Chapter 30: First Party. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Bandung Building, Xianzi Skin Care Co., Ltd.

Ji Xueqing looked at her colleagues. She clapped her hands to gather their attention and then said, "Alright everyone, I have some good news!"

Good news?

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at Ji Xueqing.

With a smile on her face, Ji Xueqing said, “Our company’s sales performance last month has exceeded the 800,000 yuan mark, so I decided to celebrate with everyone tonight. In addition, all the expenses will be shouldered by the company!"

"Yeah! This is great!"

"Long live Manager Ji!"

The dozen plus employees of Xianzi Co. cheered excitedly. This was indeed good news.

Ji Xueqing couldn't help showing a faint smile as she watched these cheering people. Going out to celebrate won't cost too much, and it can help enhance uniting everyone and sense of belonging.

After all, the overall performance of the company depends on the hard work of these employees, so she has to treat them well.

"Alright alright, settle down now. I know everyone is happy and excited, but continue to work for now. We shall enjoy ourselves to the fullest right after!" Ji Xueqing said.

Soon, everyone quieted down and started working again.

"Yin Xiu, are you free tonight? How about coming with us?" Ji Xueqing turned around and asked Yin Xiu who was next to her.

Of course, Yin Xiu was free, so he nodded and accepted her invitation, "Un, I'm free. I'll go." 

At 5:30 in the afternoon, Ji Xueqing made everyone leave work half an hour earlier. This was for the people who needed to go back and change. While those who were not going to change clothes, followed Ji Xueqing and Yin Xiu to the hotel where the location had been reserved.

Around half past six, all those who went back to change clothes arrived at the hotel. So Ji Xueqing asked the waiter to start serving the dishes...

A dozen people were sitting around a large round table, the atmosphere was very warm and lively.

It was already half past seven when the meal was over. Ji Xueqing booked a room at a nearby KTV, so everyone did not immediately leave after dinner. After sitting and resting for a while, they all went to the KTV.

It is the first time that Yin Xiu has participated in such a collective activity, and felt a bit strange.

When they arrived at the KTV place, they entered their room. The 'Maiba's' (singers or those who like KTV) immediately surrounded the karaoke machine. The KTV waiter also delivered a variety of snacks, fruit platter, some drinks and beer.

"Handsome Yin, here, have a go..."

A young woman of about 30 years old, who was sitting next to Yin Xiu, held two bottles of beer in her hand and handed one of them to Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu remembered the young woman's name to be Zhao Yan. She was the one who's usually speaking and active. 

"Zhao Yan, your alcohol tolerance shouldn't be too good, right?" Yin Xiu asked with a smile while looking at the other party.

Zhao Yan pursed her lips and replied, "It’s fine... I may have already taken some moments ago, but today is the first time that you have participated in our collective activity since you came to the company. Naturally, I have to greet you well. Right, sisters?"

Zhao Yan held the bottle back and yelled to the group of girls behind her.

"Yes! Sister Yan is right, Yin Xiu, this is the first time Sister Yan has a drink with you, so you must accompany her!"

Zhao Yan immediately heard the roaring response behind him.

Zhao Yan retracted her hand holding the bottle, and looked at Yin Xiu with a smile. She said, "Handsome Yin, what do you think? Did you hear the voices of our sisters? Come on, let's have a go..."

"Can I even say no?" Yin Xiu smiled slightly, "Obviously not. Alright, I'll drink."

After speaking, Yin Xiu clinked bottles with Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan then took the lead in raising the bottle and downing it.

Yin Xiu glanced at her, held the bottle and drank it unhurriedly.

The others saw it, and they all called him out to down it faster.

Ji Xueqing sat on the other side of Yin Xiu, watching with a smile on her face.

Although Yin Xiu's drinking seemed unhurried, there is no interruption in the process of his drinking. He doesn't need to be like ordinary people, such as Zhao Yan, who from time to time, need to breathe before drinking again. He can just drink it at one go.

Therefore, although it seems that Zhao Yan was drinking more vigorously, Yin Xiu finished drinking his bottle first. He turned the empty bottle upside down and put it aside. On the other hand, Zhao Yan's bottle still has some left and she still hasn't finished. 

When the others saw Yin Xiu finishing so fast, they suddenly yelled with excitement.

Soon, Zhao Yan finally finished drinking her bottle. After putting down the bottle, she took a long breath with a slight redness appearing on her cheeks. She looked at Yin Xiu and said, "Handsome Yin, you really did great! It seems that you've hidden yourself quite well...!"

Zhao Yan gave Yin Xiu a thumbs up.

Yin Xiu smiled. At this time, another person squeezed over with a bottle.

"Yin Xiu, you are my idol. So please allow me to drink with my idol today!" The person who squeezed over was surprisingly Wang Mei. Unknowingly, she already stuffed another bottle into Yin Xiu's hand.

Seeing this, Ji Xueqing hurriedly stopped her, "Wang Mei, Yin Xiu just finished a bottle with Sister Zhao Yan, give him some time to rest..."

Wang Mei smiled and said, "President Ji, didn't you see Yin Xiu's prowess just now? Yin Xiu didn't even breathe and drank it all in one go. This should be a trivial matter to him!"

Seeing that Ji Xueqing was still a little worried, Yin Xiu comforted her, "It's okay. Wang Mei is right, it was just a bottle of beer, it's not a big deal. "

"This... okay!" Since Yin Xiu said so himself, Ji Xueqing didn't stop him anymore. But she still reminded him, "But don't force it if you can't anymore, just drink it later."

"Don't worry." Yin Xiu smiled slightly. Not to mention beer, even if it was 53% liquor, it would be no different than drinking boiled water for Yin Xiu.

His body automatically refines the alcohol, so he won't be drunk by this ordinary alcohol.

"Great! Indeed worthy of being my idol, really bold and domineering! Come, let's have a go." Wang Mei said with a smile, and took the initiative to clink bottles with Yin Xiu. 

The two of them downed their bottles. Wang Mei's cheeks were slightly red, but again, Yin Xiu still drank his all in one breath. He already had two bottles of beer, but he still looks relaxed and calm.

This surprised the others.

Wang Mei and Zhao Yan immediately winked at the others next to them, hinting. Obviously these women were determined to defeat Yin Xiu, their only male colleague. 

As expected, the others followed and also found various reasons to drink with Yin Xiu. But Yin Xiu still downed them all in one go. 


Ji Xueqing looked worried and wanted to stop Yin Xiu several times. However, since Yin Xiu was fine, Ji Xueqing held herself back. Ji Xueqing saw him down bottle after bottle, all in one go, but was still fine, as if nothing happened. So she pressed down the worries in her heart.

Almost everyone had drunk beer and the atmosphere became even more active. Wang Mei noticed that Ji Xueqing wanted to stop Yin Xiu several times, so she couldn't help but smile and leaned on the side of Ji Xueqing. She said, "Hehe, President Ji, I see that you seem to care about Yin Xiu very much. Us sisters have never realised that you care so much about Yin Xiu until now!" Ji Xueqing, who had been paying close attention to Yin Xiu's situation, suddenly heard what Wang Mei was saying in her ear; and her face suddenly became awkward. 

She blushed slightly and stared at Wang Mei. "What nonsense are you talking about! Didn't you see how many bottles Yin Xiu drank already? Even if he is a cow, he won't be able to stand after this!"

If it was at normal times, Wang Mei would be afraid if she's being stared at Ji Xueqing, but now,  she has some 'alcohol energy' in her bloodstream. Of course, the most important thing she noticed was Ji Xueqing’s flushed face and not her stare, so she laughed and said without fear: "Miss Ji, don’t change the subject, I see you blushing shyly. Hehe! President Ji, you like handsome Yin, right?"

"But I have to say, handsome Yin is indeed very handsome. He is simply an idol that can capture young women's hearts in a flash. If it were not for me knowing that I am not worthy of him, I would've chased after him long ago!"

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