Chapter 21: Xianzi. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Bandung building.

This sixteen-story office building was located on the east side of Yinhai University, about a fifteen minute walk.

Yin Xiu and Ji Xueqing first ate breakfast together before going inside Bandung Building at about 8:50 am.

"Xueqing, the company where you work, is it in this building?"

Yin Xiu looked up at the building and asked.

"Yes." Ji Xueqing nodded, and smiled at Yin Xiu: "Follow me."

The two then walked into an elevator, and Ji Xueqing pressed the 13th floor. Moments later, the elevator opened. They have reached the 13th floor.

"It's here, come with me." Ji Xueqing led the way. 

On a side note, this was Yin Xiu's first time experiencing an elevator. This further cemented the fact that this current era was really advanced in all aspects.

When he heard Ji Xueqing's words, Yin Xiu snapped out of his thoughts, "Oh, OK."

After replying, he suddenly remembered something and continued his words. He asked: "By the way, Xueqing, what does your company do?"

"You will know later." Ji Xueqing replied to Yin Xiu with a smile.

Soon, Yin Xiu followed Ji Xueqing to an office, the characters 'Xianzi Skin Care Co., Ltd.' on the door were very conspicuous.

"Xueqing, is this your company? It's about skin care?" Yin Xiu couldn't help but ask.

Ji Xueqing smiled at Yin Xiu and said, "Yes. However, we are only an agent for beauty and cosmetics and do not produce it ourselves. Come in."

"Hmm." Yin Xiu nodded and went in with Ji Xueqing.

At this time, a sister wearing a black professional suit was standing behind the reception desk. After seeing Ji Xueqing come in, this sister quickly smiled and greeted Ji Xueqing. "Boss Ji, good morning!"

"Good morning!"

Ji Xueqing casually replied and continued to walk into the office.

Yin Xiu's eyes flashed a trace of surprise as he looked at Ji Xueqing. Listening to the girl's words and tone, Ji Xueqing should be the general manager of this company, right?

Ji Xueqing is general manager of a company! This fact really surprised Yin Xiu. Even though this company doesn't seem that big, you have to consider that it is centered in beauty and cosmetics.

No wonder she was so sure yesterday that it was ok to recruit himself into the company.

Yin Xiu continued following Ji Xueqing and went in.

The receptionist sister looked at their backs with curiosity.

"Who is that man? It seems that he's quite familiar with Boss Ji. Is he Boss Ji's boyfriend?"

"Well, he IS very handsome, and is very compatible with Boss Ji!" This sister gossiped. 

"Boss Ji!"

"Boss Ji, good morning!"


Inside the office were about eight employees. When they saw Ji Xueqing arrive, they all looked up and greeted her. Yin Xiu, who was following behind Ji Xueqing, naturally garnered everyone's surprise and curiosity. 

Ji Xueqing greeted her colleagues with a smile, and then took Yin Xiu directly to her office.

As soon as Ji Xueqing and Yin Xiu disappeared, the employees immediately started whispering amongst themselves.

"Hey, who is the man that Boss Ji brought? He looks very handsome."

"Who knows? But I agree with you, he is really handsome. Especially his eyes, I felt like there's a spark when I looked at him."

"There you go again... You better stop, he's probably Boss Ji's boyfriend. You shouldn't let Boss Ji hear this."

"Hee hee, I know, I know. Anyways, if Boss Ji did become aware, it would be because of you blabbering."


Naturally Ji Xueqing couldn't hear the gossiping outside her office space. However, it couldn’t escape Yin Xiu's ears. Yin Xiu's mouth twitched slightly in response to the gossip...

"Yin Xiu, sit down first. Would you like something to drink?"

Ji Xueqing put her bag down and said to Yin Xiu.

"No need." Yin Xiu, "I heard them call you Boss Ji just now. Are you the general manager of this company?"

"I am! Why, don't you like it?" Ji Xueqing sat on an armchair and grinned at Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu waved his hand, "No, that's not it. It's just that, you are so young. You should have just graduated from college  a year or two ago. Also, you usually give off the feeling of being gentle and quiet, and don't seem to be an overbearing boss."

"Hehe, it seems that your impression of me is quite good!" Ji Xueqing smiled and then said, "To tell you the truth, I actually started this company myself. So... How can I not be the general manager?"

Yin Xiu's eyes flashed a trace of surprise. He looked at Ji Xueqing saying, "You started your own company... You are a strong and independent woman!"

"Hey, what's with the strong and independent woman? As you can see, the scale of this company is still very small, and we only have a dozen people total. In addition, the company's business only represents the agency’s right of a second-line makeup brand in Yinhai City and has limited business ability."

"To be honest, I have no choice but to give myself a chance. As for whether the company will be successful... I'm not too sure."

Ji Xueqing gave a faint wry smile.

Yin Xiu nodded, "It's really hard to make the company bigger as someone else's brand agent. If you want to be a big company, you have to have your own independent property rights and products."

"But it's not easy to create your own product. The money that needs to be invested in product research and development is not something I can afford right now."

Yin Xiu consoled: "Don't be so pessimistic. You are still young. Since you already have the courage to start a company yourself, it is already a very good step."


Ji Xueqing smiled, "Later, you will be my assistant and help me deal with some documents; including arranging meetings... And such jobs. You should get used to it first. If you don't understand anything, you can ask me at any time. I believe that with your ability, you will soon adapt to the pace of work."


Yin Xiu showed a smile. Although he doesn't depend on this job to survive (money for food and housing), the thought of going to work like this every day is quite fulfilling.

At this time, Ji Xueqing suddenly looked at the clock. She got up and said, "Well, everyone in the company should be present by now. Come out with me and get to know everyone."


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