Chapter 19: Work?

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Come, drink some soup first and then try my cooking."

Ji Xueqing soon brought a bowl out for Xiaoman, and then used a soup ladle to help Yin Xiu fill a bowl of white gourd with spareribs soup.

When Xiaoman saw Yin Xiu take the bowl, he immediately cried out to Yin Xiu while his tongue was licking his lips from time to time. His eyes stared at the bowl that's filled with fragrant meat bones with covet. 

Ji Xueqing saw his reaction and she couldn't help but laugh, she said. "I will get yours too, don't worry!"

After that, Ji Xueqing picked up the bowl for Xiaoman, and smiled at Yin Xiu: "Is Xiaoman always so greedy? He's so cute. "

Yin Xiu touched his nose and glanced at Xiaoman, who was standing directly on the dinner table, he then said, "Yeah, this little guy is really a glutton."

Ji Xueqing smiled and gave Xiaoman his bowl, before turning her attention back to Yin Xiu again. "Yin Xiu, please have a taste."

"Hmm, it's good."

Yin Xiu took a mouthful of soup. Although it was not very delicious, it was still good. Of course, the reason why this soup wasn't that delicious was mainly due to the ingredients. 

For those who were used to eating all kinds of spiritual fruits and elixirs in the cultivation world, if they eat the soup boiled from the common pork bones in this secular world, they will naturally feel the deficiencies.

Especially since most of the ingredients sold in the market were mixed with various hormones, feeds and so on, so the taste got even worse.

But Yin Xiu didn't pay that much attention to this. He hasn't eaten food for many years, so all he's feeling right now was the aftertaste of a 'delicious' thick soup.

"How does it taste?"

Ji Xueqing asked, she was looking forward to his opinion.

Yin Xiu smiled and put down the bowl, he said to Ji Xueqing: "It's very good, the taste was just right, and the time it was cooked was enough. The soup also has a strong aroma when you drink it..."

"Really? Then you can try another dish..."

Ji Xueqing laughed happily.

The little 'brute' beside Yin Xiu also held his own small bowl and drank a few mouthfuls of soup. His small tongue also licked his lips, he was enjoying himself.

Xiaoman, who had only been eating various spiritual fruits or elixirs, tasted this very different flavor for the first time and obviously liked it very much. After putting down the bowl, he immediately grabbed a piece of rib from the bowl and held it up...

Ji Xueqing looked at the small thing's 'gobbling' appearance and felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Her face was with a smile as she happily looked at Xiaoman with great interest.

Compared with Xiaoman who just buried himself solely in the food, Yin Xiu and Ji Xueqing were chatting during the meal.

Yin Xiu's rescue that night, coupled with the brief conversation between them in the morning, made Ji Xueqing have a good impression of Yin Xiu. Otherwise, she wouldn't have invited Yin Xiu into her home for dinner.

"By the way, Yin Xiu, I seem to remember from this morning’s conversation, that you have been studying 'art' in the mountains. Do you have any plans for the future?"

Yin Xiu shook his head and replied, "I have none for the time being. I just finished settling down temporarily, so the other things will depend on the situation."

And that's the truth. Yin Xiu really has no special goals or plans, at least at present. If you really want him to say something, well that's to have his state of mind complete so that he can take 'that' step and break through to the Ascension Stage. 

(Important TL Note: I previously tled Ascension Stage as Disaster Level which is only half-correct. Sorry for the mistake.) 

This was also one of the reasons why he repaired the teleportation array from the cultivation world, apart from wanting to go home.

It's to make his state of mind perfect... However, this was something that Yin Xiu couldn't do actively.

Or it can even be said that this can't be pursued, since it's like a sudden epiphany in a certain moment that will make him take this step. He may also not be able to take this step even after ten years, better yet, a hundred years.

"You have no plans yet?"

Ji Xueqing murmured when suddenly her eyes brightened. She said to Yin Xiu, "Since you have no plans for the time being, if you don't mind, how about going to work with me? It happens that I still need an assistant to help me deal with some things. You can give it a try if you want."

"If you feel uncomfortable, how about making another plan?"

Yin Xiu didn't expect Ji Xueqing to throw such a proposal so suddenly. However, it can clearly be seen that she really meant what she said. She was not faking it and was genuine.

Though, Yin Xiu was still a little surprised.

"Is this appropriate? As you already know, I have been studying in the mountains, and I don't have a diploma from an outside school. There will be certain deficiencies in certain aspects of my ability. Would I meet the requirements of your company? "

However, Ji Xueqing didn't care much about such things.

She said, "It doesn't matter. The company where I work doesn't value diplomas too much. Diplomas don't mean everything. Besides, even if you don't understand something, you can just ask me and I will teach you!"

Ji Xueqing felt that Yin Xiu seemed to have no relatives or friends in Yinhai City, so she felt it was necessary to give Yin Xiu a hand. At least  she'll help him gain a foothold slowly.

Ji Xueqing still regarded Yin Xiu to be an ordinary person, and since living outside (the mountains) always requires spending money on meals, accommodations etc. Yin Xiu has to have a job to have some savings for all of this. 

Ji Xueqing did this out of pure kindness coupled with a hint of affection for Yin Xiu, she wanted to try her best to give him a hand.

Yin Xiu hesitated a little, but looking at Ji Xueqing's sincere eyes, he decided to listen to her and temporarily work in her company. It's not like he has anything else to do anyway. 

At least he'll get to experience the life of an office worker in modern cities.

Hmm... This should be OK, since perfecting his mind comes naturally and cannot be sought after. If he is just idle all day, it would be very boring. Plus, it was a good choice to find something to do and experience life as an ordinary person.

"Um... I agree. But will it not make it difficult for you? After all, I don't have any diploma. Would your company boss or manager be willing to recruit someone who knows and has nothing?"

Upon hearing Yin Xiu's consent, Ji Xueqing immediately replied happily, "Don't worry, as long as you feel that there's no problem and agree. I can fix everything else. It is not difficult to do, hehe!"

Ji Xueqing smiled with her eyes narrowed into crescents from the happiness she's feeling. She was like an innocent little girl. But considering her age not being that old, about late 20's to mid 30's, it should be somewhat normal for her to act like this. 

After all, this era is very different from Yin Xiu's "youth". Modern girls in this age range probably just got out of college, so they still retained such innocence.

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