Chapter 22: Idol. 

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"Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to everyone, Yin Xiu. He will be my assistant in the future. Please welcome your new colleague!" Ji Xueqing introduced Yin Xiu to the rest of the employees. 

When they heard Ji Xueqing's introduction, they paused as they looked at Yin Xiu in surprise.

But they soon awoke from their stupor and applauded in succession, showing their welcome.

They couldn’t believe that he's actually a newly recruited assistant!

The employees who had speculated about Yin Xiu's identity before, were shocked to their cores.

"Yin Xiu, introduce yourself and come meet everyone." At this moment, Ji Xueqing said to Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu nodded slightly, he stepped forward a little and said, "Hello everyone, my name is Yin Xiu. My surname is the same Yin of Yi Yin, as in 'spiritual practitioner'. I look forward to working with you all."

Yin Xiu was very polite and formal in his introduction.

At that time, a voice suddenly sounded, "Hey handsome, don't you worry. If you're having trouble with something, we will definitely help you!"

"That's right! Our company is very friendly. Boss Ji seemed to have recruited a 'pure' man this time."

"What 'man,' stop talking nonsense. He's clearly a handsome 'god,' an idol!"

"Hey, Wang Mei, don't you already have an idol? Why is it that right after you saw a handsome 'god,' you suddenly changed your mind?"

"Ha ha!"


The place then immediately filled with laughter.

Ji Xueqing's company was basically composed of women. Out of the dozen employees, there was not a single man.

Being teased like this, Yin Xiu just smiled in reply, not showing any embarrassment.

However, the female employee named 'Wang Mei' had a reddish face at the moment; she rebuked her colleagues, "I called him my idol, so what? Is there a problem?"

"Then how many more idols would you have? Apart from Yin Xiu, there's also Huo XX, Lin XX and Wang XX. Basically, as long as they are handsome, they are your idol! Humph! This is indeed the era of 'looks are everything,' even sister (Wang Mei) is so capricious!"

The rest laughed, they even held their stomachs after laughing so much. 

"Wang Mei, you are really direct. You really publicly announced to someone, face to face, that he is your idol, giggle~"

"Yeah Wang Mei, you have so many idols already, do you like them all?"

"Tsk, the difference is love! Do you understand? He's an idol, not a boyfriend! Who stipulated that one can only have one idol?" Wang Mei justified, leading the women to giggle further. 

Ji Xueqing shook her head helplessly. She looked at Yin Xiu beside her and said, "Yin Xiu, please don't mind them. They're only joking around and mean no harm."

"I know." Yin Xiu smiled and said, "It seems that everyone's relationship is quite good, they're very harmonious."

"Un. You also know that I am not a very serious person, who likes to be arrogant and straight-faced all day long. So I usually get along with everyone, being more casual and the atmosphere of the company is also relatively relaxed." Ji Xueqing said with a smile.

"Boss Ji, there's flowers for you. These came from the florist..."

At this time, the Receptionist sister came in holding a bouquet of gorgeous flowers and said to Ji Xueqing.

"Wow, a bouquet of roses! How beautiful!"

"No matter how beautiful they are, they're not for you. Just envy it, haha!"

"Humph, they are not for you either. So just join me in envying it, giggle~" 

"Little Jiajia, since you like to be with me so much, let's kiss. Come, muah!"

It was easy for young women to chatter endlessly when they get together. And since Ji Xueqing herself was still in her early 20's, she was lenient towards their actions. 

Of course, the main reason why she's lenient was that, although they were lively at times, they were serious when they worked.

These groups of girls naturally prefer to work in a relatively relaxed environment. So unless it was necessary like working, Ji Xueqing didn’t want to make the company's atmosphere become too serious.

"Xiaomin, distribute the flowers to everyone..." Ji Xueqing just glanced at the bouquet before saying faintly.

"Understood!" The Receptionist sister smiled and replied. She happily held the bouquet, walked over, and "divided" it among the girls.

"Hee hee, thank you Boss Ji for the flowers! If this continues, we don't even need to spray air fresheners in the future; as people would just send us free (fragrant) roses every day!"

"True! However, that Li Dashao from the company next door, is really persistent. He already knows what would happen to the flowers after they're sent, but he still insists on sending them every day!"

"He shouldn't be caring about spending this much money. And people also naturally tend to not give up so easily if they feel that there is still some chance."

"Okay, okay, it's time to go to work!"

Ji Xueqing shook her head and shouted at the girls who were gossiping endlessly.

Then, she turned to Yin Xiu: "Yin Xiu, come to the office with me first. I will inform you of the work that you will be responsible for in the future."


Yin Xiu followed Ji Xueqing and walked back to her office. The girls also stopped gossiping,  went back to their desks, and started working. They may be chatty but after Ji Xueqing spoke, they all started to work very seriously.

"Yin Xiu, this is some relevant information about the makeup brand represented by our company. You can check it out first." After walking back to the office, Ji Xueqing handed over a document to Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu took it and replied, "I will."

Ji Xueqing continued: "While you look, I’ll sort out the other things. I'll give you some other information you need to know later."


Yin Xiu sat in a chair and began to read the information in his hand.

If he used his spiritual knowledge (could also be spiritual sense), the contents of the documents can be read all at once. But Yin Xiu didn't do it. Anyway, he had nothing to do for the time being, so it was better to just sit and read the information slowly.

Otherwise, even if he finished it instantly, he still has to put on a show and pretend to read for Ji Xueqing, as he can't possibly tell her that he finished in mere seconds.

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