Chapter 38: Chase. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

At night, Yin Xiu walked alone on the street. Xiaoman stood on his shoulders, and from time to time, squeaks at the vehicles passing by.

Yin Xiu patted Xiaoman's head, and he became quieter.

Yin Xiu came out for a stroll as he had nothing else to do. It's already eleven o'clock at night and the road was not busy. It's only after every three minutes will one or two cars pass by and make some noise in the quiet night.

Some time later, Yin Xiu felt that it was time to go back, and began to walk back home slowly.

He stretched out his hand and was about to tease Xiaoman on his shoulders, but Yin Xiu suddenly stopped, stunned when he saw some vague movement in front of him. He couldn't help but raise his head and look a little closer...

Although he did not use his spiritual sense to investigate the situation; with his eyesight, under the dim yellow street light, he was able to see several people running  about five to six hundred meters away.

A woman wearing a  form fitting black suit was at the front. But what's even more bizarre was that the woman was carrying a small box along with a long sword stained with blood.

The woman seemed to be injured and her steps were staggering a little bit. Her black tights were faintly stained with blood.

Behind the woman were three masked men, chasing after her. They were also wearing all black. Not only were their faces covered with a kerchief, but they also wore black headgear. Only their eyes exposed.

Just as Yin Xiu noticed these people, a dart suddenly appeared in one of the masked men's hands and he threw it at the woman.


The woman did not notice the dart and was directly shot in her left leg. With a muffled snort, the woman's body immediately lost its support, she slammed forward and fell on the ground. 

However, the woman's reaction was still very quick. When her body was about to fall to the ground, she immediately rolled forward. She ignored her injured left leg, grabbed the box she was holding in her hand, and continued on limping forward.


The moment Yin Xiu identified these people, his eyes instantly chilled. The clothes worn by the three masked men were no different from Ninjas!

Over 80 years ago, Yin Xiu had a lot of fights with Ninjas who had invaded China. The number of Ninjas who died at his hands were no less than fifty!

Although he was a cultivator, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about his identity as a descendant of Yan and Huang. 

Yin Xiu knew from the memory of the person he used soul search on, what kind of aggression and cruel crimes Japan inflicted on China after he left Earth. 

In addition, he personally had more than a few conflicts and fights with Ninjas more than 80 years ago. So for Japan, Yin Xiu owes not even a trace of favor nor tolerance.

Now, after more than 80 years, he had once again seen Ninjas and was chasing after his fellow brethren at that. Regardless of the identity of the woman and why she was being hunted down, in Yin Xiu's eyes, those Ninjas should be killed!


Zhou Ting tried hard to endure the pain from multiple wounds on her body, and kept running desperately, but when she looked back and saw the chasing Ninjas getting closer behind her, a trace of despair flashed in her eyes.

Was she really going to die here today? Will the thing that her comrades fought with their lives for, just to get... Will it really be taken away by these Ninjas just like that?

Zhou Ting was full of unwillingness!

If they had known that Japan had sent a whole team of Ninjas to steal this thing from their hands, how could they have not prepared beforehand?

Even if they knew of it a little later and couldn't wait for more people, at least they should've been able to contact the other departments. In that case, even if sacrifices were inevitable, at least they don’t have to worry about the thing that they brought back with great difficulty being taken by the other party...

Zhou Ting looked at the Ninjas with cold eyes. Her face was pale after losing too much blood. Adding to the fact that her left leg had been hit by the opponent's dart, her physical strength and spirit were at their limit!

Now she was being completely supported by willpower. Even the small box in her hand seemed extremely heavy at the moment.

"Damn it! Long Dui and Xiao Wen tried their best to give me a chance to escape, but I wasted their efforts..."

When she looked back again, two darts flew out towards her. 

With her current physical condition, she could no longer dodge these darts. Once she's hit, I'm afraid she will never get up again...



Two ninja darts flew towards Zhou Ting, one from left and one right. The target of one was obviously Zhou Ting's right leg, while the other aimed at Zhou Ting's left arm that was holding the small box!

Zhou Ting watched the ninja darts flying towards her under the dimly yellow road light. The darts reflected a cold gleam. She could only close her eyes in despair, and was just quietly waiting for the arrival of the two darts.

She desperately guarded the box in her hands... 

But even after a second had passed. 

Two seconds.

Three seconds...

Zhou Ting, who had closed her eyes, still didn't get hit by the darts. She was stunned at this realisation. 

I'm okay?

What's going on? Why haven't those darts hit me yet even after for so long?

Doubtful, Zhou Ting opened her eyes.

The scene she saw immediately made Zhou Ting's eyes widen. 

She saw that the two ninja darts were actually about eight meters away from her, as if they had slowed down ten times the normal speed and was slowly rotating towards her.

The three Ninjas also seemed to be put in slow motion and their pace became extremely slow. Although their faces were covered, Zhou Ting can still see the panic in their eyes...

In addition, Zhou Ting also found that her own movements were also slowed down and she wasn't falling. 

What's happening?

Am I dreaming? Or...

Zhou Ting was full of doubts, she quickly wanted to check what was happening around her. However, the movement of her head turning was very slow. Even after 3 seconds of turning, it only rotated by five centimeters. 

At this time, Zhou Ting suddenly noticed that the pupils of the three Ninjas suddenly shrank sharply, revealing a look of shock.

Zhou Ting was stunned by this and turned her head to see what was going on in front of her that made the Ninjas react like that.

When Zhou Ting's neck turned about one-third of the way, a slender figure appeared in the corner of her eye, walking towards them unhurriedly.

Who is it?

Was it all related to him?

A question mark rose in Zhou Ting's heart. She tried hard to turn her head and see who the person coming over was.

However, Zhou Ting only saw a vague shadow. The figure was wearing white clothes and even though his steps appeared to be very slow, he seemed to be flashing with every step he took. With just a step, he crossed ten to twenty meters of distance, he was like a ghost...

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