Chapter 1: Rebirth. October. The northern land was white all over, covered by heavy snow. And at the end of this wilderness, a big city stood from the ground. The city wall towered at a hundred meters in height and tens of meters in thickness. The wall was thick enough to fit two large trucks side by side. All the reinforced concrete structures within a few kilometers around the city wall were covered with countless induction mines. Countless metal muzzles densely extended outwards, making the city walls colored either bright or dark. Iron gates, weighing hundreds of tons, guarded the city and formed an almost indestructible fortress. No matter if it was the sky, the ground, or the underground, there were defenses laid out and were armed to the teeth. The city stretched for hundreds of miles and was the largest city base in northern China. It was called Harbin during the AD calendar but after the 'divine change', it was then changed to the Ice City. After its restoration, the city was developed and constructed, and built into a bridgehead for the war between humans and mutant beasts. The northern home for survival. ... No. 6 High school was located in the northern district of Ice City. There were thousands of students on campus. Today was the last class for the third year students, the only thing that awaited them next was the graduation exam. The instructor stood on the podium. "Today is the last class I will give you, three days from now will be the graduation exam. You’ll have the cultural exam in the morning and the physical exam in the afternoon. That day will determine your future destiny and the results will be issued after. There will be representatives from the military and major martial arts dojos so whether you can get the favor of one of those dojos, or whether you can make any future at all, solely depends on your performance. As your instructor, I wish you good luck." When the instructor finished speaking, he turned around and packed up and then left the classroom. School was over. The students also went out, but many did not leave the campus yet. They still felt some amount of affection towards the school and wanted to leave with fresh memories... Students who were close to each other gathered together in twos and threes, saying goodbye to one another and bidding good luck to each in their futures. "Graduation is making me nervous. Also, I don't want to go to university, I want to be a warrior. I don't care about the cultural exam, but what can I do when my strength is less than 150kg? For martial arts dojos to accept you, you need to pass the three benchmarks (strength, speed, reaction) in physical fitness." "True, although I've hit the 200kg mark in strength and it's considered to be the entry-level of a Rank 2 Warrior, I only have an average result in speed, about 4.5 punches per second which is not up to the standard. Won't I just end up becoming a mobilizer? A soldier?" "4.5 has room for improvement. You can also choose to pass the cultural class, this is another option. But as long as your neurological reaction reaches the 0.1 mark, it should still be possible to enter a martial arts dojo. Besides, entering the army is also not impossible. There are also many warriors within the military just like the martial arts dojos so it's not that bad being in the military." "Well, that's just because the military is large. Besides, all the real powerhouses come from the martial arts dojos. For example, Gale who is the No.1 strongman in China. And the Gale martial arts Dojo is also the No. 1 Dojo in China." "Don't mention the Gale Dojo. Even if it's only Changfeng Dojo and Tulong Dojo, no ordinary person is qualified and can enter these two martial arts dojos. I think Ouyang Yu, Meng Dong and Lin Zhen, only these three stars in our class can enter." "Ouyang Yu and Meng Dong are okay, but I'm afraid the Lin Zhen would have a hard time. I heard that he offended Ouyang Yu because of our school flower. Ouyang Yu had said that he will not let Lin Zhen be able to enter any martial arts dojo. "No way, will the martial arts dojos listen to Ouyang Yu?" The other students did not believe it. "It's hard to say, but Ouyang Yu's family is very powerful. His father is an official in Ice City. So as long as Lin Zhen's performance is not sky-shattering, the ordinary martial arts dojos will still give his father face." "Really? Then Lin Zhen is in a bad situation. His grades are just a little bit above the passing line too. Hey! Speaking of, where's Lin Zhen? Why didn’t I see him? I swear I saw him some time ago.” Several chattering boys looked around and saw a figure coming out of the classroom, it was Lin Zhen. ... Light flashed within his black eyes as he paced fast. Lin Zhen had already forgotten how long he has walked so fast. Although his body is still weak right now, his blood is boiling and giving him strength. God cared for him so much that when his life is exhausted, a black hole appeared making the space collapse and the time reverse, his soul actually returned to Earth, back to the eve of his high school graduation. In his previous life, Lin Zhen devoted himself to martial arts, hoping to one day change his own destiny and the destiny of his family, but destiny has never really favored him. Although his aptitude was not bad, he wasn’t a 'real' genius either. Besides, he was a commoner and lacked resources, making his martial arts career extremely hard. Basically, if you don’t have any aptitude just honestly be an ordinary person. It was too difficult for a warrior like Lin Zhen to get ahead. His life has been crushed by countless geniuses numerous times. He was the 'stepping stone' for others and although he was smart enough, he still always had limited achievements. Even until the end of the divine change, Lin Zhen was still alive. In fact, he lived so long his desires also slowly shattered. Even some geniuses had died already but he was still alive but this was not what he wanted. The divine change calendar ended, and the earth changed drastically for the second time. Mankind began to walk out of the earth and migrate to the interstellar. He took part in this journey, and even successfully broke through and achieved Star Level of the Heavenly Body Realm. But that was just the beginning of another tragedy. Lin Zhen still lived at the bottom, crushed by countless geniuses, and he never had a chance to rise. He didn't realize it, until he failed to break through the next realm time and time again. His lifespan was soon exhausted, and he was about to die. He was cautious in his life, and considered safety first in everything. And although he lived long enough, he could not go further than what he already was. This was not the way of a warrior and it turns out that he went the wrong way at the beginning. If he had a chance to do it all again, then he would seize all the opportunities, use all the resources, and strive to blaze a trail to heaven for himself. A warrior is someone that goes against the sky. If you choose mediocrity, then don't practice martial arts! This was Lin Zhen's enlightenment before his death. But he understood it too late, everything was over, and there would be no chance of starting again. But before he closed his eyes, he saw the sky breaking apart, a space-time storm raging, and a black hole descending! He felt his soul about to be torn apart by the black hole, but when he opened his eyes, yes, he opened his eyes when he was supposed to be dead, he was back in his high school classroom. He was still Lin Zhen, he was still alive, and with all his memories, he returned to Earth at the age he most hoped to return to. When Lin Zhen walked out of the classroom, he still couldn't believe it. But everything around told him that it was true, he indeed came back. This was rebirth! "To the family that I haven't seen for a long time, I'm back! To the girl I like, I'm back!" All the regrets in my previous life will not be repeated in this lifetime!

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