Chapter 31: Zhao Yan's Guidance. Edited by: Mochiusagi Yin Xiu, who was 'fighting' with a group of girls, didn't pay much attention to Ji Xueqing and Wang Mei's whispers; although he could hear them clearly if he wanted to. It's just that his attention was obviously not there. Ji Xueqing felt embarrassed by Wang Mei's teasing words. However, she suddenly discovered that she did not reject what Wang Mei said. On the contrary, she was faintly expecting... "Do I really like Yin Xiu?" Ji Xueqing felt a little hot on her cheeks and ears, then unconsciously glanced at Yin Xiu. "Hey, Wang Mei, your song is on..." At this moment, the person who was singing karaoke suddenly shouted at Wang Mei. After having drank some beer, Wang Mei really wanted to sing; so she stopped teasing Ji Xueqing and replied, "Coming!" Then she walked over to sing. As soon as Wang Mei walked away, Ji Xueqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she was a little worried about being teased by Wang Mei. "Brother Yin, you are truly amazing! You are really one to admire! Although this beer is not that strong and it's only a small bottle, it would become potent as the numbers grow. This sister is really amazed, amazing!" Zhao Yan put down another empty beer bottle that she had just finished drinking, looked at Yin Xiu with red cheeks, and said with admiration. She had already drank three bottles of beer with Yin Xiu. Counting the ones that other people drank with Yin Xiu before, Yin Xiu at least drank seven to eight bottles in such a short time! Plus it was all drunk in a row, so even if you can't get drunk, your stomach will have some problems. But looking at Yin Xiu's appearance, not only was there not a flush on his face after drinking, his face was normal; he didn't even seem to feel bloated. His drinking speed didn't change and his 'performance' was the same. Not only Zhao Yan, but everyone else next to her also looked at Yin Xiu with the same admiration in their eyes. Seeing Yin Xiu's amazing 'combat power', Zhao Yan and others gradually ceased their desire to 'defeat' Yin Xiu. The few people who did not sing found a dice cup, and prepared to play dice together. Ji Xueqing, who was sitting next to Yin Xiu, was also joined. About eight people played together. In addition to the deafening music and singing, there was also the yelling from the group that's playing with the dice. To put it simply, the whole room was full of noise... More than two hours passed without knowing. Ji Xueqing, who had been playing dice with Yin Xiu and the others, also drank a lot of beer. Under the influence of alcohol, her white face was covered with redness, her expression was very 'excited', her speech and behavior were more relaxed than usual. "You play for now, I'll go to the bathroom." Ji Xueqing stood up and said. "Ms. Ji, I'll go with you." Zhao Yan also got up and walked out of the room with Ji Xueqing. The remaining few people continued to play... After walking out of the room, Zhao Yan looked at Ji Xueqing and couldn't help asking: "Ms. Ji, didn't you drink too much?" Ji Xueqing looked at her and shook her head. She smiled: "No, I didn't drink much. It's just that my face turns red after drinking." "Haha, alright Manager Ji, you didn't want to drink too much either..." Zhao Yan smiled and said, "But I didn't expect Yin Xiu to drink so much though. And from his appearance, he should still be okay for another ten or so bottles." "Yeah, I too didn’t expect his drinking capacity to be this good. I was originally a little worried by you all ganging up on him. But who would've thought that you're the ones that got drunk instead." After seeing Yin Xiu's drinking ability, Ji Xueqing no longer worried that he would be drunk. "Ms. Ji, you seem to care about Yin Xiu?" Zhao Yan suddenly asked such a sentence meaningfully. She also looked in Ji Xueqing's eyes meaningfully. As a thirty-year-old 'comer', her eyesight (intuition) was much stronger than that of Wang Mei. So if even Wang Mei could perceive Ji Xueqing's concern for Yin Xiu, how could Zhao Yan not feel it. But she could only say these words because she drank a lot of alcohol. Zhao Yan would never ask Ji Xueqing this question so recklessly if she was sober right now. Ji Xueqing did not drink much beer and her mind was still very clear. Naturally, she can hear the deep meaning behind Zhao Yan's words. "Sister Yan, what are you talking about?! Yin Xiu and I are just good friends." Ji Xueqing felt a rush of heat from her cheeks, and her already blushed cheeks suddenly became more rosy. "Hehe." Zhao Yan smiled and didn't try to pester Ji Xueqing. She instead just said, "Ms Ji, have you heard of the saying 'Flowers fall in spring?' In fact, we women are the same a lot of times." (TL: PS I literally made that saying up since I'm an uncultured swine when it comes to sayings and Chinese culture) She paused for a bit before continuing, "I think that Yin Xiu is a very good person, although I don't know what his background is, I can feel that his temperament is very unique. Although he is peaceful, he exudes the aura that is not inferior to those big shots (rich/powerful leaders or people). My guess is that he shouldn't be a small character~" Zhao Yan clicked her tongue in the end and didn't continue. Ji Xueqing's face flushed, but Zhao Yan's words echoed repeatedly in her mind. Some time later, the two came out of the bathroom and walked back to their room. However, the two did not realize that a man was paying attention to them not far behind them. "It's actually her? This b*tch, since I met her here, then don’t mind if I do, hehe..." The man sneered, and quietly followed Ji Xueqing and Zhao Yan to the outside of their room, watching the two enter. An evil glint flashed in the man’s eyes, he took out his phone from his pocket. "B*tch! How dare you refuse me, your daddy!? See how this daddy will 'play' with you tonight, haha!" The man quickly dialed a number. His face showed a sinister sneer. He stared at the room where Ji Xueqing and the others were in, sneering again and again... If Ji Xueqing or any of the employees saw this man, they will certainly recognize this man. He was Li Mingwei, the one who failed in his pursuit for Ji Xueqing. He was also the owner of 'Xianchuang Game Production Company' next door! "Ms. Ji, you are back. Do you want to continue playing dice? "When Ji Xueqing and Zhao Yan came back, the people who were playing dice greeted them. Ji Xueqing walked over and sat with Yin Xiu, saying: "Of course, let's continue!" Yin Xiu felt a burst of fragrant wind hit him, as Ji Xueqing placed one arm over his shoulder to reach to the other side. She said:" Yin Xiu, help me take the dice cup." Originally, Ji Xueqing was sitting on the other side of Yin Xiu. But now she changed seats and was now sitting opposite from her original seat. (Basically, if she was sitting on Yin Xiu's left before, then she was on his right now after going to the bathroom. In this change of sitting position, she has to reach out for her dice cup that was in her original seat which is on Yin Xiu's left, and hence her placing her arm over his shoulder) "Okay..." As Ji Xueqing approached, Yin Xiu suddenly felt his heart getting slightly restless, but he calmed down immediately and helped Ji Xueqing get her dice cup. Ji Xueqing didn't seem to notice this until after the fact. After reaching out to take the dice cup that Yin Xiu handed over, her body was still squeezed against Yin Xiu’s, and her arm was still resting on Yin Xiu's shoulder. Her cheeks were flushed. Her attractive red lips opened slightly, "Come on, let's continue…"

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