Chapter 4

There was almost no one on the road since it's late at night. So, the sound of footsteps that's following Ji Xueqing was very prominent. It made her a little nervous, even uneasy.

She sped up her pace, while tightly holding her bag with both hands. She's trying to get rid of the people who had been stalking her, and return home as soon as possible.

However, the two stalkers saw this, and they quickly exchanged glances with each other. Under the dim street lights, the eyes of the two flashed an evil glint. 

One of them gestured to under an overpass in front, while the other nodded, and immediately chased after Ji Xueqing.

Ji Xueqing wore a pair of 8 cm high heels, and a short skirt that reached slightly above her knees. She was not fast at trotting given her attire, so when she heard the footsteps catching up behind her, Ji Xueqing's heart immediately tightened. She quickly looked back to check.

Finally seeing the two stalkers, Ji Xueqing immediately panicked. It was already close to 12 o'clock in the morning, and there were hardly any people on the road. No matter how simple and optimistic she is, Ji Xueqing would not be stupid enough to think that the two people who followed her were really just going on the same direction as her and not actually stalkers. 

What to do?

Ji Xueqing became anxious, and unconsciously further accelerated her pace. It's just that her high heels isn't suitable for fast speeds.

The panic in her heart even made her think twice if she should directly call the police for help. She was indeed very panicked at the moment. After all, a lone girl walking at night, was followed by two stalkers. Plus, now, the stalkers made it clear that they were chasing her...

"I'll call the police first." Ji Xueqing gritted her teeth and immediately opened her handbag. She opened the bags' zipper and was planning to take out her phone to call the police.

Although the two stalkers behind her hadn't really carried out any threatening actions against her, at least not yet, Ji Xueqing obviously couldn't take risks.

However, just when Ji Xueqing took out her mobile phone and prepared to call the police, the two stalkers behind her had already caught up and rushed towards Ji Xueqing quickly, blocking her way.

"You, what do you want to do?" Ji Xueqing panicked, clutching the mobile phone that was just taken out from the bag in her left hand. She unconsciously stepped back as she stared nervously at the two stalkers who stopped in front of her.

"Beauty, don't be so scared. Don't worry, we won't do anything to you. It's just that us brothers are a bit tight lately and want to borrow some money... I don't know if miss would lend us some."

One of them looked at Ji Xueqing with a wicked smile and said frivolously.

"I, I only have two hundred yuan... I can give it you. But you have to get out of the way and let me leave..." Ji Xueqing said nervously.

Compared to two hundred yuan, Ji Xueqing is more afraid of the two stalkers plotting evil things against her.

"Two hundred yuan?"

The two stalkers each showed a sneer, and then threatened Ji Xueqing as they stepped forward. One said coldly: "Do you treat us like beggars?"

Seeing the other party approaching, Ji Xueqing backed away in panic. "I, I only have so much..."

"Hey, don't blame us for being impolite. Two hundred yuan is not even enough for a shot (of liquor). There's just no way. Alas, my brother and I can only take sister... Sister, you look so beautiful, why not get comfortable with us? Don't worry, us brothers will surely make you feel refreshed later..." The two stalkers suddenly lewdly smiled and approached Ji Xueqing.

Ji Xueqing, like a frightened bunny, shook. As soon as she saw that evil smile approaching, she immediately jumped back and shouted: "You, you guys don't come over. I'll call the police!"

Ji Xueqing's threat seemed so weak in the eyes of the two stalkers. Not only did it fail to frighten them, it also aroused their desire to ravage her more.

They looked at Ji Xueqing with burning eyes.

"Do you really think that you would still be able to report to the police now? Little beauty, just open your legs obediently and let us have a go. We promise to let you go right after. Hehe..." One of the stalkers lewdly laughed, and slowly teased Ji Xueqing as they drew closer to her.

Ji Xueqing backed away more, holding the mobile phone in her left hand, she hurriedly tried to call the police.

When the two saw this, they immediately rushed forward. The man on the left struck Ji Xueqing's left hand and hit the mobile phone away.

The person on the other hand went to the right and wanted to grab Ji Xueqing's right arm.

Ji Xueqing screamed in fright. She vaulted as if she got struck by lightning. She swung the bag on her right hand instinctively to the man that's wanting to grab her. As for the phone that was dropped on the ground, she didn't have any time to care about it.


Ji Xueqing was very flustered. She kept on backing as she closed her eyes.

She wanted to deter the stalkers through force (fighting back). 

Seeing Ji Xueqing's actions, the one who eagerly rushed forward grabbed the shoulder bag that Ji Xueqing had swung.

Now, both Ji Xueqing and the stalker had grabbed a corner of the shoulder bag. In almost at the same time, the two of them applied force like playing tug of war. The strap of the bag abruptly tore and pulled Ji Xueqing over. She staggered forward. 

Since Ji Xueqing was wearing high heels, she couldn't stand firmly. Her feet twisted and she ultimately fell to the ground.

The stalkers saw that Ji Xueqing had fallen on the ground. They looked over Ji Xueqing's bulging and round buttocks that was tightly wrapped in a short skirt. Such a view involuntarily made them gulp saliva audibly. The flames in their eyes raged even more. 

The two looked at each other, and despite none of them spoke, they clearly saw the desire in each other's eyes.

Almost without hesitation, the two couldn’t wait any longer as they reach out to the defenseless Ji Xueqing... Ji Xueqing tried to turned around in dread, wanting to escape the devils' claws. When she saw the two men grabbing at her with lewd and evil faces, her heart suddenly sunk rock bottom and her fear reached the extreme.

Imagining the misery she would encounter next, Ji Xueqing even thought that death is better than living. Her heart couldn't calm down, she almost lost her hope fully. 

"Hello?! Help! Anyone there? Please, someone save me..."

Ji Xueqing whimpered as she was about to completely collapse, her heart was filled with despair.

Ji Xueqing’s cry not only did not make the two stalkers not show her any sympathy, it also aroused their inner violent side. They smiled evilly and proceeded to stretch out their hands. Their target? The plump regions of Ji Xueqing. ...


At this time, a soft cough suddenly sounded. It seemed very abrupt and clear in the silent night.

The two stalkers, whose sinful hands had reached halfway, froze. They raised their head in bewilderment, and looked in the direction where the coughing sound came from.

Ji Xueqing's eyes on the other hand finally flashed a glimmer of hope amidst the despair.

"Forcing a woman to do 'that' is really far away from being consensual."

A faint voice came from the dim corner that the street lights under the overpass could not reach. Immediately afterwards, a rather tall figure casually walked out of the shadow...

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