Chapter 13: Arrogance. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Upon hearing these words, although Sun Yaoyang was a little surprised, he couldn't help but show a proud expression. He thought that Gu Shuyao really came because of him.

So he boasted proudly: "Although I have not yet won her, it's bound to happen!"

"Really? Sun Yaoyang, if you really can do it, the famous Cold-Faced Goddess will for sure be impressed!"

"Sun Yaoyang, don't forget to treat us later. Hahaha. How about I teach you a thing or two for Gu Shuyao, my brother? Care to learn some tricks? "

When Sun Yaoyang 'finally admitted', people gathered all around him with flattering words one after the other. There are even some whose tones contained envy.

"No problem! I will certainly treat you brothers after this game! " The flattered Sun Yaoyang patted his chest and promised.

When people heard Sun Yaoyang promising to treat them, they instantly rejoiced. They cheered and were obviously much more energetic than before.

Since his "goddess" was present, Sun Yaoyang's mood spiked to an all time high. As soon as the game started, he immediately asked his teammates for the ball. He wanted to perform well in front of his goddess.

The one responsible for defending against Sun Yaoyang was still naturally Yin Xiu.

Sun Yaoyang obviously wanted to be cool and show off, so as soon as he got the ball, he faced Yin Xiu and immediately dribbled in a flashy way. It was then followed by a series of continuous turning breakthroughs.

Finally, he ended it with a very handsome jump shot after a sudden pause.

Yin Xiu ignored his series of fakes from beginning to end, and finally reached out only symbolically when the other party shot.

Basically, Yin Xiu didn't interfere with Sun Yaoyang's shooting. Unfortunately, this time Sun Yaoyang was obviously not so lucky, and the ball only bounced off the rim of the basket instead of going in and scoring.


The ball was grabbed by Yin Xiu, and then he passed it to his teammates.

When Sun Yaoyang saw that even after all his moves and his 'perfect' jump shot, he didn't manage to score, he immediately felt frustrated. 

Just now, he was confident that the ball would go in and score, but he didn't expect it to hit the rim instead. 

Sun Yaoyang couldn't help but glance at Gu Shuyao. Seeing that Gu Shuyao's face was still calm, he made up his mind to absolutely score the next time!

His goddess 'specially came to see him' play, so he had to strike while the iron was hot and not disappoint her. Of course, more importantly, he couldn't let himself lose face in front of his goddess...

However, Gu Shuyao's attention was actually not on Sun Yaoyang nor on the others. She was looking at Yin Xiu from beginning to end.

She was originally surprised when she saw that Yin Xiu was playing basketball, but  the moment when she saw that Yin Xiu was only playing casually and didn't work hard, she instantly determined that Yin Xiu was just doing this purely for fun.

Otherwise Gu Shuyao can absolutely conclude that Yin Xiu, whom she saw in the morning executing his moves on the wooden stake so perfectly, was absolutely not this bad and will instead dominate. His physical quality is certainly more than that of ordinary people.

Moreso, the ball that Sun Yaoyang shot just now, let alone Yin Xiu, even she could block the ball with 100% certainty. 

"Well, it seems that this is boring unless he gets serious..."

Gu Shuyao helplessly smiled as she shook her head.

At this time, Yin Xiu was open at the three-point line and he also received the ball from his teammate. Sun Yaoyang, who was defending him, stood at least two meters away from Yin Xiu and only looked at him with scorn. 

His face was saying, 'if you have the skill, shoot it.'

Even after playing for a long time now, Yin Xiu still never shot once, from beginning to end. And every time he attacked, Yin Xiu only passed the ball back to his teammates after doing a move or two without trying to shoot. 

Therefore, Sun Yaoyang doesn't think that Yin Xiu had the ability to make long shots.

Yin Xiu saw his relaxed and scornful posture, and couldn’t help but mock himself.

He gently shook his head. This time, he really has to show some skill, otherwise he will really be looked down upon by these "children".

Holding the ball in both hands, Yin Xiu suddenly raised his arms without warning and propped them into a shooting action.

Yin Xiu's speed was extremely fast. Before Sun Yaoyang was able to react, the ball had already been shot.

He actually shot!

Sun Yaoyang and several other people, even including the teammates of Yin Xiu, looked at him in surprise.

That's because Yin Xiu, despite getting several opportunities to shoot outside (three point line), Yin Xiu never shot once. He always passes the ball back. And now, he unexpectedly shot when Sun Yaoyang was two meters away. 

More importantly, Yin Xiu really scored!

It was also a perfect shot, rimless! It went straight through the net without touching the edges. 

"He scored!?" 

More than one person had a look of surprise as they looked at the ball falling from the basket. 

Yin Xiu's teammates also finally reacted and shouted excitedly at Yin Xiu: "Dude, d**n you're good! A rimless shot! Too awesome!"

"This is not just your typical shooting, this is a blockbuster!"

A rimless three pointer, regardless of whether it is by skill or luck, is enough for people to boast this much. After all, the two (Sun and Yin Xiu) confronted each other frequently and the former (Sun) always scored with his height advantage, but now he finally lost in the most perfect way. That's because Yin Xiu was open because of Sun Yaoyang himself. 

Sun Yaoyang couldn't help but say sourly: "Tsk, what are you proud of? It's just his luck he scored once. What's the big deal? Wait and see how I play him to death!"

Sun Yaoyang spat a mouthful of saliva as his face darkened. After all, Yin Xiu actually shot when he deliberately put two meters in between them for Yin Xiu to have space and daring him to shoot. 

Before, he felt that Yin Xiu certainly wouldn't dare to shoot. And even if he did shoot, he'll be able to block it but the result was that Yin Xiu scored. 

"Give me the ball and watch me blow him up!"

Attacking again, Sun Yaoyang immediately asked his teammates for the ball. He wasn't very polite in asking either.

When his teammates saw him like this, they knew that he had been angered by the three-pointer made by Yin Xiu and wanted to get revenge, so they passed the ball to him.

As soon as Sun Yaoyang got the ball, he stared at Yin Xiu who was in front of him, and said coldly, "It's just your luck that you scored a three-pointer. Now it's my turn, make sure to take care of yourself and not piss your pants!"

When he finished saying that, Sun Yaoyang instantly started his moves before shooting.

After scoring, Sun Yaoyang shouted at Yin Xiu with pride and arrogance: "See? As far as ability is concerned, this boss has a hundred ways to clean you up!"

Yin Xiu just smiled and shook his head. 'Children' nowadays are really...

In Yin Xiu's eyes, playing with them was like adults playing with kindergarten children, he doesn't care if they win or lose. Anyway, it's just for fun, but this Sun Yaoyang was obviously a little too narrow-minded.

Yin Xiu was not gonna be serious with him, it's just that he feels a little helpless.

"Sun Yaoyang, you're going too far! Just because you scored, you became so arrogant!?"

Yin Xiu's teammates couldn’t bear it anymore and yelled at Sun Yaoyang. They seem ready to fight. 

Sun Yaoyang obviously didn't think that there was anything wrong with his words, so he continued shouting arrogantly, "Why do you care if I am so arrogant? If you have the ability, then beat this boss (me). If you can't, then just accept your loss. Why the hell is everyone fussing?!"


After hearing this Yin Xiu’s teammate almost rushed over with his fist. Fortunately, the others quickly pulled him back, while several people on Sun Yaoyang's side also hurriedly persuaded Sun Yaoyang.

"This arrogant pr*ck thinks that he's the GOAT (awesome and cool) when he's really just a f***ng bleating goat (animal)!"

The man who stood up for Yin Xiu spat on the ground as he cursed.

"All right, all right, it's not like you don't know this grandson's (Sun) character... Just let him be like that and not get this situation more messy."

Someone next to the man advised.

"I'll wait for you to pass the ball to me." Yin Xiu suddenly spoke and his words immediately made his teammates stare at him blankly.

Seeing people come over, Yin Xiu smiled and said, "You don't have to dirty your hands because of me. Thanks for that, but I will solve it myself."

Yin Xiu's tone was very dull, but it gives people a feeling of certainty. His teammates also nodded, saying that they would indeed pass the ball to him later.

"Yes! We'll pass the ball to you later. It's best to abuse that son of a b**ch! Let's see if he can still remain arrogant after, hehe!"

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