Chapter 6

"What's the matter?"

Yin Xiu had already picked up the bag and the phone from the ground when he heard Ji Xueqing's cry. He couldn't help but turn around and ask.

Ji Xueqing rubbed her right ankle lightly. She frowned slightly, and then said, "It should be a cramped foot, it hurts a bit..."

"Really, do you want me to check it for you?" Yin Xiu asked.

"Un, sorry for the trouble..."

Yin Xiu first returned the bag and the phone to Ji Xueqing. He then squatted down, "You can hold on my shoulders for a while, lest you get unstable and fall down again..."

"Alright! "

Ji Xueqing replied. She looked at the phone and the bag. Although the phone had some marks on the corners, it did not break. But as for the shoulder bag, the strap was torn off.

It was only after Ji Xueqing put her hand on his shoulder that Yin Xiu reached out and grabbed Ji Xueqing's ankle. He carefully took off her heels. 

Ji Xueqing didn't really feel anything from the bodily contact at first, but when Yin Xiu pinched her ankle, she immediately reacted. Instantly, blushes appeared on her white face.

"It's not a big problem, it's just a little bit twisted. I'll pinch it for you and there will be no problem." Yin Xiu didn't use his spiritual sense to check, he just pinched Ji Xueqing's ankle and felt it for a while.


Ji Xueqing replied like a mosquito, her voice was very small. Looking down at Yin Xiu who was pinching her ankle and gently moving the joints left and right, she felt the warmth and gentleness of Yin Xiu's palms. She couldn't help biting her lower lip lightly, and a trace of shyness flashed in her eyes.

After all, the two of them had just met, so with this close contact, and the fact that Yin Xiu just saved her, Ji Xueqing's heart inevitably rippled a bit.

Yin Xiu obviously didn't have as many thoughts like that of Ji Xueqing's heart. He quickly let go of Ji Xueqing's ankle once he's done and said: "Okay. Try moving it and see if it hurts."   

Yin Xiu helped Ji Xueqing put her heels back on and then clapped his hands and stood up.

"Yeah, it's good now!"

Ji Xueqing immediately tried to walk a few steps. She felt that her ankle didn't hurt so much anymore, though it was still a little uncomfortable, it's much better. Now she can walk normally with ease.

"It really doesn't hurt anymore!"

Ji Xueqing said with some surprise. She looked at Yin Xiu and thanked him with gratitude: "Thank you! I didn't expect you to be both powerful and skillful. You just kneaded my ankle sprain and healed it just after a few kneadings. It's amazing!"

At the end, Ji Xueqing asked, "Are you an orthopedic surgeon?"

Yin Xiu smiled and shook his head slightly, he replied: "No, I just know a thing or two about bruises and sprains. You are fine now?"


"Thank you so much. If you didn't show up to save me, I wouldn't dare to imagine the consequences..."

Ji Xueqing thought about the previous dangerous situation she was in with lingering fears.

She usually seldom goes home alone so late. But today, something happened and she got delayed. Who would have thought that she would be so unlucky to be locked on by two people with bad intentions. She was almost robbed and 'that'~

Fortunately, Yin Xiu appeared and rescued her.

But with the lesson learned, from now on, Ji Xueqing will never dare to walk alone so late at night again.

"You're welcome. It's late, you should go back soon." Yin Xiu said.

"Okay. Then I'll go home now, goodbye!" Ji Xueqing waved to Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu nodded lightly, and also responded, "Goodbye!" At that moment, Ji Xueqing carried her bag and left. After Yin Xiu watched Ji Xueqing walk a little farther, he jumped and 'flew' directly to the overpass.

Ji Xueqing, who had already walked some distance from the overpass, suddenly remembered that she seemed to have forgotten something very important.

"Oh! I forgot to ask him for his contact information." Ji Xueqing patted her forehead and looked back at the bridge behind her, wanting to see if Yin Xiu was still there, and if he was, she would go back and ask him for his contact information.

However, after Ji Xueqing took a closer look, it's a pity that Yin Xiu's figure was nowhere to be found...

Not seeing Yin Xiu, Ji Xueqing lightly punched her head in annoyance, and thought out loud, "Why did you (herself) forgot to ask him for his contact information just now?! You could've gotten the chance to invite him to a meal and thank him.”

And at this time, Ji Xueqing also realized that she didn't even ask Yin Xiu's name.

"Ahh what am I doing? He saved me. But not only did I not ask him for contact information and find a chance to thank him, I didn't even know his name, this... really..."

Ji Xueqing didn't know how to describe herself anymore. She was very upset. This is the first time she felt that she was so stupid.

"I hope I will have a chance to meet him again in the future."

Ji Xueqing sighed as she looked at the overpass behind her, she's a little bit depressed. There are so many people in the world, how easy is it to meet each other again?

Ji Xueqing couldn't help recalling Yin Xiu's appearance in her mind. For some reason, she felt her heartbeat speed up a little.

"I hope I have a chance to meet him again. Although I was very unlucky today, and was almost robbed but... that person is really handsome. I just don't know what he eats, and how he takes care of his skin. It's actually much better than mine!"

Ji Xueqing muttered in her heart. She finally retracted her gaze and walked towards her home.

On the overpass, Yin Xiu sat cross-legged on the side of the road, and continued to meditate while Xiaoman got out of his trouser pocket.

He curled up with his furry tail, ready to sleep.

Just now Yin Xiu came out to save Ji Xueqing but such things were just a matter of effort for him.

It can only be said that Ji Xueqing's luck is not that bad, as Yin Xiu happens to be near her. Otherwise, with those two men, the outcome was looking bleak... 

Unconsciously, a faint white belly (sun) began to gradually appear on the horizon; the night is about to pass, and morning is coming.

Yin Xiu opened his eyes and stood up from the ground. With a gesture, Xiaoman, who had just woken up, hurriedly swished onto his shoulder.

He walked to the railing of the overpass and looked at the cars that occasionally passed by in the distance, Yin Xiu then got rid of some dirt on his body using a Fajue. He also applied some on Xiaoman's body. After cleaning themselves, he brought Xiaoman and walked down the overpass...

(treat Fajue as a name of dust removing thing from cultivation world. Fajue's literal meaning is along the lines of 'to excavate', etc.) 

He walked on the cold and quiet road, and after a bit of walking, he saw some roadside breakfast shops successively opening with rolling gates, sending out bursts of 'shua!' sounds.

There are also some steaming breakfast carts gradually appearing on the roadside.

Because he used Soul Search on someone last night and obtained most of the person's memories, Yin Xiu is no longer so unfamiliar with these things in this era.

Walking slowly in the direction of 'Yinhai University', the streets gradually got lively along the way. Many people who go to work early have already got up for breakfast.

As for Yin Xiu, he no longer needs to rely on the energy of eating to sustain life. After cultivating for so many years, and entering peak Xiantian, he is fine without eating. 

Naturally, he also didn't want to buy some. Since, of course, Yin Xiu didn't have any money.

But Xiaoman, who was in his arms, seemed to smell the aroma of those breakfasts. He sniffed the air and raised his head, he called out to Yin Xiu with a 'Gaj'.

Yin Xiu smiled slightly and rubbed Xiaoman's head lightly. He then took out a spiritual fruit from his storage ring and threw it to Xiaoman, "Eat!"

Xiaoman hugged the fruit with his two small paws, and immediately chewed on it...

It took Yin Xiu about half an hour to get to Yinhai University even though the distance wasn't that long. After all, it has been a long time since he mixed in with the world, especially the world here which is unlike the cultivation world. He reminisced the early morning of Yinhai in his memory from 80 years ago. So he just walked along the way, looking east and west. He has a lot of leisure time and is not in a hurry.

Half an hour later, Yin Xiu came to the gate of Yinhai University again. It was already more than 6:30 in the morning. *It was bright at 6:30 in summer.*

The gate of Yinhai University has also been opened, and there are some students or vehicles coming in and out sporadically.

Yin Xiu took a look and walked towards the gate.

Originally, he was a little bit hesitant and thought that the security guard would stop and question him, but who would have thought that the security guard just ignored him...

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