Chapter 33: Means. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

After hearing Yin Xiu's question again, the other thugs turned their attention to Brother Biao. This also made Yin Xiu understand that the guy in front of him was the leader of the group.

As a result, Yin Xiu's stern eyes were completely focused on Brother Biao.

Brother Biao lowered his head. His eyes flickered, and the pain in his shoulder caused a cold sweat to form on his forehead. But he did not dare to confess that Li Mingwei was the one who instructed him.

"This... this big brother, we were just drunk and accidentally walked in the wrong room. We ask big brother to forgive us and let us go!"

The sharp pain in his shoulder told him that the person in front of him was definitely not someone he should easily provoke, so Brother Biao simply admitted his wrong doing and begged for mercy.

However, although the others may be deceived by what Brother Biao concealed, it was impossible to deceive Yin Xiu. Even if Yin Xiu didn't use his mind-reading skills, Yin Xiu could detect that Brother Biao was lying just by using his keen perception.

Yin Xiu said: "It seems that I really am too lenient... Since that's the case, then I'll make you feel the consequences of not being honest." After he said that, Yin Xiu pointed to Brother Biao's chest.

Brother Biao suddenly had a bad feeling. Seeing Yin Xiu's finger pointing at him, he quickly wanted to step back and avoid him. But, at this moment, Brother Biao found that Yin Xiu's outstretched finger was very strange; as if there was a force that made him unable to avoid it.

His body was also completely out of his control. Even though his mind kept urging his body to step back and avoid the finger, his body seemed to be paralyzed. He couldn't move anymore, and he could only watch Yin Xiu's outstretched finger touch his chest.

Huh? I'm all right?

Brother Biao, who had already been mentally prepared to endure some pain, suddenly felt that the place Yin Xiu's finger touched was not feeling anything; not even the slightest of change, and he was extremely surprised.

Unfortunately, his surprise only lasted less than three seconds. A tingling and itchy feeling slowly began to creep up from his chest. The bad feeling Brother Biao was feeling earlier, suddenly appeared again.

Sure enough, the numbness in his chest gradually became intense, even worsened.

At first, Brother Biao could barely bear it, but after only five to six seconds, he could no longer bear the tingling in his chest and screamed.

He wanted to raise his hand and scratch it, but Yin Xiu dislocated both of his arms and he couldn't move them at all.

"Ah! Itchy, itchy, scratch it for me..."

Brother Biao screamed again and again, but since he was unable to scratch it, he could only roll on the ground, rubbing his chest on the floor continuously in an attempt to stop the itching.

Unfortunately, he still underestimated the terrifying extent of this itch.

No matter how hard he rubbed himself against the floor, the itch did not diminish at all. The numbness seems to come from inside his body, and not from his skin!

"Ah...Save me, save me, I'm itching to death! Ah!"

Brother Biao screamed painfully on the floor. This caused the other thugs, who were watching, to shudder. The gaze they gave when they looked at Yin Xiu, was as if they were seeing a ghost. 

Not to mention these thugs, even Ji Xueqing and the other company employees couldn't help but be shocked when seeing the miserable situation of Brother Biao. No one thought that Yin Xiu's gentle tap on Brother Biao's chest just now, would cause the other party to suffer such terrible pain!

How did he do that?

Ji Xueqing and the other employees looked at Yin Xiu in shock. Amazement could be seen in their eyes.

"Ah! Save me, I'll say it, I'll admit it!" Brother Biao screamed as he stared at Yin Xiu, begging for mercy.

The reason why Yin Xiu used this method was because he deliberately wanted to teach Brother Biao a lesson. His rogue behavior just a moment ago really angered Yin Xiu.

Seeing that Brother Biao had already begged for mercy, Yin Xiu stopped punishing him. He snorted and patted him casually.

And in that instant, Brother Biao felt that the unbearable terrible itching on his chest finally disappeared. However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he immediately felt the terrible pain from his shoulders!

Since his joints were already dislocated, and he was tumbling around on the floor just now, it would not be strange if he didn't hurt his arms further.

It's just that the numbness in his chest was too strong, and it temporarily overwhelmed the sharp pain from his arms.

So now that the numbness disappeared, the severe pain suddenly hit him. Brother Biao's eyes immediately went black, he almost fainted from the pain...

"Speak! Why are you here? If you dare to conceal something again, I don't mind letting you enjoy the taste (itch) again."

Yin Xiu said coldly as he looked at Brother Biao, who was breathing heavily on the ground.

"Yes I will tell. It was Little Li. He wanted us to cause a commotion here..."

Brother Biao was already feeling weak, so his words got weaker as he continued. The violent itching in his chest just now made him feel like he was in hell, and he absolutely didn't want to taste that feeling again in his entire life.

"Little Li? Who's Little Li?"

Yin Xiu frowned slightly.

"It's Li Mingwei..." Brother Biao pantedly answered.

"Li Mingwei?" Yin Xiu looked suspiciously at his colleagues. He didn't know who this man, named 'Li Mingwei' was.

Since this man deliberately brought in these people to make trouble, it must be directed at someone in the company. So Yin Xiu looked at his colleagues inquiringly.

"Li Mingwei?"

As Yin Xiu raised his head in doubt, Wang Mei, Zhao Yan and others all exclaimed. Immediately afterwards, all the women in the company turned their eyes to Ji Xueqing beside Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu only came to the company not too long ago, so did he not know the name of the man who gave Ji Xueqing the bouquet that day. However, the rest of the company knew everything, and they've even heard some information about Li Mingwei's background.

At this time, Ji Xueqing's face was very ugly. Without even thinking about it, she knew that these things were directed at her.

Ever since she rejected Li Mingwei face-to-face that day, during this period of time, Li Mingwei never came to pester her and did not send her flowers again.

Ji Xueqing thought that the other party had already given up. But she didn't expect that Li Mingwei would be so bitter and brought these thugs in.

If Yin Xiu were not here today... What would've happened to them?

If by any chance... If these people really did something to them... Ji Xueqing shuddered at the thought of the consequences!

Because of this, Ji Xueqing felt even more angry. Her pretty face was seething in fury.

"Li Mingwei, you b*stard!" Ji Xueqing cursed as she gritted teeth.

"You all know this Li Mingwei?" Yin Xiu couldn't help but ask when he heard the exclamation of Zhao Yan and others, and Ji Xueqing's words.

Ji Xueqing's face was gloomy, so Zhao Yan next to her took the initiative to explain the situation to Yin Xiu, "Li Mingwei is the owner of the "Xianchuang Game Production Company", which is next door to our company."

"Is it him?"

The image of Li Mingwei suddenly appeared in Yin Xiu's mind.

Yin Xiu now understood what was going on. He was there, present, when Ji Xueqing bluntly refused Li Mingwei's pursuit.

After that, Yin Xiu also occasionally met that guy several times while commuting. He also heard other people mention that he was the boss of the game production company next door, it seems that it was indeed true. It's just that Yin Xiu never knew Li Mingwei's name.

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