Chapter 18: Dinner. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Yin Xiu left Xiaoman at home and let him watch TV, while also leaving some spiritual fruits as snacks. Yin Xiu himself wandered around Yinhai City and felt the breath of a modern city.

Or to be more precise, the smell of smog and vehicle's exhaust...

Yin Xiu didn't go home until five o'clock in the afternoon.

He just sat down when he suddenly heard a knock on the door. Yin Xiu released his spiritual sense and found that it was Ji Xueqing, his next-door neighbor.

"Miss Ji, what can I do for you?"

Yin Xiu opened the door and politely asked.

Ji Xueqing was carrying several small bags in her hand. She said with a smile, "Yin Xiu, you haven't had dinner yet right? I just bought a lot of food. Why don't you come over and we can have dinner together?"

Yin Xiu glanced at the bags in Ji Xueqing's hands and nodded, "Okay, don't mind me brazenly accepting the offer."

"Mm-hmm!" Ji Xueqing squinted and nodded with a smile. "Then I will go back and cook. I'll then come and call you when it is done."

"Sorry for the trouble..." Yin Xiu smiled.

Ji Xueqing shook her head, "Not at all. No need to be polite."

"Oh, yes, Yin Xiu, call me Xueqing directly in the future. Just now, I heard you call me 'Miss Ji', and it felt a bit formal and strange."

"Ha ha, alright. I'll call you Xueqing then." Yin Xiu said with a smile.

"Un... I'll go back to cook now. I'll call you later!"


Ji Xueqing carried the food back to her home, while Yin Xiu also conveniently closed the door.

Since he promised to eat at Ji Xueqing's place later, of course, he wouldn't be disrespectful and not go. He also didn't want to give people the impression that he's distant.

After about an hour, Ji Xueqing came knocking at the door again.

"Yin Xiu, the food is ready, come. Let's eat together!"


At this time, the small 'brute' in the house probably smelled the aroma coming from Ji Xueqing's house next door, and suddenly jumped up. He quickly climbed to Yin Xiu's shoulder and grinned at Yin Xiu's while crying out "Ga Ji, Ga Ji".

The little fellow was in very high spirits after hearing food. After all, he is a first-class spirit beast. Although he was only over five years old, far from being a minor, he is no worse in spirit and intelligence than children of the same age. He naturally could understand what Ji Xueqing words meant.


Ji Xueqing only saw a dark shadow suddenly shoot out of the house, and was immediately startled. When she finally got to clearly see the little 'brute' who climbed onto Yin Xiu's shoulder, she was very surprised.

"Ah! So cute! "

With a light cry of surprise, Ji Xueqing immediately looked at Yin Xiu with bright eyes. She pointed to Xiaoman and asked, "Yin Xiu, is this your pet? So cute!"

"Xiaoman, say hello to sister."

Yin Xiu smiled and said to Xiaoman.

Hearing this, Xiaoman looked at Ji Xueqing and let out a cry. Although the cry of Xiaoman had nothing to do with "Sister", it still made Ji Xueqing giggle.

"It's so cute! It can even understand your words!" Ji Xueqing excitedly looked at Xiaoman with her pretty eyes. It's very obvious that she likes the cute Xiaoman.

"Haha, he is pretty very clever. As long as it is not too complicated and profound, he can understand it." Yin Xiu laughed and patted Xiaoman's little head. 

Xiaoman also seemed to enjoy it as he rubbed his head on Yin Xiu's palm.

Ji Xueqing saw Xiaoman's clever appearance, and this made her like him even more. She couldn't help but ask, "Yin Xiu, can I, can I touch it?"

There was excitement in her tone.

"Sure!" Yin Xiu laughed.

"I, I....."

Ji Xueqing, somewhat nervous, stretched out a finger as she carefully touched Xiaoman. After confirming that Xiaoman didn't get angry or wanted to bite her, she confidently used her whole hand and patted Xiaoman. 

"See, Xiaoman is very obedient." Yin Xiu said with a smile.

"Mm-hmm!" Ji Xueqing repeatedly nodded, her face flushed with excitement, and her white jade hand kept stroking the hair on the back of Xiaoman's head.

"Yin Xiu, is Xiaoman a squirrel? Its fur is so soft and smooth. Touching him is like touching satin and supple suede... "

Ji Xueqing couldn't help but wonder.

Yin Xiu just smiled. Xiaoman is a top grade spirit beast, and has been eating and drinking well with Yin Xiu since childhood. So how can his hair be comparable to that of ordinary animals?

"Ga Ji..."

Ji Xueqing continued to touch Xiaoman for a while.

Xiaoman suddenly let out a cry to Yin Xiu. He held out his small paw and pointed to Ji Xueqing's  opened door. His little nose was twitching slightly.

Ji Xueqing was surprised in seeing Xiaoman's appearance because it was clear that Xiaoman was expressing something to Yin Xiu. After the surprise, Ji Xueqing became curious about what Xiaoman was saying.

She looked up at Yin Xiu and asked, "Yin Xiu, is it talking to you? What does it mean?"

"This little thing smelled the aroma of the food you cooked and got greedy." Yin Xiu laughed.


Ji Xueqing was surprised.

But she soon laughed and smiled. She said to Xiaoman, "Hee hee, let's go and have dinner. Xiaoman, come, sister will take you to eat delicious food!"

Finished saying that, Ji Xueqing led Yin Xiu into her home.

Ji Xueqing lived in a suite with one bedroom and one living room. The living room was spacious, and five fragrant dishes had been set up on the table.

"Come, Yin Xiu, take a seat and make yourself at home."

Ji Xueqing was a good host.

"Xueqing, is it possible to get Xiaoman a bowl?" Yin Xiu sat down and asked. 

"Of course. Wait a minute, I'll get it."

Because she didn't know beforehand that there would be an extra 'guest,' Ji Xueqing only put two pairs of chopsticks on the table.


Xiaoman stood on Yin Xiu's shoulder, pointing to the fragrant dishes on the table with his little claws, twitching his nose, and calling out eagerly.

Yin Xiu had to rub the little guy's head to appease him.

"Stop! I will bring you your own bowl soon."

Yin Xiu had rarely eaten secular food. After all, training can take months and sometimes years, so he's used to not eating. 

Yin Xiu also will not cook his own food just to satiate his appetite, since he does not need to rely on eating to provide energy and nutrition for his body.

Xiaoman didn't have the luck to eat something delicious. Xiaoman always ate spiritual fruits and medicines of all kinds that's given to him by Yin Xiu.

They may be good, but after eating too much, the taste became weak. Now that Xiaoman smelled 'dishes', he naturally couldn't withstand the temptation.

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