Chapter 14: It's as simple as that. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

The short point guard pushed forward quickly with the ball, and Yin Xiu quickly positioned himself in a 45-degree angle to the left of the three-point line. Sun Yaoyang, who was defending against Yin Xiu, was standing two to three meters away from him.

He may not be as lax as before, but he obviously didn’t think that Yin Xiu's three-pointer from before was based on real skills. He doesn't think that Yin Xiu could do it a second time. 

'That was just dumb luck,' Sun Yaoyang thought in his heart.

Therefore, although his defensive position was a bit more cautious than before, he really didn't care too much.


The point guard with the ball saw Yin Xiu standing outside the three-point line and immediately passed the ball to him without thinking.

Yin Xiu caught the ball and faced Sun Yaoyang.

At this time, Sun Yaoyang once again provoked: "If you have the ability, then shoot for another three points!"

"Are you sure?"

Yin Xiu, who was always ignoring Sun Yaoyang's provocation, finally responded.

"Hah~ do you really think you can shoot another three points? You just got a dog's luck! Do you really think you have the skill? Hehe!" Sun Yaoyang looked at Yin Xiu disdainfully.

Yin Xiu laughed and suddenly raised his arms without warning. He then shot the ball towards the basket. 

His action was very relaxed and casual. He did not jump, he did not even tiptoe. He stood  completely straight like a pole as he shot.

Sun Yaoyang didn't expect Yin Xiu to actually shoot for three points again, more so the speed of his shooting was the same as before. It was still incredibly fast. Before he could react, the ball already flew over his head.


Sun Yaoyang was shocked and subconsciously opened his mouth.

However, Yin Xiu just shrugged towards him and said with a relaxed face: "It seems that my dog's luck today is not bad!"

Finished saying that, the corners of Yin Xiu's mouth slightly raised into a playful smile. 

As soon as his voice sounded, the ball that was thrown by him once again, shot into the basket without touching the rim!

Sun Yaoyang, who just looked back in the direction of the basket, saw the scene of the ball entering the basket perfectly...

Wtf, it actually entered?!

Sun Yaoyang suddenly froze. Never did he expect that Yin Xiu's second 3-pointer would actually go in again. And it's also another rimless!

Not only Sun Yaoyang, the others were also stunned at the scene. 

In fact, there was nothing special about scoring three points, as some people with good shooting skills can keep a certain three-point scoring rate.

Even if it was done consecutively, like two or three in a row, one was able to do it occasionally if one really feels good.

However, two consecutive perfect 'rimless' three pointers wasn't easy despite the above mentioned.

Even if it was said to be a coincidence, but twice in a row... I'm afraid there are not so many coincidences, is there?

The people on the court now looked at Yin Xiu with a changed perception.

Was this guy actually a master? And it's just that he doesn't want the game to be a one-sided beating which is why he didn't shoot before? 

However no matter how suspicious they were of him, Yin Xiu just smiled.

If it weren't for Sun Yaoyang's constant provocation that made his teammates 'fight' for him, Yin Xiu wouldn't beat up "children" like this.

After all, what if these 'children' were traumatised by him and caused them to lose interest in basketball? By then, his sins would be great...

But at this moment, who cares anymore?

The cool smile on Yin Xiu's face fell  in the eyes of others, and it gave them an enigmatic feeling.

As a matter of fact, Yin Xiu also showed a dull smile from time to time before. But it was only now, after Yin Xiu's two consecutive rimless three points, that in the eyes of others, Yin Xiu has become a master of "hidden secrets"; hence they subconsciously interpreted Yin Xiu's expression and smile too much.

"Pweh, pretend all you want, hehe!"

Sun Yaoyang ruthlessly stared at Yin Xiu and spat on the ground. Originally, it was just a dull smile; but in his eyes, it turned into a pretentious one!


As the saying goes, 'what a person thinks, is what he sees.' 

Sun Yaoyang thought that Yin Xiu was pretending to be all mysterious and whatnot, so Yin Xiu WAS pretending in his eyes no matter whether he laughed or made any moves.

So he got even more upset with Yin Xiu.

In particular, he finally realized  that Gu Shuyao's eyes on the sidelines were looking at Yin Xiu...

Sun Yaoyang thought that his thunder was robbed by Yin Xiu’s three-pointer just now, hence Gu Shuyao started paying attention to Yin Xiu. But in reality, Gu Shuyao was always watching Yin Xiu play.

But perhaps, it is better for Sun Yaoyang not to know this.

Otherwise, I'm afraid his heart wouldn't be able to take the hit!

Now that Sun Yaoyang lost face in front of his goddess, he immediately barked at his teammates. He said, "Give me the ball later, I will abuse that f**king pretentious *ss dog to death! If I don't abuse him, then I'll write my name backwards! "

Sun Yaoyang was determined.

His teammates looked at each other, but shrugged their shoulders and said nothing. Since Sun Yaoyang wanted to score so badly, they'll just give him the ball.

Anyway, they're just playing for fun. Whether they win or lose, they didn't care too much. It was Sun Yaoyang that's hell bent on the matter. But since they were teammates, they naturally had a hard time saying it to this hot-blooded bull who's consumed by anger. 

Soon, Sun Yaoyang asked for the ball. Also, all four of his teammates made it clear that they would let Sun Yaoyang and Yin Xiu go one on one through the man to man tactic.

Yin Xiu's teammates looked at each other and hesitated with whether they should help Yin Xiu or not. But they eventually shook their heads. Since Yin Xiu didn't say anything, then they will let the two of them solve it by themselves.

This was also in respect for Yin Xiu.

When Sun Yaoyang got the ball, he glanced at Yin Xiu who was behind him, and smiled. "No matter how many dog *ss three points you get, I'll still stomp on you from the offensive end!"

After Sun Yaoyang said that, he immediately started dribbling back. Springing in full strength, he then pushed forward wanting to knock Yin Xiu away.

If it was someone else of the same height of Yin Xiu instead of Yin Xiu himself, he would only be knocked away by Sun Yaoyang. His size was obviously superior.

But who is Yin Xiu?

As long as he doesn't want to, no one can shake him. Not to mention knocking him away.

More importantly, Yin Xiu was not going to let Sun Yaoyang score a layup this time.

Although, at the beginning, he was just casually playing to pass the time, like kindergarten children playing; but this arrogant prick was always provoking people and needed to be taught 'a lesson he won’t forget.'

Sun Yaoyang dribbled twice before pushing towards Yin Xiu. When he was only about one millimeter away from Yin Xiu, he suddenly felt his hands touch thin air. He looked down and saw that the ball he was dribbling just seconds ago had been swatted away like a fly.

Before he could even understand the situation fully, Yin Xiu already appeared in front of him. Yin Xiu then stretched out his hand and grabbed the ball from the ground before handing it to a teammate of his. 


Sun Yaoyang angrily scolded as he hatefully stared at Yin Xiu. He never would have thought that Yin Xiu would be able to steal the ball from him. He hated Yin Xiu from the bottom of his heart.

But at the moment, the ball had already changed hands and there was nothing he could really do. He could only follow his teammates back to their side of the court and defend.

Yin Xiu's teammates didn't attack immediately and it was only after they saw Yin Xiu standing outside the three-point line did they pass the ball to Yin Xiu again.

This time, Sun Yaoyang didn't dare to relax his defense towards Yin Xiu's three-pointer and quickly went into a full defensive mode. He even raised his hand to prevent Yin Xiu from shooting again.

Yin Xiu looked at him for a moment and smiled. He faked and easily fooled Sun Yaoyang. 

Yin Xiu side stepped and shot the ball. He scored as simple as that without breaking a sweat...

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