Chapter 39: Shocking Scene. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

This is incredible!

Zhou Ting didn't even know how to describe her mood at the moment. She felt like her body was about to explode as she opened her eyes to the fullest extent, almost cracking the corners of her eyes, just to see who the white figure was!

However, despite Zhou Ting's efforts, she could still not clearly see what the person looked like. But a scene on the other side of her suddenly stunned her!

She saw that the two ninja darts that were originally suspended seven meters away from her, rotated and suddenly shot towards the three Ninjas. 

This... Zhou Ting was dumbfounded.

The two ninja darts were in extremely slow speed as they passed through the throats of two of the Ninjas. The darts whirled through their throats bit by bit.

Zhou Ting could even clearly see the skin of the ninja's throat being sliced through the dart. It started with just a trace of blood until the blood became more and more obvious.

The slowly spinning ninja darts cut open their throats little by little, spilling out more bursts of bright red blood in the air and slowly dripping from their throats...

Compared to Zhou Ting, the two who were suffering from their own darts and had their throats slowly being cut, were even more shocked. Their exposed eyes were wide open, and their eyes were full of endless panic and fear.

Even though they all have received special training on fear, at this moment they still can't help but feel scared from the bottom of their hearts!

They can't restrain their feelings at all!

At this moment, death was coming to them, but it was so slow.

Little by little, they can clearly feel how they will die and experience every second of death. Everything is fed back to their brains, making them feel every bit of fear at the moment of death...

It can be said that such death was undoubtedly, extremely cruel. Especially the psychological pressure and the fear of death that is unbearable for people who were wide awake.

For these Ninjas who have undergone various special training, death was not so terrifying. However, this way of death made even their nerves of steel feel fear.


The spinning darts finally passed through the throats of the two Ninjas. But it's not the end of that as immediately after, the two darts suddenly accelerated and appeared in the throat of the third Ninja in the blink of an eye. The same as what happened to the two Ninjas, the darts cut through the third Ninja's throat extremely slowly...


Bang, bang.

At this time, everything suddenly returned to normal. The three Ninjas lost their strength and fell to the ground almost simultaneously. Their eyes were wide open, in shock and boundless fear.

Chi, Chi Chi ~

Hot blood gushed out like a fountain from the throats of the three Ninjas and it stained the ground red. 

When Zhou Ting saw that the Ninjas finally died, her expression relaxed. Although she still wanted to see who killed the Ninjas, her body and spirit could no longer support her desire.

She was originally only being supported by her will anyway and was just forcefully pushing through. Now that the Ninjas had died, the intense exhaustion caused Zhou Ting to faint immediately...

Seeing that the woman fainted, Yin Xiu controlled his spiritual sense and helped her, making her body slowly fall to the ground. In the process, he also checked her physical condition with spiritual sense.

Fortunately, although her injuries were not light, there were at least ten wounds all over her body, plus a gunshot wound; her life wasn't in danger at the moment. 

Looking at the corpses of the three Ninjas, Yin Xiu waved his hand and in an instant, the three corpses on the ground turned into a pile of dust. Which was then blown away by the wind made by Yin Xiu.

Only the pools of blood left on the ground showed that someone had just died here.

However, Yin Xiu immediately unleashed another skill and cleaned up the blood stains on the ground.

No trace was left behind. 

In Yin Xiu's eyes, the Ninjas belonged to the category of people that should be killed, and they would be killed upon sight. When Yin Xiu glanced at the small box on the ground, there was a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes.

Even though the woman had already fainted, her left hand still held the box tightly. Moreover, judging from the appearance of those Ninjas just now, they were probably also after the thing inside this box.

What was this thing  that caused the Ninjas to hunt down this woman on the street, regardless of the possible consequences?

Curious, Yin Xiu swept his spiritual sense into the box. 

Turns out that inside was a thing that he didn't know what kind of equipment or device it was, and a USB flash drive that was embedded in a special mold.

Yin Xiu carefully checked the strange device with his spiritual sense, but unfortunately, he could not see anything. He really didn't understand this stuff.

But he thinks that it should be of great value.


Xiaoman, who was squatting on Yin Xiu's shoulder, curiously looked at Zhou Ting who had passed out on the ground, and gave a clear cry. There was doubt in his call.

He seems to be asking, 'what's wrong with this person?' 

Yin Xiu rubbed Xiaoman’s head, then he pulled Zhou Ting up,  cradling her in his arms, and started walking home. Even though she was being held up by Yin Xiu like this, Zhou Ting still held onto the box tightly.

Though the long sword in her right hand fell to the ground.

With a casual gesture from Yin Xiu, the long sword on the ground flew into his hands by itself, and it was then stuffed into his storage ring. 

A few minutes later, Yin Xiu returned to his residence.

He then put Zhou Ting on the sofa. Although the wounds on her body were still bleeding and needed to be dealt with immediately, it was just a small matter for Yin Xiu.

Although they were of the opposite sex, Yin Xiu doesn't really care much. After all, he was just saving people, and he didn't have any nasty thoughts.

Yin Xiu used spiritual sense to hold Zhou Ting's body in the air, and continued to use spiritual sense to remove her clothes. At this time, he realized that the material of the woman's clothes was extraordinary.

Her clothes were not made from fabrics of ordinary clothes, and was instead a special polymer material which should be a high-tech fabric product.

Yin Xiu inspected it with spiritual sense and found that this kind of fabric was not only light and fitting, it also has good breathability and strong protection.

It was estimated that there was no problem in guarding against ordinary bullets. A bullet can only penetrate this layer of clothing if it was from a large-caliber gun.

Zhou Ting, whose clothes had been removed, was completely naked at the moment. Her snow-white skin was covered with more than ten wounds, both large and small, many of which were still bleeding.

Those bright bloodstains weirdly made Zhou Ting's perfect figure even more coquettish... 

She had graceful and exquisite curves, and her twin peaks were like Mount Everest with a cherry on top. Her willowy waist is slender and smooth, the skin of her lower abdomen is flat and tight. Her legs were slender and tight, and her hips were round and wide...

With such a seductive scene, I am afraid that except for Liu Xiahui and Dongfang Invincible, any normal man would be unable to restrain themselves. 

But as far as Yin Xiu is concerned, although he can't completely ignore it and inevitably had waves in his heart; to cultivate to his current realm, Yin Xiu naturally will no longer be easily tempted by outside influences like this.

Faced with such an impeccable, perfectly proud figure, Yin Xiu only glanced at it with an appreciative look, before continuing to treat Zhou Ting's injuries.

There was a gunshot wound on her shoulder, and the bullet was stuck in her muscles. She also had multiple stab wounds on her thigh, calf and back. The wounds vary in depth and size.

Although the special clothing on Zhou Ting has a strong protective ability, it is obvious that the person who left the stab wounds on her back and ribs is a master, otherwise the protection of that clothing couldn't have been easily penetrated.

But although it didn't completely protect, nonetheless thanks to the protection of the clothes, the wounds on Zhou Ting's back and ribs would have killed her without it.

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