Chapter 27: Gu Shuyao's Childhood Sweetheart. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Is he your friend?"

Yin Xiu asked casually as he looked at the fleeing boy. 

Gu Shuyao's cheeks were slightly red, but she soon calmed down. She replied, "Our families have ties to each other, and we grew up together. Since we are familiar with each other, that guy's mouth usually spouts nonsense without a filter."

The second half of Gu Shuyao's sentence can be considered as an explanation to what had just happened moments before.

Yin Xiu didn't really care about the boy's words, so he simply smiled at her explanation, "I figured, I can see it at a glance. He also seemed to have studied martial arts? I felt that his breath was stable. His attainments in martial arts should be pretty good."

"Yes, he's like me and studies martial arts. Both of our families have a martial arts background. But his family is much more powerful compared to ours.”

"I heard from my grandfather that his family used to have a very, very powerful master. It is said that the master broke through the innate realm. That ancestor master then passed down some very powerful martial arts and mental training techniques. That's why his (Shuyao's friend) strength is always stronger than mine. He's already now at the Marrow Refinement Stage…" Gu Shuyao said.

"Okay." Yin Xiu nodded and silently agreed. He already knew her friend's level. Although he didn't use his spiritual sense to investigate, Yin Xiu's inference was enough to accurately judge the other party's cultivation level.

Gu Shuyao continued: "I used to hear my grandfather mention how powerful the ancestor in his (Shuyao's friend) family was. It can even be described as 'Otherworldly'."

"Now that you've said it like that, I'm now a little curious, hehe." Yin Xiu smiled slightly.

"Right?" Gu Shuyao agreed with him, "I too am very curious. When I heard my grandfather talk about this before, I always yearned to see such a master who surpassed the innate realm, that would be a wonderful experience." 

"But unfortunately, I can only keep this in my heart, haha..."

Yin Xiu asked: "From what you're saying, that ancestor in his family should still be around right?"

If a really long time had  passed, Gu Shuyao wouldn't have believed her grandfather's words so deeply.

Gu Shuyao nodded and replied: "Yes, the ancestor of his family was born in the last century, so he should still be in this modern time. My grandfather said these things when I was young. Plus, the ancestor of his family is from the same generation of my grandfather, so there should be no question in its authenticity."

Yin Xiu smiled and said: "You got me even more curious now. Haha. What is the name of the ancestor in his family? Maybe I know of him..."

"You?" Gu Shuyao shook her head, "That ancestor is already over decades old and is nearly a hundred years old, so how would you know? Besides, I also don't know the name of that ancestor."


Yin Xiu smiled and did not continue the topic because the two had already walked into the cafeteria.

"Do you want to eat anything other than the porridge? Just order, no need to be shy." Gu Shuyao asked.

Yin Xiu didn't really care about whatever he eats. He replied, “No, just a bowl of porridge is enough.”

"Okay, then line up with me. Let's use my card.”


Yin Xiu then lined up with Gu Shuyao. There were also many students waiting to get  breakfast in the cafeteria. 

It was only after queuing for about three to four minutes, did Gu Shuyao and Yin Xiu finally get their turn.

The two each asked for a bowl of porridge, and Gu Shuyao swiped her card and paid for the food. After that, they looked around for a seat. 

"There." Gu Shuyao said and then walked to an empty table near the door.

"By the way, are you free today?" Gu Shuyao suddenly asked right after sitting down.

Yin Xiu looked at her and replied, "I am free. Why, is there something?" 

"Yeah." Gu Shuyao continued, "If you don't mind, can we spar later? There's no one in the school to spar with. I'm still unfamiliar with actual combat."

Yin Xiu smiled, who would've thought that Gu Shuyao wanted him to be a sparring partner for actual combat...

"Well, I don’t have anything to do today anyway. So I agree with being your sparring partner."

Yin Xiu, who's at the pinnacle of the Body Tempering Stage (previously tled as Xiantian), actually served as a sparring partner for a little martial artist who hasn't even completed the Foundation Building Stage. If the practitioners in the cultivation world come to know of this, they would've been scared out of their wits and p*ss themselves.

(Xiantian was a temporary guess because I couldn't find any resources that matched the raw of it, which is 体期巅峰的修真者. I even asked fellow tl's and they too were confused. In the end, I just used the term above from Novel Updates user Null.) 

But as Yin Xiu said, he was free today. Plus, it's not like he'll literally fight Gu Shuyao. He'll just play around with her for a bit.

"That settles it then! Let's take a break first and then go to the gymnasium after. The space there is big enough, and few people also go to the gym in the morning, so we won't be watched by many people."

Gu Shuyao said immediately.

"Alright, let's follow your arrangements."

Yin Xiu agreed, but he couldn't help asking: "I heard you say that there is no one to spar with at school. Don't you have your friend from before? He is much stronger than you, so as long as he is careful and controls the situation, no one would get hurt easily. Why not spar with him?"

The ideal situation for sparring was to have a stronger side, so that he/she can control the situation. Because if both parties have equal strength, it would be hard to hold back and they could accidentally hurt each other.

"Him? Don't mention him, that guy is a slacker, he doesn't want to spar." After a pause, Gu Shuyao continued: "Moreover, that guy is a bit afraid of me. Didn't you see that face just now? If I really force him to spar with me, he will definitely run away immediately."

"Hmm? Why is he afraid of you?"Yin Xiu was curious.

Gu Shuyao pursed her lips, "It's actually very simple. I used to bully that guy every day when we were young." So now, even though he's stronger than me, he's still scared of me. Since we both grew up together, every time I was upset, I would usually go to him and beat him up vent. But over time, he started to become clever; when he realized that I was in a bad mood, he would hide away."  

Gu Shuyao continued: "Since our two families are very close, we are childhood friends. My family and his family originally wanted for us to tie the knot and marry, but both I and him knew that we only have a brother-sister relationship. And that there was no possibility of me and him marrying... In addition, that guy is probably afraid of being bullied by me. So, when he heard his parents planning this, he immediately cried out and begged them not to and to stop. He also made it clear to his family that I am just his sister and nothing more. The matter was soon ceased. That guy told me these things himself. Of course, if he wasn't so bright and really agreed, I would've beaten him to death."

Gu Shuyao's tone was fairly plain throughout her narrative, but the last half of her last sentence was said in a 'domineering' tone!

I guess she was indeed called the "Cold-faced Goddess" for a good reason. Her cold and arrogant, and domineering style was indeed not something ordinary people can "control"...

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