Chapter 36: Warning. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

At first, Li Mingwei was still stubborn, cursing Ji Xueqing and Yin Xiu continuously. But as Ji Xueqing continued to ruthlessly slap his face, he gradually showed fear. He even started crying. His face had already swelled up from all the slapping. 

Zhao Yan and others looked at Li Mingwei's face that was as swollen as a pig's head, and they couldn't help but feel discomfort. 

After Ji Xueqing slapped Li Mingwei more than a dozen times in a row, Li Mingwei's mouth was swollen and couldn't curse those vicious words anymore, so Ji Xueqing stopped.

After stopping, Ji Xueqing couldn't help but shook her hand. After slapping Li Mingwei more than a dozen times, her hands hurt.

However, the suffocating anger in her heart was completely vented out.

Seeing Ji Xueqing stop, Yin Xiu glanced at Li Mingwei, and then casually pushed him. 

Li Mingwei had already been stunned silly by Ji Xueqing's dozens of slaps, so when he got pushed by Yin Xiu, he staggered backwards and fell onto the sofa.

At this time, Yin Xiu’s cold voice sounded: "You better remember this lesson today. If you want revenge, you can come to me. Once I find out that you involved the others, I will make you regret being born into this world.”

Yin Xiu grabbed an unopened bottle of beer on the table next to him, and squeezed it slightly. The bottle of beer exploded into smithereens! 

Crack! Chi~ 

The glass debris from the bottle fell to the ground and the beer inside splashed on the floor; the carbonation bubbles sizzling and making 'chi' sounds. 

Yin Xiu’s hand was punctured by some of the glass shards, but his palm was not scratched at all. He just shook his wrist lightly, and all the glass shards in his hand fell off... The others were shocked when they saw this scene.

Especially the beer bottle suddenly exploding after Yin Xiu  squeezed it. It shocked Ji Xueqing, and Zhao Yan and the others. 

Even Li Mingwei, who fell on the sofa and was still muddled, almost jumped up in shock; his mind suddenly became sober.

When he moved his gaze to the broken bottle and the debris under Yin Xiu's feet, the corners of his eyes twitched a few times. He was deeply shaken.

"Yin, Yin Xiu, you..." Ji Xueqing stared at Yin Xiu's hand in surprise. She finally reacted to what had just happened, she asked nervously, "Is your hand okay?"

Then she grabbed Yin Xiu's hand hastily. She worriedly checked if he was scratched by the glass... Yin Xiu just let Ji Xueqing grab his palm. He spread it out for her, and said faintly: "I'm fine. See? I have trained my hands. This thing can't hurt me." 

He didn't want to worry Ji Xueqing. Of course, the more important thing on why he said this, was to explain what he did just now to the people watching.

When Zhao Yan and the others outside the door heard Yin Xiu's words, they recalled the situation where Yin Xiu subdued the thugs in the blink of an eye, and suddenly realised something. 

Yin Xiu must be a martial arts master! That's why he could break the beer bottle with his bare hand without hurting himself!

With this new understanding in mind, Zhao Yan and the others were no longer so surprised. Although they were still shocked by Yin Xiu's terrifying power, at least they didn't feel that Yin Xiu was not a human.

The purpose of Yin Xiu's sentence just now can be regarded as being achieved. Otherwise, even if they will not say anything, they will definitely look at Yin Xiu weirdly thinking as if he was a monster or something.

Now that he clearly told them that he trained, they could easily agree with his series of actions and feats, and not be suspicious or wary of him. 

After all, in China, although the popularity/influence of ancient martial arts wasn't too widespread, and they probably have never really met any martial arts masters before;  this did not prevent them from subconsciously believing that there were such characters in this world.

And right now, after Yin Xiu showed such terrifying power and skill in front of them, with Yin Xiu's words as a guide, they naturally believed it very easily.

Ji Xueqing saw that Yin Xiu's palm was indeed fine, with not even a trace of a scratch on his skin, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

But immediately, her cheeks reddened. Just now, she was indeed concerned and worried about Yin Xiu, so she grabbed Yin Xiu's hand without realizing it.

Now that she recovered and realized that she had taken the initiative to grab Yin Xiu's hand, she immediately became shy.

"Then, that... you're fine."

After that, Ji Xueqing was like a frightened deer and quickly let go of Yin Xiu's hand. She jumped back a little bit, and her cheeks were still flushed.

Yin Xiu was naturally aware of Ji Xueqing’s reactions and he can't help but smile. He didn't think anything special though. 

After glancing at Li Mingwei who was paralyzed on the sofa, he faintly said to Ji Xueqing: "Let's go!" 

The reason why Yin Xiu deliberately squeezed the beer bottle in front of Li Mingwei just now was to warn him.

Although Yin Xiu himself was not afraid of Li Mingwei's revenge against him, the others (his colleagues and Ji Xueqing) were just ordinary people and couldn't bear the consequences. Especially Ji Xueqing, who was most likely to be the target of revenge.

That's why Yin Xiu gave him this kind of warning. It was to clearly tell him that if he dared to retaliate against Ji Xueqing and others by any means of abuse, he would definitely not escape punishment. 

While watching Yin Xiu and Ji Xueqing walk out of the room and leave with the others, Li Mingwei's eyes were full of resentment and hate. But at the same time he also felt terrified. Yin Xiu's warning just now really scared him. He can actually break an unopened glass bottle of beer with just one hand! What kind of terrifying power was this?   

Li Mingwei's eyes then glanced at his right wrist. There was a clear red mark that was left. Even now, he still felt pain in his wrist.   

If Yin Xiu used the same amount of power when squeezing the beer bottle just now on his wrist, I am afraid that his bones would have been already crushed by Yin Xiu!   

'The strength of that man is terrifying! There is such a horrifying person in this world... I am afraid that even those world-class boxing champions can hardly do this, right?' Li Mingwei couldn't help but shudder at this thought.   

However, if he were to just stop here, he was very unwilling. He had never been humiliated so terribly, especially after Ji Xueqing slapped him a dozen times. His face was still swollen, and full of fiery pain.  


"No! I can't just let it go. That smelly b*tch dared to slap this boss? I must make her pay the price!" Li Mingwei thought fiercely, while he stared at the door with a sinister look in his eyes.

"Just wait, I will definitely make you regret it..." Li Mingwei's eyes flashed with a vicious light.

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