Chapter 7: Wooden Stake. 

Entering Yinhai University, Yin Xiu walked in the direction of the cedar tree.

Although it is still early, many people are already doing morning exercises. Along the way, Yin Xiu saw people running and exercising on the playground; playing basketball on the court, and he even saw someone alone in the corner holding a pair of nunchakus practicing... A moment later, Yin Xiu came to the cedar tree. Eighty years has passed and the cedar tree has grown very tall, much taller than he remembered.

Standing in front of the cedar tree, one can vaguely see the Chinese character 'Wu' carved on it on one side.

The character "Wu" was actually engraved by Yin Xiu when he was young. This is why Yin Xiu was able to immediately confirm that this cedar tree was the same cedar tree planted in his yard that year.

Nearly a hundred years have passed, and the cedar tree has grown, hence the word 'Wu' isn't clear anymore, with obvious hints of fading.

In addition to the faintly visible engraving of the word "Wu", since Yin Xiu practiced martial arts under the tree, the mark left by his hits on the trunk is also faintly visible, further proving that it's the same tree.

When Yin Xiu was young, he practiced exercises under this cedar tree every day, hitting it like a wooden stake.

Yin Xiu stood still and looked at the very vague traces on the tree. He couldn't help but feel a little dazed, as if he saw himself practicing under the tree when he was young...

With Yin Xiu’s cultivation and his state of mind, probably only these memories can make him feel touched.

"Yu, it's been eighty years already, time passed in a flick of a finger. The vicissitudes of life have already passed, even the traces on the tree have become so fuzzy."

Yin Xiu sighed softly. He couldn't help but reach out and gently stroke the marks. His eyes flashed a hint of reminisce...

'Snap! Pak, pak...'

Suddenly, there sounded a noise that Yin Xiu was so familiar of. He subconsciously looked in the direction of the noise.

In a corner not far away, there was a wooden stake standing upright, and a girl in a training suit was practicing with the wooden stake.

The girl's hair is tied in a ponytail and hung behind her back. Seeing her strikes at the wooden stake, one can see that she has a solid foundation, which is obviously acquired only after years of practice.

Moreover, every strike dealt by the young girl is real and serious. If one have not practiced martial arts for many years, most people cannot bear the pain caused by such strikes. 

"Interesting, I didn't think that there are people practicing martial arts in this school." Yin Xiu stared at the girl for a moment and couldn't help smiling.

Immediately, Yin Xiu walked towards a pavilion not far from the girl, and stood quietly in the pavilion watching the girl practice...

"Hmm... It's okay. From her look, she should be a student, about twenty years old. It's passable to be able to train to this point."

Yin Xiu naturally used ordinary people as the standard. Otherwise, if he judged by the standards of the cultivation world, that girl would not even be considered a drop in the ocean. 

After a while, the young girl seemed to notice that someone was paying attention to her, so she paused slightly, and glanced at Yin Xiu.

Seeing that Yin Xiu was really watching her practice, the girl didn't care, she immediately retracted her gaze and continued to practice.

It was not the first time that people watched her when she was practicing. Often times, people would stop and cast curious eyes when they saw her practice, so the girl didn't care at all.

Or it can also be said that she's already accustomed to it.

Yin Xiu naturally noticed the gaze of the girl. He also calmly continued to watch her practice, as if he didn't worry about whether this would be annoying or not.

About twenty minutes later, the girl panted slightly and stopped.

When the girl found out that Yin Xiu was still standing in the pavilion and looking at her, she couldn't help being slightly surprised.

However, she was just a 'little' surprised as after that, the girl walked to one side of the open space and stood without caring anymore. She took a few deep breaths and smoothed her slightly messy breath. She then showed a starting pose with her hands, and began to practice martial arts...

Yin Xiu watched for a while, he suddenly missed the scene when he was also practicing martial arts at home.

Glancing at the wooden stake next to him, with a thought, he patted Xiaoman standing on his shoulder and walked towards the wooden stake.

Xiaoman got Yin Xiu's signal, and immediately slipped and jumped down, hiding into the pocket of Yin Xiu's pants.

When he walked to the wooden stake, Yin Xiu stretched out his hand and gently caressed the wooden stake, his eyes flashed full of memories.

In front of him, he seemed to see the scene of him practicing exercises against wooden stake when he was young.

Unconsciously, Yin Xiu moved his hands.

His cultivation base has long passed the foundation building stage and he has never really practiced with wooden stakes anymore after entering the Qi stage. But today, after nearly a hundred years, he faced a wooden stake again. He instinctively acted from the distant memories....

Snap! Pak!

Yin Xiu didn't use even the slightest amount of power, otherwise the wooden stake would've already been crushed by him with just one shot.

As his palms and arms struck the wooden stake, dull sounds resounded.

The sudden noise made the girl who was practicing martial arts on one side of the field slightly startled. She stopped her movements and looked over curiously.

When she saw that Yin Xiu was standing in front of the wooden stake practicing, a look of surprise flashed across her bright eyes.

It seems that she didn't expect that the 'boy' who had been standing by and watching her practice just now turned out to be a martial artist.

Of course, Yin Xiu's surprise for her was just beginning.

Yin Xiu's movements were not fast at the beginning, and were only quite satisfactory, not fast nor slow.

However, with only a moment later, the girl found that Yin Xiu's movements started to move faster and faster. His actions showed more of a kind of artistic conception and was like a flowing freehand brushwork. He's like Bob Ross painting painting a landscape. 

Yin Xiu's hands seemed like wind blowing the willows. He was one with calmness and his movements were natural. There was no trace of mechanical, rigid and stiff, movements in him. He seemed to be detached from the world, and was simply enjoying the art.

This made the girl's heart shake and undulate with waves. She found that it was difficult to calm down.

At this time, Yin Xiu was gradually immersed in his practice, and even his thoughts seemed to have returned to when he was young. His eyes also unconsciously closed. His movements were in accordance to his feelings. His hands got faster and faster, and soon, afterimages appeared. It looked like countless hands were striking the wooden stake at the same time.

"Papa Papa..." The sound was continuous, like a firecracker going off. 

However, in the eyes of the ponytail girl, Yin Xiu's movements still did not give her the feeling of rush and urgency, despite it clearly being incredibly fast.

On the contrary, she felt the opposite. He still looked calm and relaxed. Even though countless afterimages were projected, they still seem coherent and flowing.

The eyes of the ponytail girl were wide open, and her bright eyes were full of shock and an unspeakable light.

She had never seen anyone who could practice with a wooden stake to such a degree. There was no mechanical moves and only a special artistic conception of natural harmony and integration with the surroundings.

"That's amazing! Who is he..." The ponytail girl looked at Yin Xiu with a pair of wide-open eyes and muttered to herself.

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