Chapter 20: Agreed. 

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"Alright, let's set up a date and time! When will you be free? Let's go to the company and do the entry procedure."

Ji Xueqing asked.

"I'm free tomorrow." Yin Xiu added, "By the way, do you need an ID to do this entry procedure?"

Ji Xueqing smiled. "Of course."

But after seeing Yin Xiu's expression, she asked with surprise: "You don't have an ID, do you?"

Yin Xiu gave a wry smile and shook his head, "Well... No, I don't have one!"


Ji Xueqing pursed her lips before saying, "Seems about right, since you've been staying in the mountains. Thinking with that context, it is not surprising that you have not applied for an ID. "

"Alright... Just let it be for now. I'll ask tomorrow and try my best to help you get an ID within two days. As for the entry procedures, that can wait until you get your ID card. If you like, you can go to work first."

"That's good to hear. I guess I have to trouble you with this..." Since Ji Xueqing said that she'll help him solve the problem regarding the ID, he agreed since it would save him trouble.

At the beginning, he searched the memory of a man in the alley so Yin Xiu knew the importance of an ID in this current modern China. If he has an ID card, it will only benefit him. 

"You're welcome. It's not a big deal to get an ID. I'll just ask someone, and contact some people. However, you do need to come with me to the Public Security Bureau to go through the necessary formalities."

Ji Xueqing explained.

"Okay, no problem." Yin Xiu nodded.

"That... Why don't you come to the company with me tomorrow and get yourself familiar with the environment first? You'll be my assistant in terms of position. Do you have any requirements for any other treatment?"

"The treatment will be in accordance with the regulations of your company." Yin Xiu replied justly. But her words show that Ji Xueqing's position in the company isn't low.

This made Yin Xiu curious. After all, Ji Xueqing looks young, and since he estimated that she just graduated from college a year or two prior, her position is really intriguing.

"Okay! Then your salary will be 3,000 a month for the time being, is that OK?" Ji Xueqing asked.


Yin Xiu doesn't know whether the salary Ji Xueqing offered was high or low. But he doesn't care about the money anyways. But to answer his question, Ji Xueqing said that giving him 3000 a month is on the high side.

If it was another person, it was absolutely impossible for Yin Xiu to get such a high salary so easily, not to mention that there's normally a probation period.

"Alright, that's decided then." Seeing that Yin Xiu had no objections, Ji Xueqing was rest assured.

They had a good dinner at Ji Xueqing's house. Yin Xiu was fine and didn't eat much, but Xiaoman however, ate till his small belly couldn’t hold anymore and became as round as a ball.

Fortunately, Xiaoman was a spirit beast, and his digestion ability was far from that of ordinary animals. In addition, the energy and various nutrients contained in ordinary ingredients were not much, so there was no need to worry about swelling (and exploding) from excess energy.

Ji Xueqing kept Yin Xiu sitting for a while, chatting after tidying up the table. When it was about nine o'clock in the evening, Yin Xiu got up and went home. 


Ji Xueqing came knocking on the door at eight o'clock the next morning.

After Yin Xiu opened the door, he saw Ji Xueqing dressed in a professional suit. She looked very capable and relaxed. She smiled and said, "Yin Xiu, have you finished washing? Are you ready?"

Last night, Ji Xueqing made an agreement with Yin Xiu to go to the company this morning.

"Yes I'm good. By the way, should I change into a formal set of clothes?" Since Yin Xiu saw Ji Xueqing wearing a formal suit, he couldn't help but ask.

Ji Xueqing looked at Yin Xiu's very casual dress and nodded. "If you have a formal suit, put it on. If none, then it doesn't matter, we'll just buy one on another day. "

"Then please wait a moment."

Yin Xiu said, and immediately ran back to the room.

In the room. 

After Yin Xiu closed the door behind him, he immediately decided to transform his clothes from the cassock (the moon white gown) into a formal suit. His shoes also turned into a pair of black leather shoes!

Because the weather was very hot, Yin Xiu didn't make a suit jacket.

He wore a blue striped shirt on the upper body, a very slim pair of black trousers on the lower body, and a pair of shiny black leather shoes on his feet, making him look a lot more energetic.

Yin Xiu took a look in the mirror on the wardrobe and felt that this dress was really handsome and well designed (it’s modern). Since changing clothes normally takes time, he deliberately dawdled in the room before coming out, as to not make things suspicious.

When Ji Xueqing saw Yin Xiu come out dressed like this, her eyes suddenly lit up. Her beautiful eyes shone with extraordinary splendour.

Yin Xiu was 1.8 meters tall and his figure was slender and symmetrical. So coupled with this suit, he gave off the feeling of being extraordinarily capable.

He looked like a successful elite. His expression also became even more serious and solemn, even somewhat overbearing, like that of a President.

"Yin Xiu, you look so handsome in this!"

Ji Xueqing can't help but praise.

Yin Xiu smiled and said: "Yes, I also think that I am very handsome in this suit."

Although the suit was already introduced to China when Yin Xiu was "young", Yin Xiu was not interested in wearing these trendy things, and only devoted himself to martial arts.

It's the first time in his life that he dressed like this.

"Hehe, you boaster!" Ji Xueqing gave a fake angry look and then said, "Let's go now. The company is only ten minutes away from here. We can go eat breakfast later."

"While we're on the topic, you haven't eaten breakfast yet, right?"

"No!" Yin Xiu smiled and shook his head.

"That's good. Otherwise, I will eat alone, and you will just be watching me. It's terrible even just thinking about it..."

While chatting, Yin Xiu closed the door and went downstairs with Ji Xueqing.

When they arrived downstairs, Ji Xueqing suddenly remembered about Xiaoman and asked, "You're going to work with me, what about Xiaoman? Does he have food when you are not at home? "

"Don't worry, I have prepared a lot of food for Xiaoman. He will eat when he gets hungry." Yin Xiu replied. He did leave a lot of spiritual fruits for Xiaoman at home, and told Xiaoman some words before he came out.

"Great!" Ji Xueqing was relieved. After dinner last night, she really fell in love with Xiaoman's cleverness and cuteness, and became somewhat attached.

She even asked Yin Xiu where she could buy a cute little squirrel like Xiaoman as she wanted to also keep one. 

Ji Xueqing thought Xiaoman was simply a squirrel, and Yin Xiu naturally won't correct it. It's impossible for him to tell Ji Xueqing the true identity of that small 'brute.' 

As for Ji Xueqing's inquiry about where to get one, Yin Xiu just told her that Xiaoman was found in the mountains and was raised and not bought in a pet shop.

Ji Xueqing also understood.

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