Chapter 11: Basketball.

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After watching TV for several hours, Xiaoman became more and more engaged. He was still squatting beside Yin Xiu and was staring at the TV unblinkingly.

This time Yin Xiu stood up because he felt bored, he said to Xiaoman: "Xiaoman, I'm going out for a stroll. Are you going out with me or stay here and watch TV?"

Xiaoman raised his head and glanced at Yinxiu, he only squeaked before immediately turning his gaze back to the TV...

Well, needless to say, Yin Xiu certainly understood the choice of this little thing. Yin Xiu could only smile bitterly, he didn't expect this little thing to become obsessed with watching TV.

Ah forget it, he'll just leave and let it continue to watch. At least he doesn’t have to worry about Xiaoman getting lost.

"Then stay and watch TV here, don't run around alright?"


This time this little thing was even more straightforward. He didn't even lift his head and just squeaked at Yin Xiu as a response.

Yin Xiu could only shake his head helplessly. He took out some spirit fruits from his storage ring and put them on the coffee table for Xiaoman. He then went out.

After strolling around in the neighborhood, Yin Xiu finally walked to the gates of Yinhai University.

Since it was around four o'clock in the afternoon, there were not many students coming in and out. Yin Xiu's casual outfit, plus his appearance that was in his twenties, made him appear not much different from the students.

In fact, many of the students who were still studying seem to be even older than him...

When he entered Yinhai University, he found that the atmosphere was much more lively now than it was early in the morning. The whole campus exuded a vibrant, lively and noisy atmosphere. Especially those students who were playing on the basketball court, they were filled with youthful vitality.

Yin Xiu, who was walking aimlessly, was also attracted and walked towards the basketball court unconsciously.

There were several courts side by side, and there were several students playing basketball in almost every court.

Before Yin Xiu left Earth, China did not have basketball. Although he knew such a sport from his memory after using soul search, it was the first time that he actually watched it. But that didn't mean that Yin Xiu was a complete stranger to it, after all, some basic rules of basketball were very clear, even if one didn't pay much attention to the basketball scene. And the man whom Yin Xiu used soul search on, naturally knew it.

After standing on the sidelines and watching for a while, Yin Xiu gained a better understanding of the sport. Maybe it was because he had never played it before, or because he's been watching it for a while, but Yin Xiu found the sport quite interesting.

Just when his interest was piqued, few of the boys suddenly shouted at Yin Xiu: "Hey, fellow student, you down to play?"


Yin Xiu looked at those people with surprise.

"Yeah, you. Seeing that you are quite tall, your skills shouldn't be too bad, right?" The one who spoke was a boy with a height of about 1.75 meters.

Yin Xiu's height of about 1.85 meters was indeed quite tall among ordinary people. This was precisely the reason why the boy asked Yin Xiu to play. 

Yin Xiu pursed his lips and smiled. Since Yin Xiu himself found it a bit interesting and now that the other party asked him to go and play together, then he'll gladly take the offer and have fun.

He doesn't have to be serious anyway and just treat it as a pastime.

Of course, if Yin Xiu was really serious, he CAN'T play. After all, with his strength, even if he was only a 'little' serious, no one else could even touch the ball.


Yin Xiu smiled and walked onto the court.

Seeing Yin Xiu agree, the boy who had just spoken immediately said: "Okay, now that we have ten people, let's split into teams..."

"Okay!" The others responded one after another.

Then everyone gathered in a circle. Although Yin Xiu didn't quite understand what this was, he still followed along with the others.

At this time, the boy holding the basketball slammed the ball in the circle of people that was just formed. Soon after a few bounces, the ball hit the feet of a few people...

"Okay, you guys are a group, while the rest of us is another..."

Immediately, the people who were hit on the feet withdrew automatically and grouped together. The others who were not hit in the feet also grouped to the other side.

Yin Xiu was on the same side as the boy who talked to him just now. They were with two boys who were 1.6 meters tall, and another boy who is just over 1.7 meters. Overall, their team was quite short.

(average male height in China is about 1.7 meters) 

The tallest of the five was Yin Xiu.

In contrast, the overall height of the other group was obviously taller than theirs.

Among them, except one who was also just at 1.6 meters, two were around 1.73 meters, and one was at 1.8 meters which was only a little shorter than Yin Xiu.

But that's not all, the last person was 1.9 meters tall! He was even taller than Yin Xiu.

However there was not much ruckus regarding the team distribution as the sides were determined by smashing the ball. It's a very fair way, if you want to blame someone then blame your bad luck. But in basketball, height wasn’t the only key to victory.

What's more is that they're playing for fun, so they don't really care much about winning or losing.

"Well, let's get started!"

The tall 1.9 meters boy said.

Several people on Yin Xiu's side also agreed. The strong boy who was about 1.7 meters called out to Yin Xiu, "Bro, is it okay for you to play center? I'll play power forward with you inside, while the three of them play outside; point guard, shooting guard and small forward respectively."

He gave out each member’s positions. 

Although this boy was only the third tallest in the team, his physique is obviously stronger than that of the 1.75 meters tall boy. It would be easier for Yin Xiu to guard the inside with the boy and his physique being there.

Yin Xiu naturally has no problem with such distribution.

"OK, no problem!"

Seeing that Yin Xiu had no problem, they began to play.

Because Yin Xiu's team overall height was significantly shorter than theirs, the opposing team tacitly gave them the ball first. 

Since Yin Xiu watched on the sidelines for a while before, coupled with his knowledge of basketball from the memory he got from soul search, once the game started Yin Xiu immediately ran to the opponents' basket.

It happened that he was playing the center position so he doesn't need to dribble the ball himself. In addition, his team also has never played with Yin Xiu before, and since they don't know how strong Yin Xiu was, of course they won't let Yin Xiu 'carry' the ball.

The opponent's 1.9 meter tall center saw Yin Xiu rushing to the basket and immediately clung to Yin Xiu, preventing him from easily catching the ball if ever they passed it to him.

Yin Xiu already had the mentality of playing casually, for fun, so he naturally wouldn't try really hard. So after a few symbolic confrontations with the opponent, he quickly pulled away.

The opposing center didn't know how skillful Yin Xiu was in shooting outside the basket range, so he naturally could only follow to guard him and gave up space under the basket.

As a result, Yin Xiu's team naturally had a much larger breakthrough space.

Sure enough, after Yin Xiu's two 1.6-meter members broke through the opponent's defense twice in a row, their entire defense completely collapsed.

In the end, the strong boy scored by doing an easy layup, giving them the first points in the game...


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