Chapter 12: Cold-faced Goddess.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

It was Yin Xiu's team's turn to defend. 

After the opposing point guard pushed forward with the ball, their 1.9-meter center quickly secured the inside of the basket. He boxed out Yin Xiu and readied for the ball.

The opposing point guard also intended their center to get inside first and position himself. After all, his tall height was very obvious, only an idiot wouldn't take advantage of it. 

The point guard immediately passed the ball to their center as soon as he was positioned.

After their center received the ball, he immediately slammed back with great force and tried to knock Yin Xiu out of the way.

Even though Yin Xiu just wanted to have fun, he didn’t want to retreat. Basically, no one could knock him away.

Seeing that Yin Xiu was motionless despite being slammed, the tall center tried again. But it's a pity that no matter how many times he slammed, four times by now, Yin Xiu still didn't budge. He suddenly felt a little awkward.

Since he understood that it was impossible to knock the opponent away, he changed his game plan. 

He turned around and faced Yin Xiu, swaying back and forth to try and trick Yin Xiu. Finally, he rushed through Yin Xiu's side regardless of whether Yin Xiu was deceived or not. He pushed forward to the basket, jumped off the ground and dropped the ball into the basket...

Yin Xiu on the other hand just ignored the guy's efforts of doing fakes. Even after the guy passed by him, Yin Xiu only did a symbolic 'block' and just watched the guy score a basket.

After all, he was just playing with 'children' and having fun. There's no need to be serious. Him not budging when getting slammed probably shocked the guy already, there's no need to add more oil to the fire. 

But the other party obviously doesn't know such thoughts. 

After scoring, the (tall) guy swung his fist excitedly. When he caught a glimpse of Yin Xiu taking the ball under the basket and standing on the sidelines waiting for the pass, he couldn't help but proudly and bluntly say to Yin Xiu, "You can't block me!"

He then retreated somewhat provocatively after saying his lines.

Yin Xiu didn't expect the other party to make a provocative move on him. However, he just smiled in reply to such provocation and didn't take it seriously.

He passed the ball to their own point guard to start another 'round'. Yin Xiu then followed his team from their side of the court to the opponent's.

Although several of Yin Xiu's teammates were short in overall height, their breakthrough (the defense) ability was very good, they're also fast and flexible.

Yin Xiu was still the one who matched the opponent's center, and after receiving the ball from his teammates, he tried to fake breaking past the guy. After attracting his attention, Yin Xiu immediately passed the ball to a short teammate who broke through the opponent's defense.

After catching Yin Xiu's pass near the three-point line, the short guy immediately made an abrupt stop and did a jump shot.

Since it's close to the three-point line, people really don't have much hope in the ball getting in as this was only a casual university skill level game. However, it's still common to strike while the iron is hot and shoot from such distances since 'it's in the moment' and the hope of it getting in isn't literally 0.

Yin Xiu's good assist turned out to be such a case of striking while the iron was hot... That ended up in success. 

It was the opponent’s turn to attack again. The opposing center that was against Yin Xiu also asked for the ball again. This time though, he didn't choose to slam Yin Xiu. After all, he already witnessed and realized that Yin Xiu's strength was far from his capabilities, so this time he decisively chose to go head to head with Yin Xiu and try to break through Yin Xiu’s defense. 

Yin Xiu still did not react much, he just followed the other party and symbolically attempted to stop him from scoring a basket.

Yin Xiu doesn't know whether the other party was inspired or was just lucky, but he actually made Yin Xiu stumble and it paved the way to the guy breaking through.

After scoring twice in a row, the tall guy immediately bursted with confidence. After the ball entered the hoop, he even shook his finger at Yin Xiu triumphantly. He said with a hint of contempt: "As I said before, you can't block me."

Finished saying that, he retreated triumphantly with a playful smile plastered on his face. 

The others also naturally heard these provocative words. Yin Xiu's teammates immediately came over and whispered to Yin Xiu: "Don't mind him, that guy just plays like this. Once he scores, he thinks that he's so amazing and becomes spiteful. We'll give you the ball later, so that you can get your revenge on him!"

Yin Xiu didn't expect his teammates to come and comfort him. He smiled before saying, "It doesn't matter, he can play as much as he wants."

When they saw Yin Xiu's relaxed and indifferent face, along with seemingly not taking the opponent's provocation seriously, they said no more and just continued on with the game...

In the next few rounds, Yin Xiu basically never participated in the attack/offense. When his teammates passed the ball to him, he just attracted the attention of the defense before immediately passing the ball back out.

When defending, Yin Xiu also only did some symbolic blocks. When the opposing center spouted rubbish at him from time to time, Yin Xiu would just smile casually and didn't care at all.

Precisely because of such an attitude, it made the other party feel like he's punching cotton. Every time he provoked Yin Xiu, he would feel a strange feeling of being wronged and annoyed.

Hence every time he attacks, he would deliberately find Yin Xiu while asking for the ball and confront Yin Xiu.

Although some of his teammates saw his intentions towards Yin Xiu, they still kept passing the ball to him.

Yin Xiu wasn't at all bothered the whole time. I mean, how could he get angry at a 'child.' But Yin Xiu's teammates weren't like him and were starting to get a little upset.

Although they just met Yin Xiu, they were teammates at this moment. So seeing him getting 'bullied', they naturally didn't feel so great. As a result, everyone's original 'only having fun' mentality gradually became more and more serious, and several of Yin Xiu's teammates also made more frequent breakthroughs and scores. 


Right after her class, Gu Shuyao went to the dormitory with her textbook.

When she was passing by the court, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. She hurriedly looked carefully and soon confirmed her thoughts. "It's really him..."

Gu Shuyao recognized Yin Xiu who was playing on the court.

"He's actually playing basketball!"

Gu Shuyao hesitated whether to stay or continue on walking. But she soon decisively went to the side of the court and sat down, her choice was obvious.

Yin Xiu also noticed her. He looked up and smiled at her.

Since Yin Xiu noticed Gu Shuyao, the others also discovered her presence soon. 

"Isn't she the belle of the Economic and Management Department? Gu Shuyao, also known as the 'Cold-Faced Goddess'?" 

Then, several people present turned their attention to the tall center, Yin Xiu's team's opponent.

"Hey, Sun Yaoyang, did Gu Shuyao come to see you?" A person suddenly asked.

An opposing team member also said, "Yeah. I also haven't heard of the Cold-Faced Goddess being fond of basketball before, yet she is obviously watching us play. But there's no other person she would be watching except Sun Yaoyang... "

"Sun Yaoyang, would you really be able to win over the Cold-Faced Goddess' heart? Or did you already win it? Haha"

The tall center named Sun Yaoyang was chasing after Gu Shuyao, the 'Cold-faced Goddess' of the Management department. These people who often play together already knew it more or less.

So the moment they saw Gu Shuyao sitting on the sidelines watching the game, they naturally reacted. 

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