Chapter 32: Trouble. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Little Li, which room?"

About eight men, who were reeking of alcohol, came to Li Mingwei. The leader of the group was a man in his thirties, he looked a bit fierce.

These people have, more or less, one or two tattoos on their arms. With just a glance, one can tell that they weren't really 'good' people.

Li Mingwei glanced at the gangsters, then faintly snarled at the room where Ji Xueqing and the others were. He said, "That's the one. But remember, just scare them. Don't really do anything. Understand?"

"Alright, Little Li. Don't worry, I will make sure these rascals pay attention and not get you in trouble!"

The leader responded, then he said to his followers: "You heard what Little Li said! So remember to pay attention, and don't really mess with the women inside. Are we clear?!"

"Yes! Brother Biao!" The thugs replied.

Brother Biao nodded in satisfaction. He asked Li Mingwei: "Little Li, do you have anything else?"

Li Mingwei shook his head and said faintly: "No, so you all can go now. Once you get this job done, I will invite you to the sauna."

Brother Biao was overjoyed when he heard the words, and hurriedly replied: "Little Li is really polite. It is our blessing to be able to do something for you, Little Li. So how dare I let Little Li treat? How about this, I'll escort and invite Little Li to go to 'Tianhe City' and 'relax' some other time instead."

"Okay." Li Mingwei nodded lightly.

Seeing that Li Mingwei had no other orders, Brother Biao waved his hand and said to his followers: "Go!" 

After speaking, the group walked towards the room where Ji Xueqing and the others were.

Li Mingwei watched with a sneer and then turned around. He walked back to his own room and was going to have fun...


The door was suddenly pushed open vigorously. Immediately afterwards, eight drunk-looking men rushed into the room.

The two women sitting right next to the door frowned and looked at the group with disgust. They asked, "What are you doing, why are you in our room?"

The two women obviously thought that this group of people were just drunk and accidentally entered the wrong room.

"What are we doing? Hehe, of course, that is to play with you ladies. Aren't you bored doing all this nonsense? Why not play with our brothers. We'll make sure to keep you company, hehe......"

Brother Biao saw that there were so many beautiful women in the room and was suddenly unable to restrain the lust in his heart. He started to laugh pervertedly. Brother Biao then took the lead, and reached out and grabbed the woman next to him.

Such a sudden situation immediately caused a scream to ensue in the room, "Ah! What are you doing? B*stard, let me go..."

Yin Xiu, who was playing dice with Ji Xueqing, Zhao Yan and the others, noticed the situation near the door, and his face immediately became cold.


Ji Xueqing, who was sitting next to Yin Xiu, just heard a scream near the door. She turned her head in surprise, and suddenly felt that her arm on Yin Xiu's shoulder was suddenly floating in the air. She staggered and almost fell on the sofa.

Before Ji Xueqing could react, she just saw Yin Xiu suddenly appearing at the door. Looking back at the empty sofa next to her, Ji Xueqing was stunned. Her mind seemed a little slow and was unable to react.

Just now, Yin Xiu was still sitting next to her, so why did he suddenly appear at the door?

Before Ji Xueqing recovered, screams suddenly came from the door and attracted her attention again.

"Ah, ah......"

"You idiot! Who are you?"

"My arm!"


Wretched screams sounded, and due to this ugly sounds, everyone's attention was dragged into the door. Even the two women who were panicking just now paused.

What happened?

What's the situation?

Most of the people in the room hadn't figured out the situation yet. They just looked at the gangsters and at Brother Biao howling and screaming.

Yin Xiu's movements were too fast, no one could see what was going on. 

The woman who had just been grabbed by Brother Biao, saw him suddenly clutching his shoulder, wailing and screaming in pain.

They were very shocked. There's suddenly a bunch of drunk men that rushed into their room and grabbed them without saying a word. It would be strange if they weren't scared.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?"

Some people started to recover their senses.

Ji Xueqing's originally confused mind also cleared up, and quickly let the others turn off the speakers. She then walked to Yin Xiu's side.

"Who are you? Why did you come here?!" Yin Xiu asked while looking at the gangsters coldly.

Ever since returning to Earth, Yin Xiu had not felt as angry as he was today. His female colleague suffered; her chest, buttocks, and thighs were targeted by this b*stard. If it weren't for his perverted actions, Yin Xiu would not have acted upon them so violently immediately. 

When Ji Xueqing heard Yin Xiu's words, her pretty face suddenly turned cold!

The others also angrily glared at the gangsters.

"Boy, who are you? How dare you interrupt this boss's business?!" Brother Biao was still a bit conscious and threatened Yin Xiu. 

"It seems that my hand is still too light."

Yin Xiu snorted coldly. He raised his hand and squeezed Brother Biao’s other shoulder. His fingers squeezed lightly on the latter's shoulder and with a 'click', Brother Biao's other arm was also dislocated by Yin Xiu.

Feeling the severe pain from his other shoulder, Brother Biao couldn't help screaming again.

"Ah..." Brother Biao's forehead was filled with cold sweat.

The other gangsters next to him finally snapped out of it. Upon seeing Brother Biao drooping weakly with hanging arms, they couldn't help but grunt and swallow a mouthful of saliva. They looked at Yin Xiu with shock and fear amidst the pain from their own arms.

"Say! Who are you, why are you in our room?!" Yin Xiu shouted coldly.

In front of so many people, Yin Xiu didn't want to use spells/techniques such as soul search or mind reading. But of course that's just a matter of conscience.  Even if he did use these spells, with his cultivation base, the others could not detect it. Just that, he wouldn't be able to explain to the others why he knew the other party's identity and purpose.

Brother Biao continued to breathe sharply. The pain in his shoulders made his muscles twitch and tremble.

At this moment, he finally realized that he had kicked a rock. He never thought that there would be such a ruthless character in this room. Li Mingwei only told him that there were a bunch of women in it, but he didn't say that there was a man. And the man was so fierce!

However, even if he was given ten times the courage, he would not dare to question Li Mingwei because of this.

Similarly, even at this moment, he didn't dare to divulge Li Ming Wei's involvement in this matter.

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