Chapter 10: The Confused Xiaoman. 


Yin Xiu didn't have a bank card, not even an ID card. So even if he wanted, he couldn't apply for a bank card at all, he couldn't make bank transfers. 

"Okay!" Manager Qin agreed and immediately wrote a check for 200,000 yuan to Yin Xiu. The check can be cashed at any time at the bank.

When he came out of Ronghe Jade Workshop, Yin Xiu glanced at the check in his hand and then went towards the bank, ready to cash out the money.

Two hundred thousand is not too much and certainly not too less, he can be considered rich now.

There are a total of 20 stacks of 100-yuan bills in one million stacks. After they are taken out from the bank, they are wrapped in paper that's the size of two bricks.

Yin Xiu walked to an empty corner, and except for taking out 10,000 yuan and stuffing it in his pocket, the rest of the money was thrown into the storage ring.

"Okay! Now it's time to find a place to stay..." Yin Xiu clapped his hands, muttered to himself, and walked towards Yinhai University.

After all, Yinhai University used to be Yin Xiu's home, and only the cedar tree in Yinhai University could bring Yin Xiu some familiarity and memories.

Instinctively, Yin Xiu wanted to find a place to settle near Yinhai University.

Although 200,000 yuan is indeed a number, it is far from enough if he wants to buy a house for himself. Moreover, Yin Xiu currently has no need to buy a house. Renting a good apartment near Yinhai University is enough for the time being.

Finding a rental house is not difficult for Yin Xiu. By scanning with his spiritual sense, he can determine where is the place that has a good environment. He then used his spiritual sense again to further check if there is any rental information posted outside.   

In less than half an hour, Yin Xiu had found a good apartment for rent. After negotiating the price with the landlord, and after paying the deposit and the first month's rent, Yin Xiu got the key to the room.   

It was a suite with one bedroom and one living room, with a monthly rent of 1,200. It is a well-decorated house with basic furnishings. It is very convenient to just move in it directly.

In addition, the environment around this house is also very good; quiet and liveable, clean and tidy. Its also not far from Yinhai University, and it should only take ten minutes to walk there.

"It's not bad. One bedroom and one living room are enough for me." Yin Xiu sat on the sofa in the living room, looking at the decorations around as he nodded in satisfaction.

"Speaking of which, the decoration layout of the 'modern' houses are indeed much more beautiful and reasonable than it was in the past. But the air and environment in the city are now much worse than before..."

Before Yin Xiu left Earth, there was nothing in China. But now, there are so many industries and the environment has basically suffered from pollution. Naturally, the past is not comparable today.

"Xiaoman, this will be our home for the time being, are you satisfied?"

Yin Xiu patted Xiaoman who was sitting next to him holding a spirit fruit and chewing on it.

Hearing Yin Xiu's words, Xiaoman raised his head and squeaked at Yin Xiu. He seemed to be satisfied. He then lowered his head again and continued to gnaw on the fruit...

Yin Xiu smiled. This little guy is only five years old. He's still in his infancy. Yin Xiu's question is obviously not as attractive as the spirit fruit held in its paws.

His answer of "Gaj" seemed to be just acknowledgement.

Besides, it has already followed Yin Xiu even before opening its eyes. For Xiaoman, as long as he follows Yin Xiu, it doesn't really matter where he is.

The rented house has all kinds of furniture and appliances, so there is no need for Yin Xiu to buy anything. And to be honest, there are many things that Yin Xiu doesn't really need.

With nothing to do, Yin Xiu turned on the large-screen LCD TV in the living room.

This is the first time Yin Xiu has watched TV. Before he left Earth, China still didn't have a TV. The only reason why he knew how to fiddle with this thing is that he used soul search on a person.

When the TV is turned on, a very high-definition picture got displayed on it, and the music of the TV program also sounded.

Xiaoman, who was gnawing on the fruit, was suddenly attracted by the sudden sound and looked up in surprise. Its pair of bright black eyes stared at the TV screen full of suspicions and curiosity.

"Gaj! Gaj..."

Xiaoman didn't understand what it was. 'Why would there be someone talking in it? Could it be a spirit weapon?' 

Seeing Xiaoman raising a paw and pointing it at the TV in front of him while curiously calling out, Yin Xiu couldn't help laughing. He reached out and patted Xiaoman's head saying, "Little guy, this thing is called a TV. You can watch it after turning it on. You can also change to different channels at will..."

Yin Xiu doesn't really care if Xiaoman actually understood such a complicated explanation or not.

After all, although Xiaoman is a rare top-quality spirit beast, and his intelligence is extremely high, but he had never seen such modern technology before. Yin Xiu cannot possibly expect Xiaoman to understand it at once, not to mention that some of the vocabularies that Yin Xiu said are already beyond its comprehension ability.

And also, let alone a spirit beast like Xiaoman, even if it was Yin Xiu himself; if he hadn't used soul search and found out the memory of the other person, he would not be able to understand the current era so fast. There are so many high-tech gadgets now...

"Gaj?" Xiaoman was still very puzzled. Even the half-eaten spiritual fruit on his paws was thrown away, as he swished to the LCD TV. He opened his small black eyes suspiciously. He tilted his head and looked at the changing pictures on the TV from time to time, and listened to the sound coming from inside with his ears standing up.

Even after a while, it still did not stop touching here and there. He was very curious about how the big square in front of him can have people in it. 


Xiaoman looked around in front of the LCD TV as it carefully inspected its every nook and cranny, obviously still not understanding what was going on. In the end, he turned around and called out to Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu was amused by Xiaoman's actions and smiled. He waved to Xiaoman, "Little guy, come here."

Xiaoman slid back to Yin Xiu, looking at Yin Xiu with a puzzled look. His little paw pointed at the TV and inquired at Yin Xiu by squeaking 'Gaj' twice.

Yin Xiu couldn't really explain to Xiaoman what the TV specifically was. The reason is that Xiaoman's cognitive concepts are still developing. 

Finally, Yin Xiu patted Xiaoman's head, and said, "Sit down and just watch the TV. That'll explain what you can't understand."

Xiaoman lowered his head and thought for a while, and probably because he still really didn't understand. He simply stopped worrying about that. He hugged the fruit that he had thrown again and then squatted next to Yin Xiu. He watched TV while gnawing the fruit.

Sitting side by side, one human and one squirrel, watched TV. The scene was so dissonant... But also right at the same time. 

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