couldn't help but be secretly relieved. The box has not been opened, so the contents must still be there.

Zhou Ting relaxed a lot. 

As long as the contents of the box are okay.

At this time, Xiaoman who was standing on the short table jumped to Zhou Ting's side and called out to Zhou Ting who was squatting on the ground to check the box.

It's a pity that Zhou Ting is not Yin Xiu, and she simply can't understand what it was saying...

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