Chapter 28: Sparring (1). 
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Listening to Gu Shuyao's words, Yin Xiu felt a little funny. But after thinking about it a few times, with Gu Shuyao's personality... The situation was probably like what she said.

The two stayed in the cafeteria for about ten minutes after having breakfast and 'rested their meals'. 


Gu Shuyao said: "Let's go get the keys first, as the gym should still not be open..."

When Yin Xiu heard, he was surprised. He asked: "You have the key to the gym?"

"Yes... Since I often go to the gymnasium to practice, and I'm the current president of our school's Wushu Association. It's not so surprising that I have the gymnasium key."

Gu Shuyao simply understated it. There was still one more thing that she didn't say, that was, the vice president of Yinhai University is her relative...

"Okay." Yin Xiu followed Gu Shuyao and left the canteen together.

Perhaps it was because of Gu Shuyao's high profile in Yinhai University. But the many students passing by, that saw Yin Xiu and Gu Shuyao walking together and talking, casted curious and surprised looks.

Gu Shuyao was probably used to these kinds of gazes, and didn’t care at all. Yin Xiu was uncomfortable at first, but then he got used to it and ignored it.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived at the girl's dormitory of Yinhai University.

Gu Shuyao said: "Wait for me here first, I will go up to the dormitory to get the key and come back down."

"No problem." 

Gu Shuyao went into the girls' dormitory, while Yin Xiu simply walked towards the stone steps next to him and sat down.

It's almost eight o'clock in the morning. And at this time there were quite a few girls going in and out of the girl's dormitory. Seeing Yin Xiu sitting next to the gate of their dormitory, many looked over unconsciously.

Of course, this is also due to Yin Xiu's face. To put it simply, he's a 'fresh meat'! His looks were handsome and naturally attracted their gazes.

After about ten minutes, Gu Shuyao finally walked out of the dormitory.

She saw Yin Xiu sitting on the stone steps and called: "Yin Xiu, let 's go!"

"Okay!" Yin Xiu got up and walked towards Gu Shuyao.

"The beauties in our school are pretty good, right?"

Gu Shuyao suddenly asked such a sentence, which made Yin Xiu startled.

Yin Xiu couldn't help but smile in response, he said, "It's okay. But to be honest, I didn't really pay much attention."

"Really?" Gu Shuyao glanced at Yin Xiu, the corners of her mouth faintly curled revealing a hint of playfulness.

"Don’t all of you guys like to see beautiful women? Especially in summer, beautiful women wear less clothes, and you can see more of the white and tender 'areas'. Or are you perhaps Dongfang Bubai? So many beautiful women were in front of you, dangling back and forth but you didn't even look at them?"

Although Yin Xiu had never read Jin Yong's work himself, he at least knew what kind of character this "Invincible East" was, from the memory of the person who he had used soul search on.

(Simply put she's asking if he has no brother down there. See here for full context: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dongfang_Bubai) 

Hearing Gu Shuyao's banter, he suddenly laughed dumbly. He tilted his head slightly and said: "There is already a beauty by my side so why would I go looking at others? Plus, if I remember correctly, aren't you the 'Cold-Faced Goddess' of the Economics and Management Department? With a goddess already by my side, what else can I ask for?" 

Gu Shuyao did not expect that the conversation would be reversed, and she was teased by Yin Xiu instead.

Regarding this, she felt that Yin Xiu's banter didn't have any ambiguity and was purely teasing her back for what she did. He was only following along her words with no other thoughts in mind. 

"If it was another person who said this to me, I would've definitely thought that the other party has other thoughts in mind, and was deliberately flattering me. But I can feel that you are different from those types of people."

Yin Xiu smiled slightly, he said in response to her 'evaluation', "Doesn't that show that I am being 'too' sincere? Who knows? You might be wrong and I might be deliberately lowering your guard..."

Gu Shuyao curled her lips, rolled her eyes slightly, and muttered softly, "You cheeky guy!" 

The two soon arrived at the gymnasium. Gu Shuyao took out the key and opened the door.

It was only past eight o'clock, and was still considered early so there were only a few people outside the gym.

"Do you want to take a break first, or should we start now?" Gu Shuyao looked back at Yin Xiu and asked.

Yin Xiu said: "I'm good. We can start now."

"Alright. Then let's go over there and then start. I'm really curious to what extent your strength is." Gu Shuyao was a little expectant.

"Didn't I say it many times already? There should be no one in this world who is stronger than me. It's just that you don't believe me..."

"Bahh, who can you fool?" Gu Shuyao rolled her eyes. "You know what? So be it! Let me test your 'no one is stronger than me' right now." 

"Hehe..." Yin Xiu just smiled.

"Then let's get started! "Gu Shuyao and Yin Xiu stood face-to-face. Gu Shuyao got into her fighting stance.

Yin Xiu made a casual gesture of 'please' with a calm expression. Naturally, Yin Xiu's casualness fell in Gu Shuyao's eyes, but she did not dare to look down on him. She inspected Yin Xiu up and down very vigilantly, trying to find his flaws and openings.

Yin Xiu seemed to just stand there casually, just like an ordinary person standing, and Gu Shuyao felt that he was full of flaws. In fact, it was very easy to see. 

However, Gu Shuyao felt that things weren't that simple. After all, Yin Xiu's strength was very powerful in her heart, so how could he easily reveal flaws like this? Such a thing can only be done if one has full confidence and certainty. Hence, Gu Shuyao was cautious. 

Even though she believes that Yin Xiu's strength was much stronger than hers, she does not want to be taken out by Yin Xiu with just a move or two. She wants to at least last for a while more and perhaps even land some blows. 

Yin Xiu was just standing there as he looked at Gu Shuyao with a faint smile. He neither took the initiative to attack nor urged Gu Shuyao. After a while, Gu Shuyao no longer hesitated and in the end, took the lead.

"Ha! "Gu Shuyao shouted, probably to hype herself up, and immediately sent a palm to Yin Xiu. 

Since it was for sparring and training for Gu Shuyao, Yin Xiu naturally did not use much strength. Yin Xiu didn’t step back when he saw Gu Shuyao striking. Instead, he shook off her palm and reached out for Gu Shuyao’s face with his other hand.

At the same time, he advised: "Don't use up all your strength, keep one-third of it. When taking the initiative to attack, you must always be prepared for the opponent's counterattack and leave some strength for defense..." 

As Yin Xiu spoke, his hand gently brushed against Gu Shuyao's cheek. Yin Xiu's speed was controlled to a level comparable to Gu Shuyao's own strength and wasn't too fast. However, since Gu Shuyao already made a mistake from the beginning, she couldn't dodge or block it in time. By the time she noticed Yin Xiu's palm, she had already gotten 'hit' and felt  his fingertips on her cheeks. Gu Shuyao, who has always been cold and arrogant, turned slightly red. Immediately after that, she turned around and sent a punch towards Yin Xiu...

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