Chapter 5

The person who came out was naturally Yin Xiu who was meditating under the overpass.

If the two people (stalkers) were just robbing some money, perhaps Yin Xiu might not get nosy. But they obviously have malicious intents in mind, hence Yin Xiu had to come forward for the girl.

He can't just watch the girl get forced in front of him, can he? At least for Yin Xiu, coming out to rescue the girl is just a very trivial matter, it is as simple as eating and drinking water. So why not do it?

"Who are you? You... don't fool around here. Otherwise this boss won't hesitate to kill you!"

Seeing Yin Xiu appear suddenly, the two men immediately got frightened.

On the contrary, Ji Xueqing seems to have pinned all her hopes on Yin Xiu at this moment, and her big eyes are full of earnest plea.

"This gentleman, please help me..."

Yin Xiu gave Ji Xueqing a soothing look, and then raised his head to look at the two men. He couldn't help but shake his head faintly, "Children, if I were you, stop. Please turn around right now and leave, instead of threatening me here."


The two men widened their eyes as they looked at Yin Xiu. There's even a bit of laughter amidst their anger.

One of them pointed his finger at Yin Xiu's face and mockingly asked, "Is there something wrong with my hearing? Or did you got kicked in the head by a donkey? Did you really just call me a child?"

Yin Xiu nodded solemnly, "Your ears didn't make a mistake, and there are no donkeys in this world who have the ability to kick me in the head. In my eyes, you really are just two children."

"For children who make mistakes, I usually give them a chance to rehabilitate. So if you are smart, you should cherish this opportunity and immediately disappear from my eyes."

Yin Xiu's expression and tone were calm and serious. So much so that he seemed to be joking in an outsiders point of view.

If it were for another occasion, Ji Xueqing would've definitely laughed at his remarks. But for now...she just prayed that Yin Xiu could help her drive away these two stalkers who wanted to 'force' her. 

The two 'children' obviously did not believe Yin Xiu's words. Although the fact IS like so. The two of them just felt that Yin Xiu's words were full of irony. Their hearts were fuming with fury.

"Whoever you are, you're seeking death!"

One of the 'child' roared, he raised his fist and punched Yin Xiu to vent his anger.

The other 'child' followed closely, kicking Yin Xiu's lower abdomen while cursing, "Who are you pretending to be in front of this boss? You f**king dog..."

"Be careful!"

Ji Xueqing on the side saw this and subconsciously exclaimed. 

Yin Xiu faced the punch and kick of the two 'children' with ease, his eyelids didn't shake even by a bit. His face always kept a very calm and indifferent expression.



With two soft sounds, Ji Xueqing only saw a blur. She didn't even see what just happened, she only knew that the two stalkers were sent flying by Yin Xiu.


This scene caused Ji Xueqing, who had just warned Yin Xiu to be careful, to cover her mouth involuntarily. She immediately swallowed back her words. 

Boom! Boom!

The 'children' fell to the ground four meters away. Listening to the noise they made upon landing, one can imagine how hard they've fallen.

Sure enough, low and painful groans sounded from the men right after...

Ji Xueqing raised her head abruptly, looking at Yin Xiu with surprise and stun in her big bright eyes.

Obviously, she didn't expect that the person who appeared suddenly would be so powerful. He actually defeated two people in a blink of an eye. It was over so fast that she could not even react. Ji Xueqing wondered how Yin Xiu did it.

In her cognition, even those special forces soldiers, or those who practice martial arts, boxing and other combat sports, even if they can also fight more than one person, it is impossible for them to do so in a blink of an eye. 

Sending two people flying... It's simply unbelievable. If she didn't witness it first hand, she wouldn't believe it. Of course, Ji Xueqing still hasn't figured out how Yin Xiu did it and what happened in that short moment.

Things that felt incredible in Ji Xueqing's eyes were just easy for Yin Xiu. If the situation hadn't had any scruples and just robbery, he can't even be bothered with the two. Just a wave of his hand would be enough to 'break' the two scums.

Is the peak cultivation of Xiantian a joke?

"Children must remember this. I hope you don't commit crimes again. However, if I encounter you again, you won't have a second chance."

"Well, it’s not early and it's already in the middle of the night. Get up within a second, and then disappear in front of me."

Yin Xiu looked at the two men lying on the ground a few meters away and said lightly.

His calm and relaxed posture, and his graceful, free and easy temperament made Ji Xueqing on the side stare at him in a daze. It was only then that she had the time to look at Yin Xiu carefully.

Angular features, crisp short hair, restrained and steady eyebrows, and a slender and well-proportioned figure... Ji Xueqing was shocked to realize that it was a handsome guy who had saved her. Especially Yin Xiu's expression and tone when speaking, it made her feel cool.

What a lady killer!

Ji Xueqing returned to her senses and shook her head, her cheeks were a little red. Her gaze towards Yin Xiu was with brilliance, faintly shining with light. But Ji Xueqing quickly looked away.

Taking a deep breath, she stabilized her heart secretly.

Yin Xiu didn't pay attention to Ji Xueqing's subtle changes. After Yin Xiu warned them, the two men dare not stay any longer. They immediately stood up from the ground, enduring the pain, and fled hastily.

The two of them didn't know how they were beaten by Yin Xiu just now. After the two punched and kicked, they only felt as if they had been slammed by a bison, their bodies couldn't resist at all, and then they flew out.

Seeing that the two had fled in a hurry, Yin Xiu turned around and looked at Ji Xueqing.

"Are you all right?"

Yin Xiu asked calmly.

"Ah, no, I'm okay." As soon as Ji Xueqing raised her head, she met Yin Xiu's bright and deep eyes that were like stars, her heartbeat involuntarily sped up as she quickly responded.

Yin Xiu smiled peacefully, and stretched out a hand towards Ji Xueqing, "It's okay. Get up first."


Ji Xueqing hesitated a bit, but accepted Yin Xiu's hand.

A trace of warm and smooth feeling passed through to Ji Xueqing's palm. There was also a delicate feeling of a beautiful jade that made Ji Xueqing stunned.

She looked at Yin Xiu's hand in astonishment, she had obviously never imagined that a man's hand could be so smooth and delicate that it was almost like holding a piece of top-quality jade. It has a kind of elasticity and softness.

Ji Xueqing felt that her skin was very, very good even among women. But at this moment, in terms of this palm touch alone, she's afraid that the skin of the man in front of her is much better than hers.

'I really don't know how this guy maintains his skin, but his skin is better than mine. Is this still a man?'

Ji Xueqing had strange thoughts in her heart.

At this time, after Yin Xiu held Ji Xueqing's hand, he pulled Ji Xueqing up from the ground with slight effort.

Yin Xiu naturally didn't know the weird thoughts that Ji Xueqing had. After pulling her up, he asked: "Do you need me to take you back?"

"Ah, no, no need. I live a little bit ahead..."

Ji Xueqing recovered and responded quickly.

"Well, okay." Yin Xiu nodded lightly.

Ji Xueqing was somewhat embarrassed and said: "Yes, thank you... Ugh, just a thank you isn't enough... I don't know what to do..."

Thinking of the situation she was just in moments ago, Ji Xueqing couldn't help being afraid. If Yin Xiu hadn't appeared in time, she's afraid she might have been 'bullied' by those stalkers.

"It's just a matter of effort." Yin Xiu smiled faintly. He immediately bent down to help Ji Xueqing pick up the bag and mobile phone that fell on the ground.

Upon seeing this, Ji Xueqing quickly said, "I'll be fine..."

After that, she went forward to pick up the things by herself. But just when she took a step, she couldn't help but scream in pain. She immediately bent down and supported her right ankle with her hand.

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