Chapter 9: 200,000. 

"Ronghe Jade Workshop. That's it!"

Yin Xiu stood in front of a jade shop and looked up at the signboard before he walked in.

"Hello, what do you need?" When the clerk of the jade shop saw Yin Xiu enter, she quickly attended him. 

Yin Xiu didn't answer immediately and instead looked casually across the various jade products displayed on the counters. After a while, he raised his head and asked the female clerk who had always looked at him with a smile: "May I ask if you buy jades here?"

The clerk was startled when she heard these words, she asked: "Does sir want to sell jade?"

"Yes, please. I have a fairly good jade I want to sell, I don't know if your shop will accept it." Yin Xiu said calmly.

He came here to sell jade naturally because he wants to exchange it for some money. And although he usually doesn't need to eat or drink, since he had returned to Earth, he has to integrate into the secular life.

And money is essential. 

Even if Yin Xiu really doesn't eat or drink, he still has to find a place to settle down anyway. He can't possibly continue to 'live' on the street or under the overpass.

"Can sir show me the jade he wants to sell?" The clerk's attitude was very good, and she didn't neglect Yin Xiu's refusal to buy anything and instead came to sell stuff.

"Hmmm, yes."

Yin Xiu replied and reached into his trouser pocket. He already took out the jade that he was going to sell from the storage ring prior from coming here.

The jade that Yin Xiu took out was not big, and it was only enough to fit into his pocket.

However, if Yin Xiu put such jade in his storage ring without throwing it away, of course, the quality of it would naturally be not ordinary.

Even though the jade selected by Yin Xiu is already the worst quality among the others in his storage ring, but in this world, the quality of this jade can be considered one of the best, if not best!

When Yin Xiu passed the jade, the clerk who was still smiling and behaving very plainly immediately had her face changed. Her originally random movements and eyes became more cautious.

She held the piece of jade in both hands and looked at it very seriously. The surprise in her eyes grew thicker as she inspected.


After a moment, the clerk let out a long breath. She carefully put the jade on the counter in front of her, before immediately raising her head. She looked at Yin Xiu and said after she took a deep breath, "Sir, are you sure you really want to sell this jade?" 

The clerk dealt with jade all day, so her eyesight wouldn't be bad at recognising value. Although she could not determine the specific value of the jade in front of her, she could basically conclude that the jade is indeed extraordinary.

Whether it is the colour, texture, or the feel when touching it; all are top-notch. It can even be said that even though she has worked in this store for so long already, she has never seen any piece of jade whose quality is comparable to the one in front of her.

"Of course."

Yin Xiu nodded to the clerk affirmatively.

After receiving a positive reply from Yin Xiu, the clerk quickly said, "Sir, please wait a moment. How about I go and ask our manager to come over and talk to you personally?"

"Okay." Yin Xiu gently nodded in reply. 

The clerk first returned the jade to Yin Xiu, and immediately said to another clerk next to her and asked him to entertain the guest. She then hurried to the back office to find the manager.

Yin Xiu sat next to the clerk and after waiting for less than a minute, the clerk led a middle-aged man in his forties out.

"Manager Qin, it is this gentleman who wants to sell jade..." The clerk walked to Yin Xiu and introduced him to the middle-aged man.

"Un." The middle-aged man nodded lightly, and then took the initiative to extend a hand to Yin Xiu. He said: "Hello, I am the manager of Ronghe Jade Workshop. Just now, Xiao Lin told me that you want to sell a piece of jade, am I correct? "

Yin Xiu stood up, shook hands with the man politely, and replied, "Yes."

"Can you show me the jade you want to sell?" Manager Qin asked.

"Of course."

Yin Xiu then handed the jade over to the other party.

When the sharp-eyed Manager Qin saw the jade that Yin Xiu handed over, his eyes instantly lit up. He now believes most of what the clerk named Xiao Lin said to him moments before.

It seemed that this young man in his early twenties did indeed bring a piece of fine jade... 

After receiving the jade that Yin Xiu handed over, Manager Qin became more determined of his judgment as soon as he got it. Although he hasn't taken a closer look yet, the warm touch that it gave him already gave a preliminary judgment on the value of this jade.

Next, Manager Qin, like what the clerk named 'Xiao Lin' did before, took the jade and looked at it carefully. And although his face remained calm. There's already a huge wave in his heart raging.

It's the best suet jade!

It's the kind of jade that's not in the market!

Though, it's a pity that it's size is a little bit small.

Manager Qin felt a little bit of regret in his heart because of this.

"Mr...? Is it convenient to invite you to go to the office for a detailed discussion?" Manager Qin said calmly. It is difficult for ordinary people to see through his emotions from his face.


Yin Xiu replied.

He then followed Manager Qin to the back office.

Yin Xiu naturally did not fear that the other party would 'steal' his jade, nor was he worried that the other party would 'cheat' him. Although he really didn't know the market of jade and isn't that sure how valuable the jade he took out.

But... don't forget that Yin Xiu is a cultivator. And he is also a great figure whose cultivation has reached the peak Xiantian.

For him, there is no need to use too many methods, Yin Xiu could just use a simple 'mind-reading technique' to get the thoughts of the other party's heart clearly.

As an ordinary person, it is natural that Manager Qin could not resist Yin Xiu's "mind-reading."

"Please sit down! However, I still don't know what this little brother's name is?" 

After arriving in the office, Manager Qin immediately gestured Yin Xiu to sit down, his attitude also became a little enthusiastic.

Yin Xiu was not a hard person to deal with, so he sat down directly opposite to Manager Qin. He then said faintly: "The surname is Yin."

"It turned out to be Brother Yin. Come, have a cup of tea first..."

Manager Qin immediately poured some tea for Yin Xiu enthusiastically.

He then went to the topic, "I don't know what price Brother Yin intends to sell this jade for?"

"With the quality of this jade, I think Manager Qin should already be very clear. As for its value, I want Manager Qin to speak of the judgment he has in mind. Manager Qin might as well make a price, and if it's appropriate, why need to spend so much time? I wonder what Manager Qin's decision (price) is?"

Yin Xiu said lightly as he looked at Manager Qin.

"This..." Manager Qin showed a slightly embarrassed look. He then gave a wry smile, "Brother Yin really gave me a challenge here... Well, if that's the case, I won't play like a fool. Brother Yin, the quality of your jade is indeed very good. I don’t deny that. However, it is a little bit small. How about a 'real' price of 80,000 yuan! What do you think Brother Yin?”

Yin Xiu stared straight at Manager Qin, he tapped the desk in front of him lightly with his fingers but did not immediately answer.

Manager Qin didn't seem to be anxious at all. Facing Yin Xiu's direct gaze, his expression remained unchanged, and he looked calm as he waited quietly. He held up the teacup in front of him and blew on it lightly before taking a sip...

At this moment, Yin Xiu's mouth suddenly formed a smile as he said slowly: "The price that Manager Qin offered is not as 'real' as he said. Ayy!" 

After saying that Yin Xiu also picked up his teacup and took a sip. He said: "Only one price, two hundred thousand (200,000)!"

"If Manager Qin thinks that my jade is not worth two hundred thousand, then I won't disturb Manager Qin any longer."

Hearing the price offered by Yin Xiu, Manager Qin smiled bitterly. He thought that Yin Xiu doesn't know much about the market of this jade. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let himself make a price first.

But unexpectedly, the other party is not ignorant of the market, and was instead very clear of it!

The price of 200,000 yuan is the same value that Manager Qin feels acceptable. If it exceeds this price, then the profit of this piece of jade would not be too great.

But what Manager Qin didn't know was that Yin Xiu's price of 200,000 yuan was precise because he used mind reading on Manager Qin. 

With mind-reading, Yin Xiu is completely invincible. No one can fool him.

"Okay. Since Brother Yin is also an expert, then I don't have to spend much time and dilly dally. Two hundred thousand is two hundred thousand! But I don't know if Brother Yin wants a check or bank transfer?"

Since Yin Xiu knew the market, Manager Qin doesn't plan to do anymore bargaining. Although 200,000 yuan is not low, he would still make a lot of money at this price. 

Of course, the more important thing is that the quality of that piece of jade is indeed very rare. He doesn’t necessarily have to sell it immediately, he could also make it a finished product first and then give it as a gift when he needs to in the future to open up some relationship to people.

After all, the best suet jade of this level is hard to come by and is very precious. It's a very good ice breaker. 

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