Chapter 17: Neighbors.

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Early in the morning. 

Yin Xiu, finally having a good night’s rest, felt refreshed after waking up.

Breathing in the fresh morning air, and occasionally hearing the crisp and sweet chorus of the birds, Yin Xiu walked towards the balcony outside the living room.

While stretching on the balcony, Yin Xiu suddenly noticed a woman doing yoga on the balcony next door. The black tights on her body perfectly outlined her beautiful and slender figure. She was graceful and exquisite...

"It's her ..."

Upon seeing the woman's bright and clean face, Yin Xiu was somewhat dazed from surprise. 

As if feeling Yin Xiu's gaze, the woman looked up. When she saw Yin Xiu, she too was shocked.

She paused and the yoga pose she was maintaining naturally stopped. Her beautiful eyes kept looking at Yin Xiu, flashing with surprise. 

"It's you?"

The woman asked Yin Xiu in surprise.

Seeing that the woman also recognized himself, Yin Xiu smiled as he nodded, "It is me. I wouldn't have thought that you also live here, what a small world!"

The woman was Ji Xueqing! She was the one whom Yin Xiu saved under the overpass that night.


Ji Xueqing nodded hard, and her expression showed how happy she was. Her white face flushed red. "Yes, indeed, what a small world!"

"By the way, when did you start living here? I remember that the two girls who lived there already moved away some time ago, so how come I haven't seen you before?"

Ji Xueqing suddenly thought of something and asked in confusion and surprise. 

"Ha ha....."

Yin Xiu smiled and replied, "That's because I just moved in yesterday."

"Oh Oh, that makes sense!"

Ji Xueqing patted her head, "Then, aren't we neighbors now? Let's keep each other company!"

Ji Xueqing smiled happily as she reached her hand out to Yin Xiu. 

Yin Xiu pursed his lips and replied, "Of course."

"Hey, my faucet is broken and it's really troublesome if I fix it myself... I don't know how~!" Ji Xueqing gave a playful grin.

"Ha ha..." Yin Xiu heartily laughed. "Alright, it's on me."


The two chatted and laughed, the distance between them suddenly got a lot closer. (relationship wise) 

"By the way, I really wanted to thank you for that night." Ji Xueqing took the initiative to mention Yin Xiu saving her.

Yin Xiu replied, "As I've said before, it's fine. Don't trouble yourself with this. You're welcome."


Ji Xueqing just wanted to express her thanks once more, and now that it was already fulfilled, she didn't mention the incident anymore. Instead, she talked about other things. "I forgot to ask you for your contact information that night, so I wasn't able to ask you for a meal afterwards."

"Now that I've met you today, if you don't mind, can I ask for your phone number? I'll invite you to dinner when you are free!"

Ji Xueqing looked into Yin Xiu's eyes sincerely.

However, Yin Xiu's reply was beyond her expectations, "I don't have a phone."

"Er... no phone?"

Ji Xueqing was stumped, but Yin Xiu didn't seem to be lying. If she didn't know of this, she would've thought that Yin Xiu just didn't want to tell her his phone number.

However, is there anyone who doesn't have a phone these days? It was also a young man in his twenties at that!

Since he didn't want Ji Xueqing to misunderstand, Yin Xiu added, "I used to stay in the mountains to learn art, and the mountains have no signal so I didn’t need a phone. However, I will buy a phone later, so how about telling me your number?"

To integrate into the secular world, it was inevitable that he had to deal with people. Yin Xiu doesn't want to be misunderstood now that he finally met someone. If he's aloof and difficult to get along with, and doesn't even want to give his phone number, he'd just be contradicting his purpose of integration. 

"Oh so it's like this."

Yin Xiu's explanation completely convinced Ji Xueqing, and that Yin Xiu didn't provide his phone number was because he didn’t have a phone in the first place. However, Yin Xiu said that he had been studying in the mountains, which surprised Ji Xueqing.

Immediately thinking back to that night, the scene where Yin Xiu sent the stalkers flying in the blink of an eye surfaced. With that, she believed Yin Xiu's words by about eighty to ninety percent.

"So you learned art from the... deep mountains?" Ji Xueqing curiously asked.

"Un. Just came out these past few days. "

"Then what did you learn in the mountains? What art? Did you practice martial arts?" Ji Xueqing can't help but ask out of curiosity. 

"Yeah. But it's not just practicing martial arts, I also learnt some other messy things. In short, it is quite miscellaneous."

"No wonder you were so powerful that night. I couldn't even see what was going on. All I saw was that you sent the stalkers flying away by  at least three meters. It was really amazing. I was really surprised at that time, thinking you must be a "martial arts master", hee hee!"

"Martial arts master?" Yin Xiu smiled, "More or less..."

"By the way, I still don't know your name? My surname is Ji, and my name is Ji Xueqing. What about you? "

"Yin Xiu."

"Yin Xiu?"

"Un. The Yin from Yi Yin the scholar. A spiritual 'practitioner' if you will. Hehe." Yin Xiu smiled.

Also he wasn't lying, that's what his name really means. The name "Xiu" means cultivation and 'practice.' 

This name was actually changed by himself. When he was still a child, his original name was not this one. However, when he got older, he devoted himself to practicing martial arts, so he changed his name to inspire himself.

"Yin, it’s just that this surname is rare."


The two chatted for a while on the balcony.

Ji Xueqing was obviously delighted to meet Yin Xiu again, and the two even became neighbors, so how could she not be excited?

After chatting for more than ten minutes, Ji Xueqing suddenly remembered that she had to go to work.

"Ah, chatting with you almost made me forget the time. I'll go wash up first. I have to go to work. I will chat more with you when I come back! "


"Then, I'll say goodbye first~"


Ji Xueqing gave Yin Xiu a sweet smile as she bounced back to her house like a happy bunny.

Yin Xiu looked at her and also couldn't help but smile. He then looked at the pedestrians and stayed on the balcony for a while before returning to his house.

He doesn't need to eat food and he can also just use Fajue for cleaning. Even excreting (taking a sh*t) was not necessary. All impurities and dirt in Yin Xiu's body can be completely refined and expelled through his pores.

After walking back to the house, Yin Xiu sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

He probably heard the sound of the TV as Xiaoman, who was sleeping on the sofa, woke up and looked at the TV feeling immediately refreshed...

Yin Xiu looked at him, stretched out his hand and patted Xiaoman's head. This little thing got addicted to watching TV.

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