Chapter 16: Cartoons. 

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Sun Yaoyang and the others on the court saw Yin Xiu talking and laughing with Gu Shuyao, the 'Cold-Faced Goddess' of the Economics and Management Department. Their eyes widened in disbelief.

Sun Yaoyang, in particular, was so angry that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he stared at Yin Xiu and Gu Shuyao chatting.

When the others turned their attention to Sun Yaoyang, they even saw his face changing colors.

Who was the one that said Gu Shuyao came to watch Sun Yaoyang play? And that he was about to win the Cold-Faced Goddess's heart. 

Welp, that dude was wrong. In fact he was sooooo wrong.

Looking at Yin Xiu talking and laughing with the "goddess", even blind people could see that Goddess Gu obviously came because Yin Xiu was here and not because of him, Sun Yaoyang.

"Ahem... Start the round!"

Glancing at the furious Sun Yaoyang, one of them can't help but gently cough and exclaim.

The others also reacted.

"Yes, start the round already!"

The crowd's eyes glanced at the pork liver-colored(dark red/purple) Sun Yaoyang from time to time. Especially Yin Xiu teammates, whom Sun Yaoyang despised before, that showed schadenfreude, banter and ridicule.

That's what you get for being an arrogant d*mb*ss. Why not continue bragging now huh? Pweh, now that you've been beaten in the face, you get angry? You deserve it!

That's right! How can Goddess Gu value this idiot? In that case, she would've been really blind.

But then again, that dude (Yin Xiu) is not from their school. Did he come here to hook up with Goddess Gu, or were the two of them already a couple?

Hmm... But how can he be so familiar with Goddess Gu? Maybe they had an agreement to meet here, at the court...

Yes, it must be like this!

The people had their own thoughts about what's going on. And I have to say, their guesses were very reasonable. It was just that they didn’t know that Yin Xiu and Gu Shuyao had actually just met each other this morning.


"By the way, I still don't know where you are from!" Gu Shuyao asked.

Yin Xiu had already sat down on the grass beside Gu Shuyao. After hearing this, he replied, "I'm from there..."

Saying so, Yin Xiu stretched out his hand and lightly pointed somewhere. The direction of his finger was exactly the direction of the cedar tree that Gu Shuyao practiced near by in the morning.

However, Yin Xiu's words were clearly misleading. People who didn’t know the story will naturally think that Yin Xiu's "there" refers to Yinhai City, or in a narrower scope, somewhere near Yinhai University.

Only Yin Xiu himself knew that what he called "there" actually refers to the place where the cedar tree was located. It used to be his home!

"So you are also from Yinhai City!"

Gu Shuyao nodded and said.

"From what you said, you're saying that you're also from Yinhai?" Yin Xiu tilted his head as he looked at Gu Shuyao and asked.

"Uh huh, yeah. Of course I am from Yinhai, where do you think I am from?"

Yin Xiu just smiled and didn't answer... 

"It's getting late, I'll go back first." Yin Xiu suddenly stood up.

Gu Shuyao also nodded. "Well, ok, goodbye!"

Finished saying that, she also got up, held her book and readied to leave.

Back home, Xiaoman was still sitting on the sofa watching TV. Cartoons were playing on the 48-inch widescreen LCD TV…

Unblinkingly, Xiaoman stared at the TV and watched it with relish. I don't know if he could really understand it or not.

However, he should be able to... After all, they're Chinese Cartoons...

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Xiaoman just looked at Yin Xiu, who just walked in, before crying out and immediately looked back at the TV.

Before going out, Yin Xiu had placed a few spiritual fruits on the table, but they all had been eaten by Xiaoman.

"You little thing, are you that fascinated with watching cartoons?"

Yin Xiu lightly scolded as he went over and knocked on Xiaoman's little head.

If it was in the past, as soon as he came back, Xiaoman would have immediately jumped over and cuddled with him. But now, he only symbolically called/cried out.


Well, it seems that the little guy indeed did not pay any attention to Yin Xiu as it was only until he was knocked on the head by Yin Xiu that he raised his head. His small black eyes looked innocent and looked confusedly at Yin Xiu.

He seemed to be asking, 'Why did you hit me?'

Yin Xiu couldn't help laughing. He picked up Xiaoman, held him in his lap, and rubbed his little head.

But Xiaoman didn’t seem to appreciate this. When he saw Yin Xiu had nothing to say, he struggled to get his little head out of Yin Xiu's "clutches" and continue watching TV...

Looking at this, Yin Xiu could only helplessly sigh with emotion. Modern entertainment  really is a "Poison that doesn't need to be swallowed". Xiaoman, this little thing, just watched TV for a few hours and now it seemed that there was nothing in his eyes anymore but TV.

Not caring about it anymore, Yin Xiu just put Xiaoman back on the sofa and let him watch TV by himself. Yin Xiu got up and walked into the room.

The decoration in the room was very delicate, with a two-meter big white bed in the middle. There were also many wardrobes and desks.

When he came to the bed, Yin Xiu spread out his hands and laid down. He then heaved a comfortable sigh of relief. The mattress was very soft and comfortable. Compared with those hard wooden beds where he slept in before, he had no choice but to admit that "modern people" really knew how to enjoy life more. 

In fact, Yin Xiu hasn't seriously slept in a bed for many years now.

That's because Yin Xiu spent most of his time cultivating, including at night. Since then, Yin Xiu seldom sleeps at night, because he can recover his energy by meditation anyways and sleep is no longer necessary.

For decades, his sleeping time became fewer and shorter. He put all his energy into cultivation. This is also one of the major reasons why he managed to achieve peak Xiantian in just eighty years. 

Now however,  Yin Xiu's cultivation had reached a bottleneck. If his state of mind was not perfect, even if he tried his best, he wouldn't be able to breakthrough.

Yin Xiu's current mood was particularly relaxed. He was no longer as urgent in cultivation nor breaking through. 

After eighty years of hard work and being away from home, it's time for him to enjoy the life of an ordinary person.

Recalling the past eighty years, even including the twenty plus years before he left Earth, Yin Xiu suddenly realized that he never seemed to have just relaxed and simply enjoyed his life for more than one hundred years.

In his more than one hundred years of life, almost all of them were spent on cultivation.

For a hundred years, he didn't seem to care about anything but cultivation.

"Perhaps this is also one reason why my state of mind is lacking and I can't break through the Disaster Level. Although I have spent more than a hundred years in my life, I obviously lack some experience in the world... "

Yin Xiu quietly laid in bed, looking at the ceiling as he lightly thought in his heart.

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