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Chapter 34: Brother Biao's Lingering Fears.

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Yin Xiu nodded thoughtfully. Knowing that it was Li Mingwei who ordered these thugs to make trouble, Yin Xiu naturally understood the other party's purpose for doing so.

After glancing at Ji Xueqing next to him, Yin Xiu turned his gaze back to the thugs. He asked nonchalantly, "How did Li Mingwei know we were here?" 

Having witnessed Yin Xiu's terror, these thugs crumbled. Even before Brother Biao could speak, a thug already beat him to it, "Little Li, oh no, Li Mingwei, it was Li Mingwei who called Brother Biao and asked us to come. He is also inside this KTV. He was just here. When we were outside, he just told us to come in and make trouble in this room..."

"Li Mingwei is here too?" Yin Xiu narrowed his eyes and released his spiritual sense and searched for Li Mingwei's trace.

Ji Xueqing gritted her teeth and grimly said: "I'm going to find him, and settle this once and for all! This b*stard is simply shameless to the core!"

Ji Xueqing was about to rush out of the room angrily, fortunately Zhao Yan and the others beside her hurriedly pulled her back and pacified her.

"Manager Ji, calm down. That guy is definitely already gone, and no longer outside our door. And also, even if he is still inside this KTV, we can't search all the rooms one by one, right?"

"Yes, Ms. Ji, this thing should be dealt with calmly. I think.... I also heard from people that Li Mingwei has a deep background. He's not someone that ordinary people can easily touch."

“Besides, even if we do manage to find him, he would never admit that he's at the root in all of this..."

The other's concerns are not unreasonable. They are just ordinary people, and they have no ability to fight against people with profound family backgrounds like Li Mingwei.

Instead of being hot headed and biting the other party, it's better to just settle things calmly and peacefully.

After all, they didn't suffer that big of a loss, and the thug (Brother Biao) who took advantage of their sister already got punished; Yin Xiu dislocated both his arms. 

Ji Xueqing was still a bit unwilling, even after hearing the persuasion from her colleagues. As a woman, she hated things like this. Especially since she almost experienced it (getting robbed and taken advantage of), she was extremely annoyed in this regard.

Li Mingwei's behavior can be said to be extremely shameless, and it was difficult for Ji Xueqing to calm herself down.

However, Zhao Yan and the others' persuasion also had some truth. She also knew a bit about Li Mingwei's background and with her current strength/situation, she wouldn't be able to do anything to him. Unless...

Ji Xueqing shook her head, she was absolutely unwilling to do that unless she's forced to.

"Damn it! Do we really have no other choice but to let that sc*mbag get away with this?" Ji Xueqing asked unwillingly.

At this moment, Yin Xiu suddenly said, "I know where he is right now." Pausing for a bit, Yin Xiu glanced at the others around him before continuing, "He did something wrong, so he has to pay the price. We can't let ourselves get the short end of the stick. So, no matter what background Li Mingwei has, I must teach him the lesson he deserves today!"

After that, Yin Xiu walked straight to the door.

When the thugs, who were blocking the door, saw that Yin Xiu was about to go out, they consciously stepped back and opened a path for Yin Xiu. They were like a group of servants seeing their master, Yin Xiu, off.

Ji Xueqing's eyes lit up when she heard Yin Xiu's words, and she followed behind Yin Xiu without hesitation.

Although Ji Xueqing didn't know how Yin Xiu knew where Li Mingwei was, since Yin Xiu already came forward, it was the best. She had already seen Yin Xiu's terrifying skill twice, and with him, at least it's easy to teach Li Mingwei a lesson.

Even those thugs were no match for him, so wasn't it easy for Yin Xiu to also do the same to Li Mingwei?

Zhao Yan and others watched Ji Xueqing and Yin Xiu walk out. They looked at each other, before finally gritting their teeth and followed.

They were quite worried about Li Mingwei's background, but Yin Xiu's performance just now gave them some confidence. They believe that with Yin Xiu being here, Li Mingwei should not be able to do anything to them.

As Ji Xueqing and the others left, only the thugs were left in the room.

"@sshole, hurry up and help me go to the hospital!"

Brother Biao couldn't help but be secretly relieved after seeing Yin Xiu and the others go. He quickly let his men help him up.

The pain in his arms was so terrible that he couldn't move at all, and he could only ask the others for help. 

Although every one of his subordinates also had one of their arms dislocated by Yin Xiu, their other arm was still good. 

Hearing Brother Biao's scolding, several people hurriedly helped Brother Biao up,  then hurriedly fled and left this 'dangerous place'.

"What the hell is his grandmother?! That kid is such a devil. F*ck, that finger of his almost got this boss killed. F*cking f*ck!"

Brother Biao walked out of the KTV door along with his group, and spat on the ground as he vented out curses amidst his lingering fears. He really felt that he was going to die just now,  that kind of pain and fear made him never want to face it again in his life.

The other thugs also nodded in sympathy.

"That kid is really evil. I didn't even see him when he rushed out just now. It seemed that we had all our arms dislocated in the blink of an eye. He is not a human being!"

"We really kicked an iron plate today. That kid is a monster. Maybe, even with another twenty or thirty people, we still won't be able to beat him!"

"He's not just an iron plate, he's a titanium alloy plate! I have never met such a fierce person in my life. He is totally perverted (strength-wise)! Fortunately, that kid is not too ruthless, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten away with just 'one dislocated arm'..."

Hearing these words, Brother Biao suddenly stared at the man who spoke. The man who was speaking was so scared that he shut up quickly.

Among these people, Brother Biao was the only one who got 'two of his arms dislocated.' Plus, not only that, he also experienced the terror of Yin Xiu's finger; it made him feel  intense pain to the point that death was better than living. He was the most unlucky of the bunch

Even though the pain was already gone, even just thinking about it made his heart shudder.

He swears that he never wanted to see that man and those women in his life again! From now on, as long as he sees any of those people, he will definitely hide away immediately, as not to accidentally provoke that devil!

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