Chapter 37: First Of All, You Have To Be A Man. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Yin Xiu, you were really powerful and manly just now! Are you a legendary 'Martial Arts Master'?"

After such ridicule, everyone naturally had no intention to continue staying in the KTV and just left. 

But as soon as they walked out, Wang Mei, who was lively by nature, couldn't hold back anymore and said to Yin Xiu with excitement.

The others also looked towards Yin Xiu. Yin Xiu's performance just now really shocked their hearts.

Before today, apart from Ji Xueqing, no one else thought that Yin Xiu, who usually looks very gentle, would be so fierce and possess such terrifying power!

Even Ji Xueqing herself, despite having prior knowledge, was still shocked by the amazing strength that Yin Xiu showed just now.

However, after the shock came excitement. Both Ji Xueqing and the rest of the company members were excited.

There was a "Martial Arts Master" in their company, this was simply a super bodyguard! In the future, as long as Yin Xiu was there, there was no need to worry about robbery or danger like today.

"I studied a little, I practiced martial arts since I was a kid." Yin Xiu responded indifferently. He didn't lie either. He has practiced martial arts since he was a child,  though now he has already surpassed this world. 

"Wow! Really!"

Hearing Yin Xiu's affirmative answer, Wang Mei and a few other young girls immediately started chattering with excitement.

"No wonder Yin Xiu, you are so good, you were so handsome just now!"

"Yeah, that's right. I saw that Li Mingwei was almost scared to death by you..."

"Hehe, I didn't think that our company actually has a Martial Arts Master."

"As expected of my 'idol', you are amazing!"

 Yin Xiu just smiled lightly as the girls screamed. At this time, Ji Xueqing next to him looked over. "Yin Xiu, thank you!"

Seeing Yin Xiu also looking at her, Ji Xueqing thanked Yin Xiu with a smile. If it were not for Yin Xiu's presence today, she would never have imagined how far things would go.

"You are welcome. After all, I am also a member of the company." Yin Xiu smiled.

"Un!" Ji Xueqing nodded happily, with a bright smile on her face.

The other's discussions did not stop. After marveling at Yin Xiu's amazing strength, they immediately began to scold Li Mingwei.

Li Mingwei really is scum. He even called a group of thugs into their room to make trouble, and take advantage of them. It's too much.

"Okay, let's call a car and go home. Today's party was unlucky. So let's find another time to party next month!" Ji Xueqing said to everyone when she walked to the side of the road.

"Un, President Ji, we'll go home now. See you tomorrow!"

"Ms Ji, see you tomorrow!"

"Bye, see you tomorrow!"

Ji Xueqing waved goodbye to everyone. Everyone, in twos and threes, called for cars on the side of the road and left one after another...

Soon only Ji Xueqing and Yin Xiu were left.

At this moment, Ji Xueqing turned around and said to Yin Xiu: "Yin Xiu, let's go home too."

"Okay." Yin Xiu replied.

The two called for a car and returned to their residence together.

"Yin Xiu, good night!"

"Good night!"

After saying good night to Yin Xiu at the door, Ji Xueqing turned around and entered her house.

Yin Xiu smiled slightly, and entered his own house.

It was currently almost eleven o'clock in the evening. The TV in the living room was naturally on. Xiao Man, this little thing, remained home watching TV.

During this time, Xiao Man was completely fascinated and watched TV all day long. He especially liked watching cartoons...

However, it was not difficult to understand as the intelligence of Xiao Man was indeed similar to that of the ordinary children of six or seven years old.

As for switching TV channels, this was not a problem for Xiao Man. When they first moved in, he watched Yin Xiu operate the remote a few times and learnt it himself.

After all, he is a top grade spirit beast, so he is naturally smart!

Seeing Yin Xiu's return, Xiao Man immediately squeaked and came over. He hadn't got intimate with Yin Xiu for a while.

Yin Xiu smiled and patted his head. After a while, Xiao Man squeaked at Yin Xiu twice, then jumped back to the sofa and continued to watch TV.

After Yin Xiu came to the company the next day, it was obvious that the attitude of his female colleagues towards him was much more enthusiastic than before. Probably because of last night.

Of course this was not a bad thing for Yin Xiu.

The reason why he agreed to Ji Xueqing's proposal to work here in the first place was to enrich his idle life and experience the world. So he naturally hoped to get along with his colleagues in harmony.

Ji Xueqing’s company was really good in terms of company culture, or the office's atmosphere. Everyone gets along very harmoniously, there are no so-called office struggles.

These were naturally due to Ji Xueqing's management and guidance in this regard. Of course, it was also because Ji Xueqing's company was still too small and does not have too many interest groups, so naturally there was not so much competition.

"Yin Xiu, what do you want to eat at noon? I'll treat you!"

Wang Mei suddenly ran over to Yin Xiu's desk when he was about to get off work at noon and said.

After Yin Xiu gradually adjusted to his work, Ji Xueqing arranged a desk for him outside the office area. After all, Ji Xueqing's office was actually quite small, and there is no room for an extra desk.

Besides, Ji Xueqing can't just let Yin Xiu work in her office forever.

"How about some rice and ribs... Thank you!"

Yin Xiu smiled and thanked Wang Mei. He did not reject the other's kindness. Although it didn't matter whether Yin Xiu eats or not, he doesn't want to be too peculiar in front of others.

Anyway, eating will have no harm or bad influence on him. Even if there is some cooking oil in the food, various additives, etc., it was nothing to Yin Xiu.

Not to mention oil, even if Yin Xiu swallowed a pack of arsenic, it wouldn't have any impact on him.

"Okay! I'll call and order rice and ribs for you!"

Wang Mei left with a grin. Sometimes people will go out and eat, and sometimes they will just order food like today.

"Yo, Wang Mei, why did you only invite Yin Xiu? What about mine?!"

Zhao Yan, overhearing Wang Mei and Yin Xiu's conversation, couldn't help but laugh and tease.

Wang Mei lowered her mouth and hummed softly: "You? Order it yourself! Unless you also become my 'male God (idol)', I will invite you. But... first of all, you have to be a man..."


Wang Mei's words made the surrounding girls giggle.

Zhao Yan didn't expect Wang Mei to tease her back. She shouted at Wang Mei a little annoyed: "You little girl, just wait, I will go to Thailand someday and get a sex reassignment surgery. I will come for you!"

"Sister Yan, you'd better go to South Korea instead of Thailand. Maybe I would be fascinated by you by then..." Wang Mei said with a joking smile.

The people around understood Wang Mei's words and burst into laughter again.

Zhao Yan's face was reddish, her teeth numb with hate, she said: "Wang Mei, you dare treat your Sister Yan like this? Next time, let's see if your Sister Yan will help you!"

"Hehe, Sister Yan, it’s not that I'm teasing you intentionally, but you just said that you want to go to Thailand for a surgery. So I just gave you a 'kinder' suggestion.”

Wang Mei said with a smile, like a victorious general, before she left triumphantly.

Yin Xiu has long been accustomed to the laughter of everyone in the office, and he would also join in the laughter if he finds something funny.

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